the bloody halloween shopping murder once upon a time on a spooky halloween night there were a group

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  • The Bloody Halloween Shopping Murder Warning, the following story is terrifying, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once upon a time, Albert, Winston and Gerald went out shopping for a few hours to purchase stuff for Halloween. While the group was shopping in Party City, Winston heard a peculiar noise coming from the darkest isle in the store. He told the group about the noise and walked into the isle in the store. Suddenly, a mysterious figure approached him and stabbed him in the heart, killing Winston instantly. After a while, the rest of the group became worried about Winston, so they went to check up on him and were horrified to find his bloody corpse on the floor. They tried to chase after the killer, but couldn’t find him anywhere. However, Alfred knew where a suspect would normally hide, the forest. After Alfred and Gerald went into the forest, they heard a loud noise. It turns out that the figure had shot Alfred in the spine, which had paralyzed him. Gerald was extremely paranoid, as he had to face the killer by himself. Gerald realized that the figure was lanky compared to him. The figure tried to run away, but accidentally ran into a tree, knocking himself unconscious.

  • Gerald called the police, and the killer was subdued and was revealed to be a childhood enemy of the group. Gerald and

    Alfred recognized the figure’s appearance. His name was Jackson. He had wanted to get revenge on the group for him losing his job

    at Jack-in-the-box and being bullied extensively as a child. The court sentenced Jackson to death by the guillotine for the grisly

    murder of Winston and the attempted murder of Alfred. The guillotine had not been used 1977, but because of how Winston

    was brutally stabbed, the court decided on a humane form of capital punishment. Alfred had to be in a wheelchair because of his paralysis. The group went to a funeral and mourned the loss of Winston. At the same time, Jackson had his head sliced clean

    off by the guillotine, killing him instantly.

  • It t’was 55,983 centuries ago the Muppet lord ruled the grassy kingdom for eons, but this would about to change when the corruption power from the diamonds cause the whole village and the people to died and froze off in the mountain leaving the lord possessed and the last one standing. He ordered that if any of the Muppets are born with horns should be sacrificed to him to regain his identity. But right now, the Muppet named Mico with horns was been sacrificed to the lord. Just he was about to die he heard a voice of runic he looked up and saw a girl in a cage sacrificed for the lord too, he just realized the kingdom was too dangerous to stay they have to get outta here, but the possessed lord don’t want them to leave they must be sacrificed to him.

    Also Mico wanted yorda to be free to make her own choices, so they decided to battle each other. Few hours later, Mico killed the Possessed lord leaving the Kingdom collapsed and set yorda and mico free at last while there enjoying their freedom yorda unknowingly said to him “Nonomori” The end.

  • Evil Lucy & Spectacular Hansel wanted to steal the top piece

    from the statue of pumpkin liberty because they wanted to end

    Halloween town before Toby, Leslie, Tom & Marry save their

    town. Toby wanted to get the piece back from her so he can put

    it back on the statue of pumpkin liberty to save Halloween town.

    Toby is the protagonist for Evil Lucy because she is the

    antagonist for the setting for the story is the haunted Cave

    house & the conflict is Toby saving Halloween town.

  • Once upon a time on a dark and scary night, I was at a haunted house filled with creepy spiders, ghosts and weird noises. I was on my own and my parents were not there and my family were not there. All of these things made me feel scared especially when I am outside on my own. I wouldn’t go out because everything outside is scary and very dangerous. These things can be dangerous when I am out alone and exploring the haunted house. But I can have a power to destroy ghost and spiders with a staff I brought from home and that way it wouldn’t be scary. I would never see ghost or spiders again because they can creep me out.

  • Once upon a time on a spooky Halloween night

    there were a group of 3 friends going trick or


    Wow I can’t believe joey got sick of all nights of

    the year man he must be very disappointed. I

    hope he is ok, now let’s go out for some

    Halloween fun.

