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<p>The D'Oliveira-Frick-Dutra GroupatMorgan Stanley Smith Barney</p> <p>7530 Parker RoadFairhope, AL 36532</p> <p>251-990-2939/ MAIN877-886-1777/ TOLL-FREE 251-650-1378/ FAX</p> <p></p> <p>The D'Oliveira-Frick-Dutra Group atMorgan Stanley Smith Barney</p> <p>Managing wealth involves far more than managing an investmentportfolio. It begins with developing a holistic, comprehensive under-standing of who you are and the financial forces at work in your life. Itmeans helping you understand and respond effectively to theseforces. And, of course, it means helping you invest your assets in away that reflects the realities of your life and the uniqueness of yourlong term goals.</p> <p>As Financial Advisors, we are committed to building a relation-ship of trust in which we can work closely with you to help youdefine your objectives, explore alternatives and choose the financialand investment strategies that are most appropriate for you. As ourrelationship evolves, we hope you will come to regard us as a valuedresource and professionals who can help you make a more informeddecision on any financial issue.</p> <p>Our most important goal: to help you achieve your objectives,providing guidance that helps your wealth do more for you.</p> <p>3THE D'OLIVEIRA-FRICK-DUTRA GROUP</p> <p>Meet the Professionals</p> <p>The D'Oliveira-Frick-Dutra Group</p> <p>MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY4</p> <p>Sergio R. D'OliveiraSenior Portfolio ManagerFirst Vice PresidentFinancial Advisor</p> <p>A professional in the financial serv-ices industry since 1984, Sergio beganhis career with Merrill Lynch prior tojoining Morgan Stanley Smith Barneyin 2010. His professional credentialsas a Senior Portfolio Manager andFirst Vice President help him navigatehis clients through all phases of theirfinancial lives.</p> <p>Sergio grew up in So Paulo Braziland received his Bachelor of BusinessAdministration Degree from Escolade Administracao de Empresas de SoPaulo. Sergio has resided in theDaphne area since 1993, but has livedin the United States since 1978. He hasalso been a member of the FairhopeRotary Club for over 20 years. In hisspare time, Sergio enjoys reading, lis-tening to music and coaching soccer.He also loves spending time with hiswife, children and grandchildren.</p> <p>5THE D'OLIVEIRA-FRICK-DUTRA GROUP</p> <p>Tod E. Frick, CIMA, CFPSenior Portfolio ManagerFirst Vice PresidentFinancial Advisor</p> <p>An experienced Financial Advisorsince 1992, Tod began his career withMerrill Lynch prior to joining MorganStanley Smith Barney in 2010. He cur-rently holds the designation ofCertified Investment ManagementAnalystSM (CIMA) and CERTIFIEDFINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP).Tod also attended ColumbiaUniversity in New York to receive thedesignation of Certified PortfolioManager (CPM).</p> <p>Tod grew up in Baton Rouge, LAand attended Louisiana StateUniversity where he received hisdegree in Finance. Hes lived in theFairhope area for over 20 years wherehe feels a special commitment to thecommunity. When out of the office,he enjoys spending time with his wife,Lisa, children, Mills and Emery, andtheir three dogs.</p> <p>Leonardo DutraFinancial Advisor</p> <p>An investment professional in thefinancial services industry since2000, Leo started his career withMerrill Lynch in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil prior to joining Morgan StanleySmith Barney in 2010. Leo has anexcellent grasp of international finan-cial markets due to his studies inBrazil and the different economies inwhich he has worked.</p> <p>Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, Leo attended the UniversidadeFederal do Rio de Janeiro where hereceived his BA in Economics. Hecurrently resides in Fairhope, AL withhis wife, Dana, and wonderful step-son, Taylor. While out of the office,Leonardo enjoys travelling, playingtennis, and spending time with familyand friends.</p> <p>Francisco D'Oliveira, CRPCFinancial Advisor</p> <p>An experienced Financial Advisorsince 2001, Fran began his career inthe financial services industry withMerrill Lynch. In 2010, Fran joinedMorgan Stanley Smith Barney to takeadvantage of the breadth of resourcesavailable within the firm. He current-ly holds the designation of CharteredRetirement Planning CounselorSM</p> <p>(CRPC).Fran grew up in Mobile, AL and</p> <p>graduated from The University ofGeorgia with a Bachelors Degree inBanking and Finance. He has lived inDaphne, AL since 2006, with his wifeand fellow team member, Amanda. Inhis spare time, he enjoys playing soc-cer.</p> <p>Amanda D'OliveiraSenior Registered Associate</p> <p>An experienced professional in thefinancial services industry since 2004,Amanda began her career in broker-age operations for ColonialBrokerage. She then worked forMerrill Lynch as a Registered ClientAssociate and later became anAssistant Branch Manager at RegionsBank. In 2009, Amanda joinedMorgan Stanley Smith Barney as aSenior Registered Associate. She cur-rently holds her Series 7, 66, 31, 10along with her life and health insur-ance licenses.