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People often give less consideration to the cleanliness of the floors where they work than they do at home. Visit:


The Benefits Of Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

People often give less consideration to the cleanliness of the floors where they work than they do at home. In reality, the floor at your workplace probably has a lot more traffic and is exposed to more pollutants than your home carpeting will ever be. It is also a place where you and your employees spend a lot of their time. To make the living space or work area safer and more comfortable for those who spend their time in it, there are a number of benefits to using steam cleaning services to clean the carpet.

Chances are that your carpet contains a lot more than dust. Pollutants such as pet dander, particle pollution, roach allergens and even lead can get carried or tracked inside where they stay in the carpet until removed. Professional steam cleaning services that clean the carpet with high temperature steam kills bacteria and other pollutants and then vacuums them away. The very-real potential to get sick or suffer from allergic reactions to particles in your carpet is virtually eliminated.

Dust mites have become a growing problem because of the ease with which they can be transferred from one place to another. The feces and body parts left behind act as allergens while the bugs themselves can cause bites and infections. The tiny dust mite can lead to a big problem, especially in rental properties where the next victim is waiting just on the other side of the wall. Steam cleaning services can kill dust mites due to the high temperatures used whereas shampoos and carpet treatments often fall short.

Another common hazard that can affect home and work is mold. Any area where there is a lot of humidity is at a greater risk of having mold develop on damp carpets. The best treatment for mold is to clean floors with high temperature steam and then pick up the moisture used so that additional moisture is not left behind.

There are a number of respiratory problems that may affect your family members or employees. Pollutants in the carpet, along with everyday dust and dirt, can aggravate these conditions. Many people mistakenly believe that an HVAC filtration system and frequent vacuuming is all that is needed to take care of the problem. All particles are not trapped in filters and there are new exposures to add to the problem every day. While these steps do reduce the number of pollutants you have to contend with, only professional steam cleaning services have the ability to thoroughly clean the floor and leave nothing but a clean carpet behind.

If you are just hiring professional steam cleaning services for the first time, it may take more cleaner to get your carpet perfectly clean. Set up a maintenance schedule for regular cleaning and you may be able to have carpets cleaned with steam alone. Also, keep carpets vacuumed and vacuum thoroughly prior to having them steamed cleaned. The end result will be a happier, healthier family at home and more productive employees in the office.

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