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The beautiful world. White is snow, Blue is sea, Yellow is lemon, Green is grass, Red is apple, The beautiful world we can see. What’s in the picture?. There is ___ ________. an. a. pple. an. o. range. There is a ________. p ea ch. l mon. e. p i neapple. p ear. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The beautiful worldWhite is snow,Blue is sea,Yellow is lemon,Green is grass, Red is apple,The beautiful world we can see.

  • appleorangeThere is ___ ________.ananWhats in the picture?

  • peachel monThere is a ________.pearpineapple

  • Lemon is yellow,Lemon is sour,I dont like it.

  • Fruits Whats in the picture? There is a/an __________.

  • There are ________.bananasgrapesWhats in the picture? There are ________.

  • What is on/in ? There is/ are

  • FruitsThis/That is_______.It is ______.It is ______.It is ______.I like/dont like it.

  • Listen and circle. pearTheres one apple in the fridge. orange melon2) Bring the pineapple here, please. banana

    grapes3) Youre eating my peach! pear fruit4) Lets make a vegetable salad. chicken

  • Fill in the blanks

    There ____ (is/are) an apple in the basket. There ____ (is/are) bananas in the basket.There ____ (is/are) a plane in the sky.There ____ (is/are) a bike in the street.There ____ (is/are) two cars in the street.There ____ (is/are) three pictures on the wall.There ____ (is/are) a book on the desk.There ____ (is/are) some pencils on the desk.9) There ____ (is/are) a book, some pencils on the desk.