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Jayne Atkinson, Actor… Marilyn Kalish, Artist. About SPAZi SIX by RIchard Britell & more on Berkshire arts!








    Summer Skies Oil on Canvas 96 x 144 in

    Saint Francis Gallery1370 Pleasant Street, Route 102, Lee, MA (next to the fire dept.)

    413. 717.5199 Open Friday - Monday 10 - 5pm


    the Artful Gallery of Marilyn kalish Interview Harryet Candee

    Photos: Leah Sati... 15

    Planet Waves JUne 2015Eric Francis.....19

    simply sasha recipe for JUneSasha Seymour...19

    Contributing Writers, Proofreading, Monthly Columnists

    Eunice Agar, Richard Britell, Eric Francis, Kris Galli,Sasha Seymour, Amy Tanner

    Photographers Edward Acker, Lee Everett, Jane Feldman Sabine von Falken, Leah Sati, Alison Wedd

    Publisher Harryet Candee

    Copy Editor Marguerite Bride

    Advertising and Graphic Design Harryet Candee

    Mailing Address: Box 985, Great Barrington, MA 01230

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    JUne 2015

    tHe ArtfUL MinDArtzine

    A canvas is blank only until you set your eyes upon it.


    Embracing the Sacred Calling of Acting & Motherhood


    JANE FELDMAN ...10

    tHe MUsiC stOreWhat better way to celebrate springs departure than to gift

    yourself and those you love with MUSIC!The Music Stores Fifteenth Year in business in Great Bar-

    rington has proven many things! We enjoy helping the commu-nity, near and far to make music which has been an enjoyableand productive enterprise for us. And we look forward to con-tinuing this mission into the second half of our second decade.We offer wonderful musical instruments and accessories at com-petitive pricing.

    We have a good time serving our community, her musiciansand music lovers. Come see some of the fun . . .

    Composite Acoustic guitars (the forever guitar!) and theirpeerless travel guitar, the Cargo, a favorite of our own Dr. Easy,David Reed, made of carbon graphite and impervious to mostchanges of temperature and humidity. You can see it often inhis hands in performance locally and abroad.

    Guild Guitars - Light, powerful, affordable.TERRIFIC UKULELES! 50+ DIFFERENT models: So-

    prano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone, acoustic and acoustic/elec-tric, six string, resonator, the Maccaferri-like Makala WatermanUke (made all of plastic for easy portability almost anywhere!)and the remarkable U-Bass! You might even hear Dr. Easy playa banuke!

    How about a Cordoba Cuatro? Or a Kala Tenor Guitar?Experience Steel Singing Drums (tongue drums with

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    Ever heard of Dr. Easys Drunk Bay Cigar Boxes?Acoustic/electric cigar box guitars, exquisitely made, whichbring the past into the present with a delightful punch, acousti-cally AND plugged in!

    Harmonicas, in (almost) every key (try a Suzuki HammondMouth Organ).

    Picks (exotic, too!), strings (!!), sticks and reeds.Violins, Mandolins, Dulcimers, Banjos, and Banjo Ukes!Handmade and international percussion instruments!Dreamy Native American and locally made bamboo and

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    Come and see us soon and help us celebrate our 15th year!!!Your patronage helps the community and makes it a more tune-ful and happy place! Cheers!

    The Music Store, located at 87 Railroad Street in Great Bar-rington, is open Wednesdays through Saturdays and by appoint-ment. Call us at 413-528-2460, or visit us on line Happy playing in the musicalBerkshire SUMMER!

    Artist Jennifer PAzienzA

    Jennifer Pazienzas paintings, writes Curator Tom Smart,trace a deeply meditative process. They are formed from herintention to interpret her experience of the landscape around herhome and studio on and to probe her place within it. While herpaintings reflect solutions to painterly problems she sets herselfin her artistic practice, they are also responses to the poetry ofplace and an inner landscape. The diptych Summer Skies, a 96in. x 144 in. oil painting from her series Landscape, Love &Longing is one such painting and is part of a group exhibitionat the Saint Francis Gallery in South Lee, MA this summer.About it Smart writes, Working through the landscapes Jenniferexplores her own myths and histories, the intuitive process, andan emotional connection to the world around her that is directand intense; subjective and expressive; painterly, ephemeral yetprofoundly human. In her hands and through her art, paradoxesand opposites are synthesized, and reimagined in new forms. Inthe new congruency that is her art, the land becomes more thanthe particular objective. It is a gloss through which reality is re-newed and the eternal might be glimpsed.

