the business case for cloud computing business case for cloud computing ... and any business that...

Download The business case for cloud computing  business case for cloud computing ... and any business that leverages mobile data. As data continues to grow exponentially, cloud computing will

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  • By Chris Nerney,IDG Strategic Marketing Services

    Its easy to focus on the cost savings of moving to thecloud because they can be considerable. Migratingdata, apps and infrastructure to the cloud enablesenterprises to reduce spending on hardware, powerand cooling, and tech support.

    If thats all cloud could do for an enterprise, it wouldbe enough for most IT and corporate decisionmakers. But the real value of cloud computing lies ishow it is able to dramatically improve businessprocesses while affording organizationsunprecedented levels of flexibility and agility. In short,cloud computing can transform a business.

    By placing compute resources on a cloud platformthat is easily accessible from anywhere and on anydevice, enterprises make it easier for developers tobuild and collaborate on applications. Whether theapps are a product or for internal use, reducingdevelopment time (and costs) makes an enterprisemore agile and better able to compete.

    The business case for cloud computing

    Cloud computing also offers enterprises a way toexpand and prioritize data storage without worryingabout server capacity or expenditures. This ability toscale can allow an enterprise to grow the businesswith the same IT resources.

    Perhaps most critically, clouds provide the idealenvironment for collecting and analyzing big data.The compute resources available on some cloudplatforms can analyze data in real time, providing ahuge advantage to retailers, commercial websitesand any business that leverages mobile data. As datacontinues to grow exponentially, cloud computing willbecome a strategic imperative.

    Enterprises that view cloud computing as a way toleverage emerging technologies, better enablecollaboration and scale according to need will bemore successful in the long run than those that viewcloud as a way to save a few bucks.

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