</p> <p>Amanda grew up in BaldwinCounty, AL and graduated from TroyUniversity where she received herBachelors Degree in Banking andFinance. She resides in Daphne, ALwith fellow team member and hus-band Fran.</p> <p>Amy BaughmanRegistered Client Service Associate</p> <p>An experienced professional in thefinancial services industry since 2005,Amy began her career with FloridaState University Credit Union prior tojoining Morgan Stanley Smith Barneyin 2010. She is currently a RegisteredClient Associate and holds her Series7 and 66 licenses.</p> <p>Amy grew up in Mobile, Alabamaand graduated from the University ofSouth Alabama with a BachelorsDegree in Finance. Amy has lived inthe Daphne area since 2008, whereshe stays active in the community vol-unteering with Family Promise andAngels Over the Children.</p> <p>Your achievements reflect sub-stantial effort, and we will workjust as hard on your behalf, com-mitting our experience and skillsto helping you achieve yourunique goals for your wealth.Moreover, we will support youand your strategy with theresources and perspective of oneof the worlds largest financialfirms.</p> <p>1 We will discuss your currentfinancial resources, time horizon foryour goals, tolerance for risk evenhow your liabilities are structured.If you own a business, we also mightdiscuss your current banking and cashmanagement needs.</p> <p>Developing YourWealthManagementStrategy</p> <p>MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY8</p> <p>2 We will present a plan to help addressneeds such as income and retirementplanning, asset protection, investmentmanagement, strategic borrowing, wealthtransfer and business succession. Wewill also recommend an asset allocationstrategy reflecting your risk tolerance andinvestment time horizon.</p> <p>3 The team will work closely withyou to bring the elements of your planto life, helping you to select from thehundreds of investment managementfirms available to you, and identifyspecific stocks, bonds and othersecurities that may be suitable foryour portfolio. Then we will closelymonitor your portfolio.</p> <p>4 You will receive a comprehensivequarterly performance review,helping you track progress towardyour objectives. And when yourcircumstances change, we will workwith you to revise your strategy andreposition your assets to reflect yournew needs and goals.</p> <p>DiscoverPlan</p> <p>ImplementReview</p> <p>For Life's MostImportant Goals</p> <p>With an experienced professional and theright resources, reaching your mostimportant goals can be less challengingand more rewarding. I am ready to helpyou meet your goals, by combining myinsight into your needs with theresources of Morgan Stanley SmithBarney.</p> <p>Setting a confident course</p> <p>Thorough, thoughtful planning planning that analyzes where you areas well as where you want to go isthe most important step in establish-ing a path to your goals. I will workwith you to explore and define yourobjectives and needs, and then struc-ture a plan that is uniquely your own.l Balance sheet analysisl Retirement planningl Education planningl Estate planningl Multigenerational planningl Insurance</p> <p>Managing the rewards of success</p> <p>Managing an investment portfolioshould be a consultative, disciplinedprocess that balances your attitudesand goals as an investor with carefulanalysis of the financial markets andthe risks and opportunities they holdfor you. You can rely on us for objec-tive strategic advice in structuringyour portfolio and for careful analysisof any investments we considertogether.l Asset allocationl Investment managementl Traditional investmentsl Alternative investmentsl Structured investments</p> <p>Shaping your retirement</p> <p>Together, we can work to make deci-sions that could help you movetoward the retirement you expect.Whether you are building retirementwealth or making the transition togenerating income from your assets, Ican help you develop and implementa strategy based on your vision ofretirement.l IRAs:- Traditional- Roth</p> <p>l IRA rolloversl Roth conversions</p> <p>Building a unique legacy</p> <p>Estate planning typically bringstogether the dimensions of life: per-sonal, family, financial and charitable.I will work with you to understandthe connections between your life andlegacy goals, and work with youraccountant and attorney to help youdevelop a strategy to position yourportfolio appropriately.</p> <p>Educating new generations</p> <p>Helping to meet the education costsof children and grandchildren may beone of the most attractive and person-ally fulfilling investment opportuni-ties available to you. I can help youaccess appropriate investment vehi-cles 529 plans and custodialaccounts.</p> <p>Meeting current liquidityand banking needs</p> <p>Managing personal cash and securingliquidity for personal needs andopportunities are the day-to-dayaspects of implementing a financialstrategy. I can help you meet yourpersonal cash management and bor-rowing needs while thinking strategi-cally about how approaches mayaffect current and longterm costs andtaxes.l Home financel Lending servicesl Debt restructuringl Securities-backed loans</p> <p>11THE D'OLIVEIRA-FRICK-DUTRA GROUP</p> <p>You Benefit From a Profound Understanding of the Full Range of Wealth Management Needs</p> <p>Investment ManagementI have so many goals and priorities. How can one investment strategy balance them all? </p> <p>Charitable PursuitsThe charities I support are like extended family. How do I maximize the good I can accomplish? </p> <p>Estate PlanningMaking sure my estate goes to the people and organizations I care about is a priority. How do I transform my assets into a legacy?