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  • • A N E N G A G E M E N T G I F T F R O M L I A G R I F F I T H . C O M •

    T H E D I Y P L A N N E R F O R

    the wedding of

    A N D

    O N T H E D A T E

  • it's all in the details

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    1 2 t o 6 M O N T H S Announce your engagement in local newspaper

    Set your budget and decide who will pay for what

    Set date and time of wedding and reception, and

    reserve ceremony and reception sites

    Determine your theme/style/colors

    Start compiling your guest list: begin a master guest

    list early so that you can plan out how many save the

    date cards and wedding invitation sets you will need

    to create. Keep your list up-to-date by reaching out

    to your guests via email, phone or even Facebook to

    verify current mailing information. Keep an excel

    spreadsheet with all of this information that you can

    easily update.

    Finalize your save the date wording and mailing list

    for those who will be receiving this card

    Purchase paper, envelopes and postage needed for

    your save the dates

    Print, trim and add any personal touches to your save

    the date cards, and mail finalized cards

    Browse wedding stationery suite designs from

    Select and ask your attendants, flower girl

    and ring bearer

    Select gown/shoes/veil and accessories

    Start shopping for your bridesmaid dresses,

    shoes and accessories

    Select tuxedo style for groom and wedding party

    Research and schedule appointments to meet

    officiants, caterers, florists, photographers,

    videographers, ceremony musicians, DJ or other

    entertainment for reception, makeup artists,

    hairstylists and any other vendor you may choose

    to hire

    Begin bridal registries

    Begin to plan and make reservations for your

    honeymoon and obtain visas/passports if needed

    6 t o 4 M O N T H S Finalize guest list and wedding invitation design:

    determine what enclosures you will be including

    (response card, return envelopes, map card) and the

    little details (envelope seals, ribbon, wrap around

    address labels, calligraphy)

    Gather all important details that will be included in

    your invitations: wedding location, time, reception

    location, rsvp date, and return address for replies

    Select thank you notes, programs, menus, place

    cards, table numbers and other reception items

    Begin planning bridesmaid luncheon

    Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town


    Reserve any necessary rental equipment (tables,

    linens, china, etc.)

    Notify wedding party of attire requirements (where

    to rent tuxedos, for example)

    Coordinate mothers attire and colors

    Purchase wedding rings

    Choose and order favors

    Choose gifts for wedding party

    Schedule gown fittings

    Book hotel room for night of the wedding

    Arrange wedding day transportation

    Purchase or rent groom’s attire

    Sign up for dance lessons

    As gifts arrive, begin writing thank-you notes

    Begin planning the rehearsal dinner

    Select and write your wedding vows

    Decide on ceremony and reception decorations

    Taste/select/order wedding cake

    4 t o 2 M O N T H S Purchase all supplies needed for your invitation (be

    sure to buy extra supplies just in case!)

    Select and finalize the wording for your invitation

    Confirm your guests’ addresses are up to date

    Craft your invites and enclosures: print, trim,

    embellish and finish

    Prepare and label return envelopes for RSVP cards

    Address envelopes (print directly on envelopes or

    labels) and include return address

    Combine all of your invitation components to create

    the final invitation set and put them into addressed


    Discuss/taste/finalize menu with caterer

    your diy checklist

  • • 2 •

    Select text for wedding program

    Create invitations for bridesmaids luncheon

    Meet with officiant to finalize ceremony details

    Schedule a bridal portrait, trial run for hair

    and makeup

    Put together wedding day itinerary

    Purchase ceremony/reception supplies:

    garter belt

    guest book and pens

    cake knife and server

    toasting flutes

    ring bearer’s pillow

    unity candle

    6 t o 8 W E E K S

    Purchase postage stamps (have postal service weigh

    a complete assembled invitation to confirm postage)

    Add stamps to invitations and deliver to post office

    (mail all invitations together from one location)

    Mark who responded on your excel spreadsheet as

    they are returned

    Personalize and print your thank you notes

    Purchase envelopes and postage for the thank you


    1 M O N T H

    Purchase marriage license

    Finalize with florist

    Confirm all attendants gowns were received

    and altered, and shoes were purchased

    Confirm all men were fitted for tuxedo rental

    Finalize seating plan for reception

    Confirm all transportation needs for weekend

    Select songs for first dance, father/daughter, mother/

    son and other special dances

    Purchase gifts for groom and parents

    Finalize all wedding day information/itinerary

    Print wedding ceremony programs

    Start name-change process by completing

    proper documents

    Start breaking in wedding shoes at home

    Pick up wedding rings

    1 t o 2 W E E K S

    Confirm all details with wedding vendors

    Pack wedding day supplies box/bag and label them

    for delivery (dressing room, reception, etc.)

    Print itinerary for the wedding party

    Contact guests who have not replied

    Have place cards /escort cards written

    Finalize seating plan

    Assign specific duties to your wedding party, such as

    handing out corsages

    Designate someone to look over your home and pets

    while you are on your honeymoon

    Find out where your out-of-town guests will be

    staying if you plan to leave them a welcome basket

    Reconfirm beauty appointments

    Prepare payments for vendors and tips to hand out

    the day of the wedding

    Give caterer/vendors the final guest count

    Confirm all honeymoon reservations and leave a copy

    of your itinerary with a trusted family member

    Pack for your honeymoon

    Have a final dress fitting

    Send thank you notes within 2 weeks after

    your wedding

    your diy checklist

  • • 3 •

    wedding day schedule S C H E D U L E F O R T H E B I G D A Y

    6:00 a.m.

    6:30 a.m

    7:00 a.m.

    7:30 a.m

    8:00 a.m.

    8:30 a.m

    9:00 a.m.

    9:30 a.m

    10:00 a.m.

    10:30 a.m

    11:00 a.m.

    11:30 a.m

    12:00 noon

    12:30 p.m

    1:00 p.m

    1:30 p.m

    2:00 p.m

    2:30 p.m

    3:00 p.m

    3:30 p.m

    4:00 p.m

    4:30 p.m

    5:00 p.m

    5:30 p.m

    6:00 p.m

    6:30 p.m

    7:00 p.m

    7:30 p.m

    8:00 p.m

    8:30 p.m

    9:00 p.m

    9:30 p.m

    10:00 p.m

    10:30 p.m

    11:00 p.m

    11:30 p.m

    12:00 midnight

    12:30 a.m

    1:00 a.m

    1:30 a.m

    2:00 a.m

    2:30 a.m

  • • 4 •

    T H E B R I D E

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    T H E B R I D E ’ S PA R E N T S

    Full Name(s)


    Phone Number(s)


    I F T H E R E A R E T W O S E T S O F PA R E N T S

    Full Name(s)


    Phone Number(s)


    T H E G R O O M

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    T H E G R O O M ’ S PA R E N T S

    Full Name(s)


    Phone Number(s)


    I F T H E R E A R E T W O S E T S O F PA R E N T S

    Full Name(s)


    Phone Number(s)


    wedding phone book

  • • 5 •

    W E D D I N G C O O R D I N A T O R

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    F L O R I S T

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    P H O T O G R A P H E R

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    V I D E O G R A P H E R

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    C E R E M O N Y S I T E C O N T A C T

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    R E C E P T I O N S I T E C O N T A C T

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    C A T E R I N G C O N T R A C T

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    B R I D A L S A L O N

    Full Name


    Phone Number(s)


    wedding phone book

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    R E C E P T I O N { 5 0 % }

    Venue Fee

    Catering/Food Services