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<ul><li><p>The best ways to Make Video Marketing Work For YourCompany</p><p>It is hard to argue with results, and that is why video marketing has gained such a massive followingin recent years. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that without sufficient knowledge of thetopic, it can be hard to make it work. Study the advice that follows and make video marketing a partof your strategy today.</p><p>You want to make sure that you put out videos regularly. Once people have seen your video and arefamiliar with it they will more than likely stop watching it. Posting new material will keep yourviewers coming back to see what kinds of new things you are promoting.</p><p>When making videos for marketing purposes, it is a good idea for you to talk to your audiencehonestly. If people get the idea that the only thing on your mind is making a profit, that will makethem more likely to do business elsewhere. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to turn aprofit, you must always think of your customers first.</p><p>Your intro and outro should both be scripted. You need to indicate who you work for, as well as, your name. At the end of each video ask your viewer todo something such as purchase a product or take a visit to your site.</p><p>In your video marketing, let the viewer know why it is that you offer the product or service that youdo. They can easily see what you offer, but let them know the reason behindit. Open, authentic and candid communication engenders trust, which engages new audience andretains previous buyers.</p><p>When writing a description of your video include your web address at the beginning of thedescription using proper HTML. This will allow viewer to click the link and be immediately directedto your website. You should also include a description using your primary and alternate keywords forbetter page ranks.</p><p>If you offer services to your customers, the best way to give them an idea of what you do is to createa video that documents the different steps you take to perform this service. You should have a friendfollow you with a camera the next time you perform this service for a customer.</p><p>Whenever you post a video, watch the comments. This is the best way to see which videos trulybegin a conversation and which are being ignored. Don't forget to respond to people who commentso they know that you're watching what's being said and learning from what they share with you.</p><p>Use video marketing on a variety of social media websites. This lets anyone who sees your videoknow about all the online properties you run. By promoting your other social media and websites,you can help bring in additional customers. Increase the number of visitors to your video websites byincluding links in your social media messages.</p><p>A great way to engage users with video marketing is to leave a few questions unanswered or makeyour videos thought provoking. This will encourage your viewers to engage you with comments andwill give you a chance to speak to them on a personal level. When you communicate with yourviewers, you end up building a bond with them on a personal level.</p><p></p></li><li><p>How can you educate your customers? What can you teach them? What would they like to learn?Look at your customer correspondence or comments you get on social media and search out whatpeople want to know about your brand, products or services, and then create a video to answerthem.</p><p>If you are relatively unknown, you need topromote your video so that others will know itis out there. While SEO tactics should helppropel you to the first page of Google, thisdoesn't happen overnight. Therefore, it maybenefit you to discuss the videos on your blogand social media sites.</p><p>Video marketing does not have to becomplicated. One of the most popular formatsis simply a regular video, without any bellsand whistles included. Of course, if you can,those videos with flash animations have alsoproved popular, as well as picture slide showswith a voice over and music.</p><p>Place videos on your own sites as well as on YouTube. This gives you greater control. You caninclude links around the video that are related to the content. This is a great way to expose yourvideo to many different viewers.</p><p>What are the questions you might haveabout your company or product? Yourcustomers have the same questions.You should give them answers in thevideos. If your videos are highlyenjoyable, people will be more likely toshare them widely, which will bring youmore attention.</p><p>If you are shy, do a voice over. You maywant to use video but have been puttingit off because you don't feel like beingseen onscreen. You can still create avideo with your own personal touch by using audio. Just record what you have to say and then put ittogether with your video footage.</p><p>When posting a video on your website, surround it with descriptive text so Google knows what thevideo is about. You don't have to provide a transcript, although that can be helpful as well, but youshould give at least a short blurb about what the video discusses without giving away the juicy bits.</p><p>Podcasts are a popular yet under-used approach to video marketing. This is a great new marketingstream, but is also a potential source of revenue. One thing you should do is make any fee a little low</p></li><li><p>when you first start.</p><p>Make sure that you always greet your viewers in a friendly tone at the beginning of your videos. Youneed to give them information about your business before they read your content. When ending yourvideos, give a friendly reminder to viewers of who you are and what the name of your business is.</p><p>Use the different tools available to track how your video is doing. You can tell how many views yourvideo is getting and where the traffic is coming from. This will let you know if certain marketingoutlets are seemingly ineffective and which ones are driving the most traffic to your site.</p><p>Do you feel like you know more about using video marketing strategies to help you grow yourbusiness? There is a wealth of information out there to help you, so continue learning as you startcoming up with a plan. Use the video marketing techniques you've learned to get you started today.</p></li></ul>