    Jennifer Pazienzas work is held in Public and CorporateCollections in the Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotiaand in numerous private collections throughout the US, Canadaand Italy.

    Website: Email:

    Magical Realism, Group Show @ the St. Francis Gallery,South Lee, MA. (Next to the Fire Station) 3 July - 4 August withan artist reception Saturday 11 July, 3-6pm. 413.717.5199

  • tHe ArtfUL MinD JUne 2015 3

    visual art510 WArren street GALLeryHUDSON, NY 518-822-0510 / 510WARRENSTREETGALLERY.COM"June Invitational 2015" recent work by DIANE FIRTELL,SHELLEY MARKS, SUSAN LEROY MERILL, HONEY SHARP, May 29 - June 21.

    BerksHire MUseUM39 SOUTH ST., PITTSFIELD, MA 413-443-7171HU RENYI, Immortal Present: Art and East Asia. Representedby Brill Gallery, North Adams, MA. Thru Sept, 2015.

    CAtALICHTENSTEIN CENTER FOR THE ARTS28 Renne Ave, Pittsfield, MA 413 528-5485I AM A Part of Art celebration of CATAs visual artists andwriters. Reception July 9, 5pm.

    eUniCe AGArPresentation of Painting - 146 Barrington Fair - l988 by EuniceAgar to the Town of Great Barrington, Selectmen's Meeting, June8, 7pm.

    frOnt street GALLery129 FRONT ST., HOUSATONIC, MA 413-274-6607 / 413-528-9546, OR CELL AT 413-429-7141Housatonic Gallery for students and artists. Featuring watercolorsby Kate Knapp (Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm or by appointment)

    GALLery At r&f exHiBit84 TEN BROECK AVE, KINGSTON, NY 800-206-8088Encaustic/Form II Works by Susan Spencer Crowe.May 2-July 24, 2015.

    GOOD PUrPOse GALLery40 MAIN ST., LEE, MA 413-394-5045 www.goodpurpose.orgArtist Michael Fabrizio and Mary EllenDevanny, June 4 - 29. Reception June 5, 5-7pm.

    HOUsAtOniC VALLey Art LeAGUe79 BRIDGE ST., IN GREAT BARRINGTON, MA Opening July 1, reception July 3, the Annual Members Show willstart the summer off with over 100 works on display. The HVALprestigious Juried Show follows beginning on July 22. The JuriedShow reception and award ceremonies will be held on July 24.Mid-August will see the Artists Choice Show August 17-LaborDay with the opening reception August 21

    LAUren CLArk fine Art25 RAILROAD STREET, GREAT BARRINGTON, MA 413-528-0432 /; Lauren@LaurenClarkFineArt.comSIX from SPAZI, July 11-Aug 2, reception Sat. July 11, 4-7pm

    MArGUerite BriDeNUARTS STUDIOS, STUDIO #9, 311 NORTH ST., PITTSFIELD, MAMARGEBRIDE-PAINTINGS.COM 413-841-1659Original Watercolors, house portraits, commissions, lessons.Silent auction at the Welles Gallery, Lenox Library; July 3, 4, and5 Berkshires Arts Festival at Butternut Mountain in Great Bar-rington

    MeetinG HOUse GALLery RT. 57, NEW MARLBOROUGH, MA (NEAR THE OLD INN ON THE GREEN)NEW MARLBOROUGH 18th SEASON ARTISTS SHOW: FineLines: A Juried Show of Drawings, June 20 through July 12 &Juried by Jacob Fossum; Idols and Icons: a multimedia them