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  • The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin,

    Volume 13:Selected

    Book Reviews

    Jodi CockerillBarry Cooper,


    University of Missouri Press

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  • p ro j e c t e d vo l um e s i n t h e c o l l e c t e d wo r k s

    1. On the Form of the American Mind2. Race and State3. The History of the Race Idea: From Ray to Carus4. The Authoritarian State: An Essay on the Problem of the Austrian State5. Modernity without Restraint: The Political Religions; The New Science of

    Politics; and Science, Politics, and Gnosticism6. Anamnesis: Toward a Theory of History and Politics7. Published Essays, 192219288. Published Essays, 192819339. Published Essays, 19341939

    10. Published Essays, 1940195211. Published Essays, 1953196512. Published Essays, 1966198513. Selected Book Reviews14. Order and History, Volume I, Israel and Revelation15. Order and History, Volume II, The World of the Polis16. Order and History, Volume III, Plato and Aristotle17. Order and History, Volume IV, The Ecumenic Age18. Order and History, Volume V, In Search of Order19. History of Political Ideas, Volume I, Hellenism, Rome, and Early Christianity20. History of Political Ideas, Volume II, The Middle Ages to Aquinas21. History of Political Ideas, Volume III, The Later Middle Ages22. History of Political Ideas, Volume IV, Renaissance and Reformation23. History of Political Ideas, Volume V, Religion and the Rise of Modernity24. History of Political Ideas, Volume VI, Revolution and the New Science25. History of Political Ideas, Volume VII, The New Order and Last Orientation26. History of Political Ideas, Volume VIII, Crisis and the Apocalypse of Man27. The Nature of the Law, and Related Legal Writings28. What Is History? And Other Late Unpublished Writings29. Selected Correspondence30. Selected Correspondence31. Hitler and the Germans32. Miscellaneous Papers33. Miscellaneous Papers34. Autobiographical Reflections and Index

  • e d i t o r i a l b oa r d

    Paul Caringella

    Jrgen Gebhardt

    Thomas A. Hollweck

    Ellis Sandoz

    The Editorial Board offers grateful acknowledgment to the EarhartFoundation, Liberty Fund, Inc., and Robert J. Cihak, M.D.,for support provided at various stages in the preparationof this book for publication. A special thanks for supportgoes to the Charlotte and Walter Kohler Charitable Trust.

    The University of Missouri Press offers its gratefulacknowledgment for a generous contribution from the Eric

    Voegelin Institute in support of the publication of this volume.




    ed ited and translated by




    with an introduct ion by


    univer s i ty of mi s sour i pre s s

    columb ia and london

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    Voegelin, Eric, 1901[Works. 1989]

    The collected works of Eric Voegelin / edited with an introduction by EllisSandoz.

    p. cm.Vols. < > published by University of Missouri Press, Columbia.Vol. 33 published in 1989.Includes bibliographical references and indexes.Contents: v. 1. On the form of the American mindv. 2. Race and state

    v. 3. The history of the race idea[etc.]isbn 0-8071-1826-5 (v. 1 : alk. paper)isbn 0-8071-1673-4 (v. 2 : alk. paper)

    isbn 0-8071-1843-5 (v. 3 : alk. paper)[etc.]1. Philosophy. 2. HistoryPhilosophy. 3. Political sciencePhilosophy.I. Sandoz, Ellis, 1931 . II. Weiss, Gilbert. III. Title.

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  • Contents

    Acknowledgments xiii

    Editors Introduction 1


    1. Logik und Rechtswissenschaft: Grundriss einesSystems der reinen Rechtslehre,by Felix Kaufmann (1923) 9

    2. Das natrliche System der menschlichenGesellschaft oder die Entstehung der Arten imperiodischen System der sozialen Elemente,by Heinrich Konrad (1923) 12

    3. The Soul of the State (The Know Thyself), vol. 10,by Phil. al. Phil (1924) 14

    4. Prolgomnes une Mcanique Sociale,by Peter Trisca (1924) 14

    5. Die Kriterien des Rechts,by Felix Kaufmann (1925) 15

    6. Mitt Gott fr Trust und Dividende,by Walther Bhmer (1928) 18

    7. Deutschland und Amerika,by Karl H. Panhorst;Henry Ford,by S. Marquis;Schreckensherrschaft in Amerika,by Augustin Souchy;Sacco und Vanzetti,by Eugne Lyons;Aus dem Arbeitsleben Amerikas,by Fritz Tnzler;Systematische Wirtschaft,by Heinz Ludwig;


  • contents

    Die Wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Verhltnisseim Kohlenbergbau der Vereinigten Staaten,by Ernst Jngst;Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika:Volk-Wirtschaft-Politik,by Andr Siegfried (1928) 19

