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The BEST Way to Exercise. Exercise Fears. Exercise Benefits. Increases in Physical Activity Decreases: All-cause mortality Cardiovascular and coronary heart disease Overweight, obesity, and fat distribution Type 2 diabetes mellitus Colon cancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The BEST Way to Exercise

The BEST Way to Exercise

Exercise Fears

Exercise BenefitsIncreases in Physical Activity Decreases:

All-cause mortalityCardiovascular and coronary heart diseaseOverweight, obesity, and fat distributionType 2 diabetes mellitusColon cancerQuality of life and independent living in older personsblood pressure and hypertensiondepression and anxiety

American College of Sports MedicineAttacking Exercise the BEST Way

4 Steps to Proper MovementMind to MusclesTraining the subconscious

StabilizationProper Abdominal Firing

Muscular EnduranceIncrease muscle stamina

Muscular StrengthIncrease muscle strength

1. Chair ExerciseMaintain good posture

Feel movement in Abdominal muscles2. Single Leg Balance StandMaintain good posture

Stabilize body with Abdominal muscles

Feel movement in Glute muscles3. Hip Hinge and SquatMaintain good posture

Maintain weight on heels

Avoid internal/external rotation in hips

Avoid knees flexing over toes

Feel movement in Glute musclesBREAK!

What do YOU Like to Do?

A Good Reward is:Self-reinforcing

Something that supports your goal

Something to look forward to

Something you enjoy doing!

How do you reward yourself when accomplishing a goal?Buying a new outfitPedicures and manicuresPlay the piano/guitarGoing to the lakeGame nightGoing to the moviesPlay in the parkGo on a hikeMini Golf, playing horse, Bocce ball, horseshoes

Group DiscussionWhat rewards can you include in your short term and long term goals?

Talk about it!

Write down your favorites!Thanks!