the art and engineering of 3d printing rhs swipe card system view... with the start of the new year

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  • RHS Swipe Card System

    Ridgewood High School made one more step to

    making the building and its students more secure.

    With the start of the new year RHS implemented a

    new swipe card system.

    Students have access to all 7 doors with read-

    ers Mon - Fri from 6:30am - 3:30pm. On weekends

    and holidays, doors are manually unlocked for other

    times depending on the event schedule. As in the

    past, certain doors will be opened manually for the

    public from 2:50pm-10:30pm.

    Remember, no one is allowed in the building by law

    unless there is a custodian on duty. If a student has a

    problem with their swipe card, please see Mr.



    The Ridgewood High School Athletics offers 28

    sports with 75 teams. Ridgewood High School also

    offers over 90 clubs.


    January 23:

    Board of Ed Meeting;

    7:30 pm; Ed Center

    January 24:

    Winter Dance Concert;

    7:30 pm; Little Theater

    January 25:

    Marking Period 2 Ends

    January 25:

    RAHP Career Fair;

    7:00 pm; Campus


    January 26 to 27:

    Counselors Meet with

    Grades 10 and 11

    January 27:

    Harlem Wizards Game;

    5:00 pm; Gym 1

    RIDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL ∙ 627 East Ridgewood Avenue ∙ Ridgewood, NJ 07450 ∙ 201-670-2800


    The Art and Engineering of 3D Printing

    Former Ridgewood High School student, William

    Botto, visited Anjali Shah’s physics, engineering, and

    art class last week. He displayed his self made 3D

    printer, and showed the seniors and juniors in the

    class how he created it.

    Botto graduated in 2016. he is currently studying

    cyber-security. He is also a former student of the

    physics, engineering, and art class, a class designed

    to explore physics in new and interesting ways. JAMBOREE 2017 –


    RHS Jamboree's World

    Tour 2017 takes off to a

    flying start with over

    120 cast and crew

    members working rigor-

    ously to put on a show

    on February 8-11.

    To place an AD,

    DONATE or purchase

    TICKETS please visit the

    our website.

    Producers for this

    production can be


    Ridgewood High School has placed ID card scanners

    at every entrance to the high school building. Ad-

    mittance is limited to students and staff.

    Ciaran Sheehan visits with Jen Landa’s acting class.

    His Broadway career has spanned several years. He

    is most well known for his portrayal of Raoul in The

    Phantom of the Opera. He spoke with the students

    about his Broadway career and the life of a per-

    former and participated in a Q & A session.

    William Botto poses with Anjali Shah’s physics class

    and his homemade 3D printer.

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    oe is sold via Facebook and Shop the Roe stores (all online from the

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    please contact "Ridgewood HS Deca" on Facebook or e-mail Mrs.

    Karen Mendez at to be added to the

    event. Thank you in advance for your support.

    RIDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL ∙ 627 East Ridgewood Avenue ∙ Ridgewood, NJ 07450 ∙ 201-670-2800

    RHS High Times News Corner

    “In the wake of his victory, Donald Trump is faced with the task of

    appointing about 1,300 positions in his presidential cabinet. So far, he

    has nominated 17 candidates for leadership positions, all of whom…”

    Read this article and more visit:

    Parent Organizations

    Please be generous with your time and support. To

    learn more, check the website under Organizations for

    more details. The RHS Home and School Association

    provides important information to parents and supports

    programs for our students. Dues are $27 per family and

    include a student directory. Login to your Community

    Pass account to register.

    Ridgewood High School American Studies teacher, Pat Hans,

    talks with other teachers at the National Council for Teach-

    ers of English in November. She presented Democracy 101:

    Giving Students a Voice From Inquiry to Advocacy.


  • RIDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL ∙ 627 East Ridgewood Avenue ∙ Ridgewood, NJ 07450 ∙ 201-670-2800



    A Window Into Ridgewood High School New Jersey Regional Band Audition Results

    This past Saturday, David Madden hosted the National History

    Bee and Bowl at Ridgewood High School for the 8th consecutive

    year. Twelve teams comprised of over fifty Ridgewood students

    competed against students from over sixty-five high schools.

    Four RHS Varsity teams and one JV team made it to the playoffs,

    with two of those teams advancing to the second round. These

    students have now also qualified to compete in the National

    Championship in Washington D.C. in April:

    -Varsity Team: Ben Amos, Matthew Zachem, Chan Yoo, Joonho


    -JV Team: Philip Terman, Cameron Blaire, James Yoo

    Students in Nancy Reilly’s science class show off

    their physics chaos tower construction.


    “If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walk-

    ing, eventually you'll make progress.'” -President Barrack Obama

    Musicians Griffin Fink, contrabass; Heather Loo, violin; Patricia Joseph,

    soprano; and Lawrence Tiangco, piano accept the applause of a

    grateful audience at last week’s Maroon & White Recital. The monthly

    Maroon & White Recitals showcase student talent and excellence in

    the performing arts.

    Students prepare to compete in last Saturday’s RHS

    History Bowl.

    Ronald Knott’s physical education class engages in

    spirited games of volleyball.