    8. Amerika: Vorbild und Warnung,by Edgar Ansel Mowrer (1928) 24

    9. Introductory Sociology,by Albert Muntsch, S.J., and Henry S. Spalding,S.J. (1929) 25

    10. An Introduction to the Study of Sociology,by Frank Hamilton Hankins (1929) 26

    11. Research in the Social Sciences: Its FundamentalMethods and Objective,edited by Wilson Gee (1929) 26

    12. Die rechsttheoretischen Grundlagen desSowjetstaates,by Boris S. Mirkin-Getzewitsch (1929) 29

    13. Die Staats- und Gesellschaftslehre Alberts desGrossen: Nach den Quellen dargestellt,by Wilhelm Arendt (1929) 30

    14. Staat und Gesellschaft in Amerika,by Charlotte Ltkens (1930) 31

    15. Theory of Legislation: An Essay on theDynamics of the Public Mind,by E. Jordan (1930) 37

    16. Macht und menschliche Natur: Fachschriftenzur Politik und staatsbrgerlichen Erziehung,by Hellmuth Plessner (1931) 38

    17. Die Verfassungslehre von Carl Schmitt.Review essay of Verfassungslehre,by Carl Schmitt (1931) 42

    18. Die moderne Nation,by Heinz O. Ziegler (1932) 66


  • contents

    19. Daniel Defoe, Essay on Projects (1697):Rechtsgefhl in Justiz und Politik, 1929,by Ernst Gerhard Jacob (1932) 69

    20. Deutsche Gemeinschafts-philosophie derGegenwart: Eine Untersuchung ihrerGrundkategorien und kritische Darstellung ihrerhauptschliche metaphysiches Gestaltungen,by Hans Steingrber (1933) 70

    21. Das Wesen des Staatsgebietes,by Walter Hamel (1933) 72

    22. Handbuch der Amerikakunde: Handbcher derAuslandskunde, vol. 6,edited by E. von Hartig and W. Schellberg (1933) 76

    23. Rechtfertigung des Staates bei Christian Wolff,by Guenter Namslau (1933) 76

    24. Die Entstehung des Staates: EineStaatstheoretische Untersuchung,by Reinhold Horneffer (1934) 78

    25. Verfassungsrecht und soziale Struktur,by Dietrich Schindler (1934) 81

    26. Politische und soziologische Staatslehre,by Max Rumpf (1934) 84

    27. Nationality and Government, with OtherWar-Time Essays, The Prospects of Democracy,and Other Essays,both by Alfred E. Zimmern (1934) 85

    28. Das Rechtsgefhl in Justiz und Politik,by A. E. Hoche (1934) 86

    29. Der sinnhafte Aufbau der sozialen Welt,by Alfred Schtz (1934) 87

    30. Verfassungsurkunde und Verfassungszustand derTschechoslowakischen Republik,by Fritz Sander (1935) 93

    31. Der politische Volksbegriff im modernen Italien,by Hermann Raschhofer (1936) 96


  • contents

    32. Die Geschlossene Wirtschaft: SoziologischeGrundlegung des Autarkieproblems,by Bernard Laum (1936) 97

    33. Die Grundlagen des Nationalsozialismus: Eineideengeschichtliche Untersuchung,by Alois Hudal (1937) 100

    34. Benjamin Franklin, Der Lehrmeister der ameri-kanischen Revolution: Die geistigen Grundlagendes amerikanischen Gemeinwesens, vol. 1,by Eduard Baumgarten (1937) 104

    35. Carl Schmitts Theorie des Politischen,by Hans Krupa (1937) 109

    36. Rechtsoziologie: Probleme der Gesellschafts-lehre und der Geschichtslehre des Rechts,by Barna Horvath (1937) 110

    37. Faschismus und Nationalsozialismus,by Peter Berger (1937) 115

    38. La misre par la surabondance: Karl Marx, prede la crise mondiale,by J. Boissonnet (1939) 117

    39. The Ruling Class,by Gaetano Mosca, translated by Hannah D.Kahn,edited and revised with an introduction byArthur Livingston (1939) 117

    40. The Structure of the Nazi Economy,by Maxine Y. Sweezy;The Dual State: A Contribution to the Theory ofDictatorship,by Ernst Fraenkel, translated by E. A. Shils, incollaboration with Edith Lowenstein and KlausKnorr (1942) 120

    41. The Enigma of Admiral Darlan,by Alec de Montmorency (1943) 123


  • contents

    42. The Decline of Liberalism as an Ideology: WithParticular Reference to German Politico-LegalThought,by John H. Hallowell (1944) 124

    43. The Foundation of Phenomenology: EdmundHusserl and the Quest for a Rigorous Science ofPhilosophy,by Marvin Farber (1944) 126

    44. The Growth of German Historicism,by Friedrich Engel-Janosi (1944) 129

    45. General Theory of Law and State,by Hans Kelsen, translated by Anders Wedberg;The Pure Theory of Law,by William Ebenstein (1945) 131

    46. Contemporary Italy: Its Intellectual and MoralOrigins,by Count Carlo Sforza, translated by Drake andDenise De Kay (1945) 134

    47. Rosenbergs Nazi Myth,by Albert R. Chandler (1946) 137

    48. Soviet Politics: At Home and Abroad,by Frederick L. Schuman (1946) 138

    49. The Lessons of Germany: A Guide to HerHistor


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