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    J. Endocrinol. Invest. 24: 914, 2001

    The artists son, Paul

    Paul Czanne Aix-en-Provence (France) 1839-1906

    Paul Czanne was one of the most famous painters of Impressionism, an important pic-torial movement that developed in the 19th century. His unsociable and ill nature ren-dered him a solitary genius of his age. As a number of contemporary artists, Czannehad a genuine passion for portraits: he considered his models a sort of still-life, usuallytreated them badly, and expected them to always remain motionless.This picture entitled The artists son, Paul (oil on canvas 0.653x0.540; Chester DaleCollection) may be admired at the National Gallery of Washington; it represents thepainters son, who notoriously was neither handsome nor intelligent. It should easily benoticed that the boy has a large goiter, he lacked the lateral side of his right eyebrow, andhad an apathetic, expressionless look. These signs support the hypothesis that the artistsson was affected by a hypofunctioning goiter. This might explain why he was able to sitmotionless for a long time without making his father angry.

    Giampaolo Papi, M.D.(member of SIE)

    . Dipartimento di Medicina InternaReparto di Medicina 1

    Ospedale Ramazzini, Carpi (MO)Italy

    Endocrinology and Art


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