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The BEST Way to Exercise. Exercise Fears. Exercise Benefits. Increases in Physical Activity Decreases: All-cause mortality Cardiovascular and coronary heart disease Overweight, obesity, and fat distribution Type 2 diabetes mellitus Colon cancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The BEST Way to Exercise</p> <p>The BEST Way to Exercise </p> <p>Exercise Fears </p> <p>Exercise BenefitsIncreases in Physical Activity Decreases:</p> <p>All-cause mortalityCardiovascular and coronary heart diseaseOverweight, obesity, and fat distributionType 2 diabetes mellitusColon cancerQuality of life and independent living in older personsblood pressure and hypertensiondepression and anxiety</p> <p>American College of Sports MedicineAttacking Exercise the BEST Way </p> <p>4 Steps to Proper MovementMind to MusclesTraining the subconscious</p> <p>StabilizationProper Abdominal Firing</p> <p>Muscular EnduranceIncrease muscle stamina</p> <p>Muscular StrengthIncrease muscle strength</p> <p>1. Chair ExerciseMaintain good posture</p> <p>Feel movement in Abdominal muscles2. Single Leg Balance StandMaintain good posture</p> <p>Stabilize body with Abdominal muscles</p> <p>Feel movement in Glute muscles3. Hip Hinge and SquatMaintain good posture</p> <p>Maintain weight on heels</p> <p>Avoid internal/external rotation in hips</p> <p>Avoid knees flexing over toes</p> <p>Feel movement in Glute musclesBREAK! </p> <p>What do YOU Like to Do? </p> <p>A Good Reward is:Self-reinforcing</p> <p>Something that supports your goal</p> <p>Something to look forward to</p> <p>Something you enjoy doing!</p> <p>How do you reward yourself when accomplishing a goal?Buying a new outfitPedicures and manicuresPlay the piano/guitarGoing to the lakeGame nightGoing to the moviesPlay in the parkGo on a hikeMini Golf, playing horse, Bocce ball, horseshoes</p> <p>Group DiscussionWhat rewards can you include in your short term and long term goals?</p> <p>Talk about it!</p> <p>Write down your favorites!Thanks! </p>