the best christmas ever!

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The best Christmas ever!

A beagle saved Christmas!?!? By: Lucille Ewaschuk

It was Christmas eve and Ana (Jacks little sister) was so happy! There dog Molly, was even happy! Then on the radio, they heard, Christmas was going to be cancelled because dancer brock his leg! And if Santas slay wasant balenced, one side would tip the slay, and Santa would fall out, and dancers leg cant heal that fast! They put on some carols on and heard Olive the other raindeer! Then they renembered there nabor Kate and Zander, they have a dog named Olive and a bird named oswald!

Bad News!

Ana told Zander that Christmas was cancelled! Then Ana told Zander what they heard on the radio, and how there dog was the replacement raindeer! So they went on a train to the north pole. Then a mailman herd that they were trying to save Christmas! So he walked up to them and said, You cant save Christmas! If you do, Ill have to carry all the letters! And I dont want that to happen! Then the four kids ran to the back! They all knew he would try to stop them so he wont have to work! But that did not stop them! When it was there stop, some thing pushed them back so they couldent get up! It was the mailman! But the mailman did not know that Molly was on the floor! Molly bit the mailmans leg! He started jumping up and down on one foot! They all got away, and Zander even told the mailman that he screams like a baby girl! They all walked to a Santa Caffe. It was awsome, Jack orderd two bones for Molly, and Olive, some snowman crackers for Oswald, and Santa pancackes for Ana, Kate, and Zander, and a jingger bread man for himself. After they ate, they walked out the door, and saw the mailman, but the good news was he did not see them! They all snook away, then the mailman saw them he started running after them, but then He sliped on the beads of Kates brocken breaclet! Then she shouted out Yes! Then they all started running for candycane lane. Zander wanted to lick one of the candycanes, but kate did not

Oh, no! mailman!

Let him lick a candycane. When they made it to Santas workshop, all the elves started staring at them. Then, Jack said Sorry to intrupt you, but we would like to talk to Santa. So one elf said follow me! So they did, the elf led them to a room, it was like a Christmas room, They all said wow! It was Santas room! So they walked in then they turned around to talk to the elf, but he was gone! So they all called Santas name, and then, Out came Santa, He said what do you want, an I-pod, or a Furby? But they said We have your replacement raindeer Santa said were is he? They told him that it was there dog Olive, Santa said well, O.K. They all put the presents in the bag and loded it on the sled, then they tied up all the raindeer to the slay, and Olive too, then they hoped in, and one elf put some flying dust on them, then Santa said up, up, and away! They deliverd every present, to every house, when they got back, Mrs.Claws had made a parade of jingger bread cookies! They all thanked Mrs.Claws for the cookies, and Santa gave a present to Olive, it was a raindeer antlers! She wore them every day, even if it was not even close to Christmas! Santa gave them all a ride home. Now one ever forgot how one little beagle, named Olive,saved Christmas,and was the other raindeer!

Olive, saved the day!TheEnd!