the beginning of color photography. color photography was discovered by sergei mikhailovich...

Download The Beginning of Color Photography. Color Photography was discovered by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii – a Russian Photographer Developed shortly

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  • The Beginning of Color Photography

  • Color Photography was discovered by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii a Russian Photographer Developed shortly before WWI Used three black-and-white photos of the same scene:one through a red filter, one through a green filter, and one through a bluefilter then using a special projector, combined the images, which resulted in a remarkably realistic color image.

  • Gorskii was a chemist and devoted his life to the advancement of photography. used glass plates the Russian Ministry of Transportation provided him with a specially equipped railway car Recently his glass slides have been digitally scanned, and through a process called digichromatography -- color prints are produced.

  • Hand Painted daguerreotype PhotographsInvented by Louis Daguerre in 1839. In November of 1839, the first authorized agent was set up in New York City Within weeks, Hundreds of shops were set up, and within three years even the smallest towns offered "daguerrotypy. Everyone wanted one, even for the high price of $1.oo - $2.00

  • base of a daguerreotype is a silver-coated plate of copper

    no negative involved with this process

    each image is one of a kind.

    image is reversed, so wedding rings appear to be on the right hand and signs appear to be written backwards.

  • In the first years, sitting for a daguerreotype required being exposed to light for five to seventy minutes.photographers often used an adjustable pole with a two-pronged "fork" called the "Jenny Lind Posing Headrest," to keep the subject's head still during the long exposure.

    Rosy cheeks and the shimmer of jewelry were often hand painted onto the image before it was matted, covered in glass, and placed in a decorative case.

  • In 1907 AUTOCHROME, the first color film was introduced

  • The first modern color film, KODACHROME was introduced in 1935 based on three colored emulsions.

  • Most modern color films, except Kodachrome, are based on technology developed for AGFACOLOR in 1936.

  • Instant color film was introduced by POLAROID in 1963

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