The Dream Of Happiness

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Shiina Kazue doesnt want to wake up?!But why?!!The Dream of HappinessAn NCiC project*this is read from right to leftHEY, WAKE UP!HUH?IT WAS JUSTA DREAM?OH WELLI GUESSI REALLY CANNOTTALK TO THOSECHARACTERS, HUHAFTER SOME TIME OF REALIZATIONHey.What theWhy is Usui-kun here?It must be aDREAMMaybe I thought of him too much!Ill just get my clothes. Stay here, Shiina.Usui-kun, heknows my name.Kyaa~!If this is a dream, I wouldnt want to wake up anymore.Hey, Shiina? I have to take you somewhere else.Where?Oh, youre back.To my cousins place.His cousin?I never knew he had one.It wasnt mentioned in the manga.Shiina.I was worried.What happened to you?!What theLen Tsukimori-kunHe is Usui-kuns cousin?!andhe knows me too!Shiina. Next time, tell me where youll go.Geez. Youre really good at making me worry, huh.Im sorry!Although I dontunderstandI wantto make them happyto make myself happy, too.WhoaI cant believe itI slept on Len-kuns houseIm starvingOooh Smells nice Whos cooking?Good morning,Shiina.Why do I have to see them like this?! (First it was Usui-kun. Now, Len-kun?!)UhhSee you at the kitchen!Its all done!Wow.Hey.Dont eat them all.Whatever.Lets eat!Since when did the two of you become close?Dont tell me youre jealous?Len-kun.Come, eat with us before I eat yours. HahaUh. Yeah, sure.Why did Usui-kun refuse to go out?Oh. Its Kaji-kun.Hes here, too?!Huh?Cousin Len!Oh. Its just you, Kaji.Whaaat?Cousin?Just how many cousins does Len have?Hi, Shiina.Hello. Kaji-kun.Kaji-kun knows me, too. Great.Close?Shiina.Youll have an exam tomorrow.Go to class.Kyohei Takano-kun is myTEACHER?!Ah, Shiina, heres your teacher.Welcome to school.Shiina-sama.Tomorrow came. Its school time. T_T ack.Please just call me by my name.Im sorry, but we cant, since youre Len-samas fiancee.Eh? I am?So thats whyI have to concentrateWhat are they studying?!SPELLINGSPELLINGSPELLINGShiina-sama.Why is your face like that?Uhh Nothing, Takano-sensei. I just remembered somethingWell then. Answer the quiz now. If you get perfect, Ill let you pass. But if you got a mistake, Ill tell Len-sama that youre misbehaving.Crap. Is it really you, Takano-kun?Im home.OMG!Of course I got perfect in Kyohei-kuns exam.butShiina?Are you okay?I think I really liked Usui-kun a lotTsk Crap just seeing Misaki-chan with him.Why am I like this? Even though Ive read that theyre loveteams.Im uneasy over drawings.I dont belong in this world. God, please let me out of here.Id be broken again.Tell me who made you cry. Ill get that wimp-Im not crying.I guess I really dont belong here. Thats it.Guide to JourneyI told Len-kun the truth,that I do not really rememberanythingthat I only know thembecause Im always updated on mangas*nods*Iunderstand now.Thanks for understanding, Len-kun.After reading a book, I now know how I can return to my own world.So on that night, I planned to say goodbye to him.but he was asleep.Thanks for everything,Len-kunHave a nice dreamOh. Its 8 am.Where is Shiina? Am I back?The colors are back, tooI guess Im back.Warning:This woman is a certified hot guys addict.XDAfter some minutesUsui-kun?Kaji-kun?Kyohei-kun?Len-kun?~THE END~


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