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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 The 7 Wonders of the Modern World</p><p> 1/3</p><p>What are the 7 wonders of the modern world?</p><p>The Colossus of Rhodes. The Great Pyramid of Giza. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.</p><p>Lighthouse of Alexandria. OK, these are starting to sound vaguely familiar. But what are they?</p><p>These, along with some other spectacular sights make up the Seven Wonders of the Ancient</p><p>World. Think of it as a sort of ideal travel itinerary from a long, long, long time ago. In 2007, a</p><p>new list of natural wonders was announced for our modern world. What made the list?</p><p>Chichn Itza, Mexico The ancient city of Chichn is located on the Yucatan Peninsula</p><p>in Mexico. This well-known Mayan city served as a religious,</p><p>political and economic centre for several hundred years. This</p><p>pyramid stands approximately 80 feet high. It has nine terraces</p><p>and four sets of stairs. Each staircase has 91 steps. If you include</p><p>the top platform as a step, then the pyramid has a total of 365</p><p>stepsone for each day of the year!</p><p>Christ the Redeemer Statue, BrazilThis statue of Jesus is one of Rio de Janiero's most recognized</p><p>monuments. It stands 98.5 feet tall atop the summit of Mount Corcovado</p><p>and it weighs approximately 700 tons; the statue is made of concrete and</p><p>soapstone and took nine years to be completed, from 1922 to 1931, and</p><p>was opened on October 12, 1931.</p><p>Colosseum, ItalyIf you've seen the movie "Gladiator," then you've seen the</p><p>Colosseum. The Colosseum of Rome is considered to be one of</p><p>the greatest pieces of Roman architecture. The biggest</p><p>amphitheatre ever to be built in Rome, it has a capacity of</p><p>50,000 spectators and was primarily used for gladiatorialcontests, royal speeches and dramatic performances.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The 7 Wonders of the Modern World</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Taj Mahal, India</p><p>One of the most popular Indian tourist spots and a world attraction,</p><p>the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India. Constructed</p><p>of pure-white marble, it required more than 20,000 laborers and</p><p>cost several million rupees. The building of this structure began in1632, and took 22 years to complete.</p><p>Great Wall of China One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of</p><p>China is a man-made structure that was constructed over two</p><p>thousand years ago and took about 100 years to complete. It</p><p>is the most famous and magnificent monument of China and</p><p>the greatest construction work ever carried out. Some peoplesay that the Great Wall is the only man-made object visible</p><p>from the space.</p><p>Petra, JordanLocated in southwest Jordan are the ruins of the ancient city of</p><p>Petra. Petra, which is Greek for "rock," is also known as "the city</p><p>in the rock." Besides the decorative tomb facades and monuments,</p><p>Petra is also known for its highly organized water system, which</p><p>included ceramic pipes, water channels and cisterns.</p><p>Machu Picchu, Peru If Petra is the city in the rock, then Machu Picchu is the city in</p><p>the clouds as it was hidden in the middle of the abundant forest</p><p>and clouds for more than three centuries. Also known as "The</p><p>Lost City of the Incas", the construction of Machu Picchu</p><p>began around 1430 AD during the glorious days of the Inca</p><p>Empire but was abandoned in the 16th century at the time of</p><p>Spanish invasion. Yale professor Hiram Bingham rediscovered</p><p>the city in 1911.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The 7 Wonders of the Modern World</p><p> 3/3</p><p>A. Answer the questions below using the article:1. Which from the seven Wonders can be, at least theoretically, seen from the space with</p><p>the naked eye?</p><p> ..2. Which from these spectacular sights is known as "the city in the rock"? What about the</p><p>"The Lost City of the Incas"?</p><p> ..3. The mausoleum constructed of pure-white marble is named ..?4. The .. is one of the greatest pieces of Roman architecture and the</p><p>biggest amphitheatre ever to be built in Rome.</p><p>5. The pyramid with a total of 365 steps - one for each day of the year - is from .</p><p>6. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the 7. Identify this wonder of the world:</p><p> The Leaning Tower of Pisa Chichen Itza Christ the Redeemer Hagia Sophia</p><p>B. Answer the questions below:</p><p>1. Which "wonder" did you like most? Why?</p><p>2. Have you ever been in one of those places? If yes, where? If not, where would youlike to go in the near future and why?</p></li></ul>