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Ken Berger, Charity Navigator’s President & CEO, spoke about the importance of responsibility and transparency in the nonprofit sector at the first meeting of the Westchester chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


  • 1.The Brave New NP Accountability World Presentation at AFP Westchester Ken Berger,President & CEO June 16, 2010

2. 3. The Explosive Growth of Nonprofits in the US 4. $1.9 Trillion in Public Charity Revenues * ~3,000 charities with annual revenues over $100 million **~100,000 charities with annual revenues over $1 million ~1.9 million Nonprofits 61% (1.2 million) are Public Charities (PCs) **6% of PCs get 96% of Revenues = $1.86 million *.2% of PCs get 59% of Revenues = $1.5Trillion 5. Accountability & Transparency 6. QUALITIES OF A HIGH IMPACT ORGANIZATION Accountability & Transparency Financial Health

  • Positive, sustainable change
  • Independently evaluated

HIGHER RISK INVESTMENT LOWER RISK INVESTMENT 7. Introducing CN 2.0 Financial Health Accountability/Transparency Effectiveness/Results More Comprehensive Rating System 8. Accountability & Transparency:IRS 990 Reporting Form Info. 9. Accountability & Transparency: Web Site Information 10. More on Web

  • Does the charity web site have readily accessible information about the following:
  • Its goals and objectives?
  • Its strategies for achieving them?
  • Its capacity for achieving them?
  • How it measures progress in achieving them?
  • What its measurements indicate about progress todate?

11. (The Nonprofit Marketplace Hewlett Foundation, 2008) *Includes Charity Navigator- evaluates nonprofits and provides meaningful information. ** Includes individuals, foundations, corporations and government funders. 12. The Battle for the Soul of the Nonprofit Sector 13. More Information

  • Articles:in Philadelphia Journal of Social Innovation
    • The End of Charity by David Hunter
    • The Battle for the Soul of the NP Sector by Berger, Penna and Goldberg
  • Book :Billions of Drops in Millions of Buckets: Why Philanthropy Doesnt Advance Social Progressby Steve Goldberg
  • Web Sites
    • www.
    • Google: Nonprofit Effectiveness, Independent Sector
    • www.
  • Video :

14. Your Questionsand Our Web Addresses Twitter-kenscommentary

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