the digital transformation of yellow pages group by ypg cmo, nicholas gaudreau

1 The transformation of Yellow Pages Group By Nicolas Gaudreau. CMO, Yellow Pages Group

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How does a company with a long-standing “analog” business transform itself into a digital player? Nicolas Gaudreau, Yellow Page Group’s chief marketing officer, provided meshmarketing with the inside story into the strategic and tactics steps and processes that have helped the company’s position itself in the digital world. Nicolas will offer insight for companies evolving their business, highlighting best practices, challenges and what to avoid.


  • 1. The transformation of Yellow Pages Group By Nicolas Gaudreau. CMO, Yellow Pages Group1

2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 5. Newspapers Descent Into Hell 6. An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator... these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is. - Steve jobs, 2007 7. Until Recently, the Internet Was an Activityby: 8. Changing Our Lifestyle 9. Changing the Way your Potential Clients Search for your Products and Services 10. The Decline of Print Base (Starting at 100)Boom ! 200150 Real GDP - Canada 100Print Usage - Reach 50YP-Print0 20002001200220032004(1) Scotiabank Global Economic Research (August 2013)2005200620072008200920102011201220131 11. The transformation of Yellow Pages Group Print Revenue CAGR: -10%1,300380975285650190325Digital Revenue CAGR: 28%9500200720082009201020112012200720082009201020112012 12. The 7 Components of the TransformationThe vision of the digital transformationDigital productsTechnology and executionSales strengthThe brandDigital cultureThe digital experience 13. 14. $10,000,000,000+ 19 15. 37% Digital20 16. change la manire dont vos clients potentiels cherchent les produits et services que vous offrez 17. SMBs are Looking for a Turnkey Solution 63% 18. 2 The Transformation of Products23 19. Presence and Content 20. Search Engines 21. The Addressable Market Goes from $1.5 to $6 billion $7 $6Business solutions (social..)$5Mobilebillion$4Research $3Websites$2 $1PYP/ IYP$02010 Traditional marketPYP/ IYP 2014 Market with the 360 solution 26 22. The Role of Analytics 23. 3 The Transformation of Technologies 24. 4 The Transformation of Sales 25. Googles First Partner for SMBs in Canada 26. Transformation of the Acquisition Culture 27. 5 The Transformation of Digital Culture 28. The Transformation of Innovation 29. inside350,000 app downloads175,000 active users (weekly)150,000 push notifications opt-ins 34 30. New Talent 31. Communicating Differently 32. An Open and Multi-directional Communication Culture Vente tibbr 33. Digital Governance 34. 6 The Transformation of our Consumer Experiences 39 35. in 2009 36. 6 million downloads 35%+ of our digital research 41 37. Digi AwardsTop 25 of all timeEditors Choice 38. A World of Partnership 39. Neighborohood section7 Rebranding 40. Making a 100-year-old Brand Evolve 41. anthem video 42. $400 million in Digital Revenues NEW PRODUCTSNEW BRANDNEW EXPERIENCESNew advertising campaignsNEW ECO-SYSTEMYP analyticsSEO SEM Online placement Mobile advertising Websites Social presenceFrom the phonebook to the digital leader in Canada 43. A Noble Cause 44. Mistakes and Difficult Lessons Act at the first signs Do not look back, but do not sacrifice everything Everything will take longer than planned 45. How to Get Through a Digital Transformation Establish a clear and unanimous vision within the executive committee. Quickly identify where competition will come from Communicate and unite Dare to doubt yourself frequently Celebrate all accomplishments by putting them into the context of the goal to achieve Mass-invest in new digital talent 46. Thank You!