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The independent student newspaper at The University of Memphis.


  • Vol. 79 No. 17

    Friday, September 23, 2011Daily


    Independent Student Newspaper of The University of Memphis

    UM victory over SMU Saturday could give Tigersmuch-needed confidence boost

    see page 8

    Can the Tigers go 2 in a row?

    Putting on your best suit, hopping on the metro, and working side-by-side with Congressmen and Senators could be the daily routine for enterprising interns during the 2012 fall semester.

    The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars offers students the opportunity to get an internship with thousands of organizationsgovernmental, nonprofit, corporate and inter-nationalin the center of our nations capitol during the presi-dential election year of 2012.

    In fall 2008, one of our stu-dents was in Rock the Vote and she described it as a once in a lifetime opportunity, said Dixie Crase, academic internship director for The University of Memphis who is serving as the campus liaison for The Washington Center Internship. During a major election, it will be especially exciting to be in the middle of the action.

    A panel of University administrators and faculty will review applications for the pro-gram, with five students from The University being recommended for admission. Chosen

    students will spend the 2012 fall semester working and studying in Washington D.C.

    The Washington Center has been in busi-ness for more than 36 years, working with students who come from all over the USA and internationally as well, Crase said.

    In the past, students have interned at orga-nizations including the US Environmental Protection Agency, USA Today and The

    Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

    Jonathan Bennett, senior political science major, had an internship at The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He described it as a government-subsidized think tank researching trade policy. Bennett worked as a research assistant during the 2010 midterm elections and the Wikileaks scandal in the fall of 2010.

    We were in the middle of the 2010 elec-tion and the Wikileaks stuff you arent just seeing things happening in the newspaper but in emails and on your desk, Bennett said.

    Bennett had the opportunity to partici-pate in a discussion about public policy with Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker. He also met with U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn at civic engage-

    ment project.The civic engagement proj-

    ect let us get involved with the political process or the com-munity in general; we went to Blackburn and lobbied over the Palestinian crisis, Bennett said.

    Pete Albrecht, political sci-ence graduate student at The U of M, worked at The Abraham Group, an international busi-ness development and energy

    consulting firm less than a block away from the White House.

    Albrecht said that students applying for an internship shouldnt be anxious during the application process.

    Be extremely patient when being placed for an internship, he said. The whole town is run on internships. Youre at the bottom


    Students capitalize on summer internship programs in D.C.

    see InternshIp, page 3

    The clock is ticking as University of Memphis art and communications stu-dents wait to use their newly renovated building on Central Avenue, formerly the on-campus law school.

    The new Art and Communication Building was slated to open Aug. 8. The opening was delayed because of slow construction, according to Ralph Faudree, provost of The University.

    Construction did not move as quickly as possible, he said. Thats the only reason. Wed hoped that the move would have occurred prior to the beginning of the semester.

    Faudree said there will now be two moves, one during fall break in October for the art department and one at the end of the semester between December and January for the communication department.

    Alyssa Blaire, senior art major, said she doesnt believe the move will happen on the new date because the move-in time has changed too many times before.

    We had five move dates this sum-mer, she said. I personally packed up our department chairs entire office, most of which is still in boxes.

    Blaire said the art office was closed for a week this summer to give people time to pack, adding that many staffers are teach-ing out of the boxes because they dont want to unpack until the big move.

    When she visited the Art and Communication Building this summer, Blaire said she and some faculty knew by the look of the place that they would not be moving anytime soon.

    There were wires everywhere, myste-rious leaks and the construction workers didnt seem to be doing much, she said.

    Richard Lou, chair of and professor in the department of art, said that though administrators in the art office are already packed, moving into the building will take patience.

    Any delay is always a bother, but a lot of people are working it out, he said.

    Lou said there are about 450 art stu-dents at The U of M and that the new space will help accommodate those stu-dents needs, but the building is still not big enough to house the entire art department.

    The only thing moving from Jones Hall will be printmaking founda-tions, administrative offices, art his-tory, galleries, graphic design and the

    Communication and arts staff await move-in

    BY ERICA HORTONNews Reporter

    After delay, renovations at former law school building completed; departments ready to relocate for next semester

    see BuIldIng, page 5

    Painting the town

    U of M sophomore David Lindsey, who is organizing a paintball club at The U of M, aims down the sight of his paintball gun before confronting an unfortunate opponent. See page 5.

    Be extremely patient when being placed for an internship ... Youre at the bottom of the food chain and experiences differ.

    Pete AlbrechtPolitical science graduate

    by C




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