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1. THE ARCHITECT!IS NOT CONVINCEDAdam DuVander @adamd :!!!NordicAPIs 2014 2. Your Typical DeveloperClaire Thompson 3. Claire Thompson 4. Felipe Venncio 5. Ray Devlin 6. Who is the Architect? 7. How Well Convince the ArchitectControlReliabilitySecurityLongevity 8. Infrastructure APIs 9. Content APIs 10. Application APIs 11. CONTROL 12. Can We Build It?Em Tom Hughes-CroucherYes We Can! But do we need to? 13. Can We Touch It?Dave Lawler 14. Your Biggest CompetitorsYou C1 C2 C3 15. Your Biggest CompetitorsYou C1 C2 C3C0 16. Embrace Standards/Conventions 17. Lucene Query Syntax(apis OR api) AND nordictopic:apis AND country:swedendays:[1 TO 3] 18. Client Library Abstractionsdb.get('collection', 'key')db.put('collection', 'key', { data: goes here }) 19. Client Library Abstractionsdb.get('collection', 'key')db.put('collection', 'key', { data: goes here }) 20. Data Export 21. Data Exportmy data inmy data out 22. Bulk Downloads 23. Bulk Downloads 24. On Premises / Dedicated OptionJohn McStravick 25. RELIABILITY 26. Twitters SXSW Downtime 27. API Survey 28. What Downtime? 29. Goals of a Status PageBe TransparentBe HelpfulBe Proactive 30. Provide Status Updates 31. Show Current API Health 32. Show Current API Health 33. Show Current API Health 34. Show Recent Issues and Downtime 35. Show Recent Issues and Downtime 36. SECURITY 37. Your SystemsScott SchillerEran Sandler 38. Process for Data AccessThomas Guest 39. Privacy 40. Share Best Practices 41. Data Ownership 42. LONGEVITY 43. LaptopMag 44. LaptopMag 45. API Business ModelsJohn Musser 46. 33+ Dead GoogleAPIs 47. Worrying about API longevity is just anotherway to ask for more control.@adamd at #nordicapis 48. THE ARCHITECT!CAN BE CONVINCEDand we can do it together 49. Ray Devlin 50. Felipe Venncio 51. Convincing the Architect TogetherControl: Provide as much as is necessaryReliability: Be transparent, proactive, helpfulSecurity: Systems, processes, best practicesLongevity: Do your best, fall back to controlLets talk about it: @adamd