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    The Best Is Yet To Be . . .

    Not long ago, it was announced in this space that beginning with the first issue of Volume 28, 1999, Jerry Beker would begin a leave of absence as Editor of Child and Youth Care Forum and Doug Magnu- son would serve as Acting Editor. In the course of preparing for this transition, we have spoken with a wide variety of leaders in the field and developed plans for significant innovations to enhance the qual- ity of the Forum and its service to readers and authors alike.

    In this connection, we take pride and pleasure in announcing that Sibylle Artz, Director of the School of Child Care at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, has agreed to serve with Doug, and they will function together as Co-Editors with Doug remaining the pri- mary contact person for manuscript submissions, queries, and the like. Regular readers will recall Sibylle as co-editor of the Forum's double special issue on child and youth care research in 1997 and the recent special issue on rites of passage, as well as a contributor of other articles to the Forum and elsewhere. Her latest book is re- viewed in this issue.

    As we have gotten to know Sibylle, we have found her to be broadly knowledgeable in our field as well as allied fields, intellectually stim- ulating, professionally committed to the development of our work and of those who practice it, and personally a delightful colleague who exemplifies the qualities that we would expect to find in effective child and youth care workers. Thus, she will model as well as help to implement what the Forum seeks to accomplish. We are both excited and gratified to be able to welcome Sibylle to the editorial team.

    Over the past 27 years, the Forum has sought to provide a stable and consistent voice in the face of the tumult and upheaval both within and beyond the field during that period, while also attempting to promote positive growth and development. We, along with Sibylle, believe that it is important that this tradition of stability within change continues. Within this framework, we plan to introduce var- ious enhancements to the Forum over time.

    Chi ld & Youth Care Fornm; 27(6), December 1998 1998 Human Sciences Press, Inc. 381

  • 382 Chi ld & Youth Care Forum

    Further, theory, research, and practice about child and youth care are located in a variety of different professional and academic "homes," and important insights have come from international exchanges as well. The Forum has been and will continue to be a vehicle for inte- grating such conversations about ideology, values, strategies, effec- tiveness, and mission on the levels of both direct and indirect prac- tice. The members of the editorial board as well as our authors and readers play an essential role toward these ends by clarifying the focus of the journal, setting an agenda for the field, and retaining an "institutional memory" that is mindful of the past while being respon- sive to emerging needs and innovations.

    We invite your reactions to forthcoming changes in the Fo~lm as well as suggestions for additional ones that would enhance how we can serve you and help you to be more effective. Let us hear from you, and keep the manuscripts coming! We also continue to be committed to encouraging and assisting child and youth care work authors to share their insights and innovations with colleagues throughout the world.

    Jerome Beker Doug Magnuson