The Best Ways to Improve Your Website Security

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<ol><li> 1. The Best Ways to Improve Your Website Security The Internet continues to grow in importance across the corporate world as a platform for promoting companies and their varied offerings. Yet for all the benefits that come with a well- designed and maintained website, there are also serious threats out there in cyberspace that must be contended with. Malicious individuals and organizations can hack into your website and steal valuable information, such as company secrets, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data. Alternatively, they may force your site offline for a lengthy period of time, which can cause major financial losses for a company that depends on e-commerce transactions. They can even victimize seemingly trivial targets that offer no obvious rewards, like small personal websites and blogs. Simply put, you must do everything possible to keep cybercriminals from wreaking havoc on your bottom line. This may seem like obvious advice, but not everyone heeds itas evidenced by the non-stop parade of stories in the news about companies that fall victim to hackers. What, then, is to be done to ensure optimal security? You may be relieved to hear that a handful of simple tricks can substantially enhance the security of your website. Many sites are compromised not by astonishingly sophisticated cyber-assaults, but by the exploitation of simple security flaws. Luckily, in a lot of cases, these holes can be easily eliminated. Lets take a closer look at the subject. Use Long Passwords The standard advice when creating passwords is to use a combination of letters (upper- AND lower-case), numbers, and symbols. This is sound, as far as it goes, but there is another dimension to password security that many overlook: length. All other factors being equal, longer passwords are more secure. In fact, some commentators hold that password length is far more important than password complexity. How long should your password be? Many authorities say that a password less than eight characters long is dangerously insecure. A lot of people, though, understandably worry about the difficulty of remembering lengthy passwords. The good news, however, is that passwords dont need to be extraordinarily long; just adding a few extra characters can exponentially increase the time a hacker needs to break into your site. An eight-character password might be hacked by a diligent cybercriminal in a matter of minutes or hours, while a ten-character password could take weeks or even years. By lengthening the password, you can substantially lengthen the time- frame it would require for a hacker to guess itand it doesnt take much to ensure that the process is far too protracted for anyone to undertake. Change Your Default Usernames If you have a site with a publicly accessible log-in page, you could significantly enhance the security of your site just by changing the default username. Its no secret that, in many sites, the </li><li> 2. default log-in name is admin. This means that hackers already have half the data they need to break into the site; now they can concentrate on cracking the password. Change the log-in name, preferably to something that cant be easily guessed by examining the site. By doing so, you force your cyber-intruder to figure out both pieces of information. Back Up Your Site Routine site backups will preserve your valuable data in the event of a successful cyber- intrusion. Keep in mind that, for many hackers, the goal is not to steal information, but to cause damage. Backing up your site can ensure that the damage is not permanent. Find a Reliable Hosting Service In some cases, hackers are able to exploit a vulnerability in the hosting service, granting them unauthorized access to one or more sites managed by the company. This is especially frustrating, because the victim of this type of attack was helpless to stop it. The security of your website cannot be entrusted to just any bargain-rate hosting service; you need an experienced provider that can give you the 24/7 support you need to thwart intruders and prevent disaster. Summary Website security is vitally important, with all the varied threats lurking in cyberspace these days. By implementing a few simple security measurescreating long passwords, changing default log-ins, backing up the site, and using a dependable hostone can avoid many hazards that commonly afflict websites. Company Bio Based out of Dallas, Texas, CyberlinkASP is an application service provider that offers 24/7 cloud-based access to a wide range of IT services, including virtual desktops and managed hosting. This privately owned company, founded in 1999, maintains a staff of highly experienced IT professionals and a network of world-class data centers. </li></ol>