  • Oh guys look a spooky forest we should go in

    there who is with me. I don’t know guys we might

    get lost who knows what’s out there said

    Matthew. So the three friends headed into the

    forest. Well guys I think were lost all I can see is

    trees for miles. Did you guys just hear that creepy

    noise its coming from over there. I think I see

    someone which means were close to the end of

    the forest.

  • Hello boys what are you doing out here all alone. Um we got

    lost do you know where the exit is. No but be careful danger

    lurks ahead. Thank you for waring us about the danger said the

    boys. And then the boys were off again looking for the exit but

    then suddenly it started to rain. Well I can’t believe were lost in

    the forest in the rain in the dead of night I hope we find shelter

    soon guys I found a house we should go in there, yes were

    finally out of the rain we are safe at last. Where Cole said Matt.

    Oh no were in a haunted house!!

  • We should start looking for him you go to left I’ll go right. Hello my pretty welcome to the witch’s kitchen I’m going to make you into a stew ahh, help me well just me now since Matts gone he is probably with Cole now. Welcome to the skeletons lair we are the grads of Dracula yours friends are with him now tell us a password and we’ll let you pass bye. Um the password is scary, you are correct you can pass bye.

  • Well look who we have here I took your friends ill release them in one condition you give me all of your Halloween candy. Deal now where are my friends right here. Thank you for saving us, lets go home now I see the town. I think I may go back to my coffin now.

  • 50 years ago, on this Halloween day their lived a group of friends who went trick treating and this day they met an alien named SpongeBob. Alien SpongeBob wanted to Serena the ghost, Odette the swan and Pearl the bat if they wanted to go the Haunted House on Halloween. They said yes we would love to go the Haunted House with you SpongeBob the Alien. So they wanted to go to the Haunted House and they were so scary. SpongeBob said this a prank and I am here to end Halloween! So SpongeBob said I’m done with Halloween and it needs to stop. So Pearl and her friends told SpongeBob look what your doing is wrong. People love Halloween and if you end there is no more candy or costumes. Also no fun for anybody to enjoy the Halloween Spirt.

  • So they had to figure out a plan how to stop SpongeBob the Alien to stop Halloween from being over. Another thing is that they were so scary and don’t know what to do. Their plan is to go to the principal or Ocean City to fix this. They had to figure a plan because Halloween would end in 24 Hours! So they went talk to the principal and the plan is to get the book put SpongeBob the Alien in it.

  • So Pearl the bat, Serena the ghost and Odette the swan had to figure out the plan. So the plan is that they would tell SpongeBob look this behavior of yours is out of controls. You need to stop being so rude about ending Halloween. So they got the book to catch SpongeBob the Alien and he turned into a big bat. So they had to figure out how to catch him. He was in the tree saying you can’t catch me. Then they got help and SpongeBob was catch into the book. Halloween was back to normal. Everyone was so happy that Halloween wasn’t over and everything was back to normal.

  • The Halloween Mystery One night, in Hawaii, the visitors went to a creepy place called “The Haunted Mansion!” Then, they went to the front gate and rang the door bell which a monster jumped out of the hole called “Payden The Scarecrow!” and yelled to the visitors “Greetings, you spooky guests of Hawaii!” Next, after the gates opened, the visitors walked inside and walked through a Welcome carpet and a second monster called “Morgan The Knight!” who jabbed his sword through the ground next to the visitors screaming, and Morgan yelling “You cannot enter until you tell me the password!”

  • As the visitors told Morgan the password, he let them enter; and they all walked upstairs and down the hallway; but they accidentally stepped on a button which opened the window with a third monster called “Carlos The Tiki Tree!” tipping over inside the Mansion chuckling and scaring the visitors. After Carlos moved back outside the window, the visitors kept walking down the hall and went down the basement. Down the basement, they see some Mummy cloth, tombs, and pharaohs around, but they then accidentally tripped on a pharaoh lever which opened the Mummy’s belonging tomb while walking through the basement. Suddenly, a forth monster called “Julian The Mummy!” jumped out of his tomb and scared the visitors.

  • Next, the

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