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  • 8/6/2019 The British Royal Wedding



    A ROYAL ROMANCE, an everyday love story???

    The British Royal family

    Part 1:Read pages 6-7 I love English magazine.1. Answer the questions in the photocopies: 9,10,11,12.

    2. Prepare a new post in your blog:

    Write a summary about the article in the magazine: Prince William and Kate

    Middleton and do the activities in the worksheet.

    1. Prince William: He British havealways loved Prince William. His

    mother, Princess Diana, was adored

    by the public. She died in 1997.

    Many people think that William

    should be the next king of the United

    Kingdom, not his father, Prince


    William went to the best schools in

    Britain and then started to do

    humanitarian and charity work.

    Prince William met Kate Middleton

    at St. Andrew's University in

    Scotland. In their first year, William

    and Kate lived in the same building.

    William was unhappy at university

    and wanted to leave. Kate convincedhim to stay and to change courses,

    from History of Art to Geography.

    Later, Kate and William's friendship

    became romantic. But they did not

    want to marry immediately. The

    British gave Kate the name "Wait

    Katie" because she waited for

    William to ask her to marry him.

    Now everyone is happy and agrees

    that Kate is perfect for the prince!

    2. Kate Middleton: Kate is from arich family, but they are not royalty. Some of her ancestors were poor miners and Kate mother

    was an air hostess. The British think it is incredible that a "commoner" will marry the future

    king of UK. Kate's parents started selling party accessories on the internet. At first, they used

    their children as models for their catalogues. They soon became millionaires and were able to

    pay for Kate to go to the bes British schools.

    Kate has a reputation for being a quite, serious girl. But some of her friends say that she

    dreamed of being Princess Catherine before she met William! This might be why she chose to

    study at St Andrews University where she could meet Prince William.

  • 8/6/2019 The British Royal Wedding


    Kate said that the idea of becoming part of the royal family was "daunting", but that she would

    be able to cope with it.

    Now she has married Prince William, so she now is the Princess Catherine as she dreamed


    3. The Royal wedding: William asked Kate to marry him in November 2010 when they were

    on holiday in Africa. He gave Kate a sapphire engagement ring with belonged to his mother,Diana, Princess of Wales.

    "The ring is special to me" says William. The British public adore Kate and want a fairytale

    princess. It's a lot of pressure and responsibility for her. William's grandmother the Queen, is

    "delighted" about the wedding.

    4. Vocabulary:Charity obra de caritat

    Taught ensenyar

    Friendship amistat

    Commoner gente normal

    Quiet tranquil

    Dreamed somiarDaunting intimidar

    Revenge revenja

    Fairytale conte de fades

    Sense sentit

    Spin girar

    Can you name the members of the British

    Royal family?

    y The Queen and The Dike ofEdinburgh (her consort)

    y The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall (The Queen's eldest son andhis second wife)

    o Duke of Cambrige and Duchess of Cambrige (The Prince of Wales'selder son and his wife)

    o Prince Henry of Wales (Commonly referred to as Prince Harry) (ThePrince of Wales's younger son)

    y The Duke of York (The Queen's second son)o Princess Beatrice of York (The Duke of York's elder daughter)o Princess Eugenie of York (The Duke of York's younger daughter)

    y The Earl and Countess of Wessex (The Queen's third son and his wife)yo Viscount Severn (The Earl of Wessex's son)o Lady Louise Windsor (The Earl of Wessex's daughter)

    y The Princess Royal (The Queen's daughter)y The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (The Queen's cousin and his wife)y The Duke and Duchess of Kent (The Queen's cousin and his wife)y Prince and Princess Michael of Kent (The Queen's cousin and his wife)y Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilyy (The Queen's cousin)

  • 8/6/2019 The British Royal Wedding


    Whi h of them i the most popul Prince

    illiam and Kate Middleton.

    Whi h of them died i a car accident?Princess Dianna, the Prince William and Harrys mother's.

    Who's Prince William stepmother? Who's got married this year?On Friday29th of April

    Where did they get married?In Westminster Abbey, London

    Who was William's best man?Prince Harry.

    Who was Kate's maid?Her sister, Pippa

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    - compare wit t e Spanish Royal family


    The best presentation gets

    +1 point English 3rd term mark!!!!!