</p> <p>Integrated PlanningDecisions about both assets and liabilities need to be made in the framework of important life goals. What steps are also the most tax efficient? How can a strategic approach to banking and lending simplify my financial life and maximize the value of what I own?</p> <p>LiquidityI can predict some expenses, but others I know I cant. How can I plan to have the cash I need?</p> <p>RetirementWhen I retire, it will affect just about everything that matters: my lifestyle, my company, my family. Is there a way to plan for retirement that takes it all into account? </p> <p>Business StrategiesHow do I manage my personal wealth with so much tied up in my company?</p> <p>Risk ManagementThe ups and downs of the markets is just one kind of riskbut so is not protecting my assets and my family. How do I protect what I care about most?</p> <p>Education FundingWill I be able to pay for a good education for my childrenand my grandchildren?</p> <p>MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY</p> <p>A CULTURE ofEXCELLENCE</p> <p>OVER THE YEARS, YOU HAVE MADE MANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS.ONE IN PARTICULAR IS LIKELY TO HAVE A LASTING IMPACT</p> <p>ON YOUR WELL BEING AND THAT OF YOUR FAMILY:THE CHOICE OF A FINANCIAL ADVISOR.</p> <p>your financial needs and then align theresources to meet them. Your FinancialAdvisorcanhelpyouevaluateimmediateconcerns and plan for long-term goals,be a sounding board for your invest-ment ideas, assist you in developing andexecuting a strategy that is preciselyyour own and help deliver performanceresults that meet your needs.</p> <p>YourFinancialAdvisorisyouradvocatewithinourfirm,anintelligenteditorwhoselects and aligns the many capabilitiesof Morgan Stanley Smith Barney for you,delivering the right resources to you inthe way that is most appropriate for howyou invest and what you want to achieve.</p> <p>Investors who choose Morgan StanleySmith Barney often tell us that theirreasoning is simple. They choose aFinancial Advisorand a firmthat mirrors the values propelling their ownsuccess: a commitment to perform at the highest level for their clients, withno shortcuts, compromises or excuses.</p> <p>UNPARALLE LED EXPER I ENCE .Drawing on many years of experi-ence, Morgan Stanley Smith Barneyunderstands the importance of shapingrelationships that reflect client needs,preferences and aspirations.</p> <p>Our firm and Financial Advisors havean in-depth understanding of virtuallyall the challenges, goals, preferences,styles and strategies that distinguishwealthyinvestors.Additionally,asatruly</p> <p>global financial institution, we have anequally acute knowledge of financialopportunities and the potential risks. </p> <p>This combination positions us todevelop, structure and execute solu-tions for your most important financialneeds, from accumulating wealth toinvesting for income, from solidify-ing retirement security to devising adistribution approach that meets yourlifestyle and legacy goals.INVESTMENT INSIGHT WITHOUT</p> <p>LIMITS. As a client, you have accessto the strategic and tactical views ofsome of the worlds most seasoned andrespected investment professionals. ThemembersofourGlobalInvestmentCom-mittee develop strategies that guide themanagement of advisory accounts andhelp to inform the decisions of clients across MorganStanley SmithBarney. </p> <p>The team is currently supportedby the work of 350 analysts at two of the worlds largest investment banks, Morgan Stanley and Citi, who cover keygeographicandeconomicsectors,aswellas 3,000 individual equity securities. You also benefit from a premier trad-ing and execution platform. Think of our 225 capital markets professionals as experienced, highly responsive and knowledgeable partners.PERFORMANCE THAT MEETS YOUR</p> <p>MEASURE. Among the most importantskills of our Financial Advisors is theabilitytolisten:tothoroughlyunderstand</p> <p>ONE OF THE WORLDSSTRONGEST INVEST-MENT ORGANIZATIONSSTANDS BEHIND YOURFINANCIAL ADVISORFinancial Advisors have access to top-flight researchfrom both MorganStanley and Citi. Combined, theyanalyze and track the progress of more than 3,000 companies all over the world.</p> <p>A STRONG, STEADYFORCE IN A CHANGINGINDUSTRY</p> <p> CEO and senior team with deep wealth management experience</p> <p> 130 years of combined experience</p> <p> 900 global locations 18,000 financial advisors 7 million client accounts $1.5 trillion client assets</p> <p>Please read important disclosures on the back cover of this brochure</p> <p>Morgan Stanley Smith Barney strives to offer clients the finest infinancial thinking, products and execution to help them meet theirindividual needs and achieve their personal financial...</p>