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@drkellypage /drkellypage Digital Media Strategies in the Creative & Cultural Industries [The Art of Social Music]

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This slide deck is an introduction to the impact social digital practices are having on the music industry. The slides consider how artists create, perform and engage about their music and social issues with fans. Social music for social change is also considered.


  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Digital Media Strategies in the Creative & Cultural Industries [The Art of Social Music] "
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social Music What do we mean by social music? How does social inuence how we create, perform and engage?" " " Today, musicians are tasked with not only creating & performing music, but also navigating the social space. --- @drkellypage " "
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Create Social Investing Social Participation How social are you when you are creating music?"
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Create bringing backstage onstage with social media"
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Perform How social are you when you are performing music live?" #eventhashtags! #artisthashtags! #albumhashtags! #singlehashtags! Where is your music being socially performed?" Listening is streaming: According to Nielsen, music streaming increased a full 24% from 2012 to 2013, while downloaded sales decreased 4.6%. ! Listeners are not only discovering songs and artists through their friends, followers and likes but also through automated listening processes like Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud. ! The sheer exposure available on streaming platforms makes the service well worth it for smaller bands.! ! MTV VMA 2012 98,307 tweets a minute. MTV VMA 2013 306,100 tweets per minute
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Create: Virtual Choir
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Engage How & where are you engaging with listeners and fans about music (and not just your music)?" Twitter and Tumblr are two social contexts that augment an audiences music discovery experience as platforms to have conversations around music.! The production, distribution and success of an artist all come down to the listeners interest level in the music and the artist.! Fans are often artists greatest curators, editors and promoters, taking it upon themselves to tweet, share and blog about the music. !
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Engage: 360 I think Ive developed more of a personal connection with my fanbase through social media. However my music speaks for itself, if it wasnt good then the people wouldnt get into it. --- 360
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! But. It is not all about music. Take a social stand. " "
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Engage: #saysomething A Great Big World" Fancy Reagan"
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Engage: #saysomething Twitter" Tumblr"
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  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Engage: #whatispretty Beyonce: Pretty Hurts" Instagram"
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Engage: #rebelmusicdoc
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social + Engage: Rebel Music
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! Social Music Create. Good. Music." " Share it." " Share your story. " " Share your creative process. " " Share what you stand for. " " Share what you stand against. " " Create. Social Change." "
  • @drkellypage!/drkellypage! THANK YOU