The beauty of Belize real estate and having a vacation home

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Imagine a holiday vacation where you never have to call hotels for reservations or even check if you havent maxed out your credit card; a holiday vacation where youre already on your way to Belize, one of the most beautiful Caribbean places in Central America.


<ul><li><p>The beauty of Belize real estate and having avacation home</p><p>Imagine a holiday vacation where you</p><p>never have to call hotels for reservations</p><p>or even check if you havent maxed out</p><p>your credit card; a holiday vacation</p><p>where youre already on your way to</p><p>Belize, one of the most beautiful</p><p>Caribbean places in Central America.</p><p>Upon arriving to your vacation home in Belize, you simply drop your luggage on the</p><p>floor of the house and step out to breathe the fresh sea breeze, listening on the gentle</p><p>rolling of the waves.</p><p>With a vacation home in Belize, all you have to worry about is what to bring on your</p><p>next vacation! You dont have to go through all the hassles of reserving a room for you</p><p>and your family. Investing on a Belize real estate property is a very smart move,</p><p>especially at these times of economic struggle. In the future, your investment will</p><p>definitely be worth more than what it is now.</p><p>Belize real estate properties have the highest appreciation rate in Central America. If</p><p>you feel like selling your vacation home in the future then you can be sure you will make</p><p>a profit out of it. Also, there is good news if youre planning to sell your</p><p>vacation homeBelize has no capital gains tax. Isnt that just a load off your shoulders?</p><p>If you dont feel like retiring in Belize and living in your vacation home or giving it as an</p><p>inheritance then you can always sell it right?</p></li><li><p>The thing is, just acquiring a vacation home anywhere in Belize is not the smartest</p><p>choice. Since it also takes effort and time, why not just consider getting a vacation home</p><p>in the best place in Belize in order to get the grandest vacation home for you and your</p><p>family?</p><p>Having a vacation home in Sanctuary Belize is a luxury on its own. Surrounded by pure</p><p>natural beauty, this community thrives with nature and animals living in the area. You</p><p>will definitely be able to say you are living in paradise in this community; and being able</p><p>to choose the location of your home is simply the beauty and freedom offered here.</p><p>The amenities provide convenience and comfort to the residents of Sanctuary Belize.</p><p>You can experience this convenience when buying your every shopping need at the</p><p>Marina Village, serving as the focal point of the community and even have a taste of</p><p>Belizes finest gourmet meals. You will definitely enjoy shopping and dining here</p><p>without the need to go to the city.</p><p>Exploring the area can be quite a tiring adventure, especially if the community is 14,000</p><p>acres that is sandwiched between two wildlife reserves that exceeds 100,000 acres of</p><p>land. Therefore, the Equestrian Center can ease your life even with just a tiny bit.</p><p>Exploring the area on a horse can really give you convenience and a higher level of</p><p>vision.</p><p>Completing the amenities would be the yacht club and the private resort and spa. The</p><p>location of the community is also perfect for those who love to scuba dive, mountain</p><p>climb and kayak since these activities are easily accessible from the community.</p></li></ul>