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ReadOn - Positive Outcomes for Students with Reading Difficulties; Errors: The "Invisible" 800-Pound Gorilla Blocking the Road to Learning


VOL. 44 Davis Dyslexia Association International ISSUE 1 2007Dys lex ic Read er~TheIN THIS ISSUE(Contd on p. 7)(Contd on p. 4)By Jane ManganoIntroductionIn the introduction to his book The Giftof Learning, Ron Davis states youhave purchased this book because youhave refused to accept that the child isincapable of overcoming his or herdisabilities. (Davis, 2003, p xix) Ibelieve this statement is very relevant tothe many parents, teachers and therapistswho continue to search for alternateways of teaching the children and adultsin their care to read and write. Thereason they continue to search for newstrategies and understandings is thatthese students have demonstratedsophisticated intelligence in other areas.The reason my husband and I developedReadOn software was because werefused to accept that our brightdaughter Hannah was unable to read.It is Thomas Wests (1997, p 20)belief that dyslexics can be identifiedwhen very youngnot by earlyindication of problems but rather earlyindication of unusual talents and gifts.Our daughter Hannah certainly fitswith this theory. At the age of three,Hannah learnt to communicate in signlanguage with her profoundly hearingimpaired friend. The ease with whichNews & Feature ArticlesReadOn - Positive Outcomes for Studentswith Reading Difficulties . . . . . . . . . .1Errors: The Invisible 800-Pound GorillaBlocking the Road to Learning . . . .1New Zealand Cookie Icon HelpDyslexics Discover Their Gifts . . . .3The Gift . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9Tys Visit to Americas County . . . .12A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 13Mirror, Mirror, in My Head . . . . . . . .14Famous Dyslexics Remember . . . . . . .17Small Events Can Lead toBig Changes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20Regular FeaturesIn the Mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2Book Reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10-11Q&A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18-19New Davis Licensees . . . . . . . . . .23-25Davis Workshops . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-28ReadOnPositive Outcomes forStudents with Reading DifficultiesBy Marion Blank, Ph.D.Some teenagers were discussing theways they handle questions in class thatthey cannot answer. With a smile, oneboy said, You know what I do? I raisemy hand. Seeing the surprise that hiscomment evoked, he elaborated, Itworks. If the teacher doesnt call onme, she thinks I know the answer. Andif she does call on me, I say, Excuseme. I didnt hear the question. Ofcourse, she repeats the question. Butshe never stays with the same studentfor two turns. So she calls on someother student and never realizes that Ididnt know the answer.This student, like most students,is attuned to one of the most harmfulforces that exists in the teaching/learningsetting. Ironically, it is a force that goesunrecognized by almost all teachers andparents. If teaching is to be successful,it is vital for adults to become aware ofErrors: The Invisible800-Pound Gorilla Blockingthe Road to LearningJane Mangano, ReadOns developer,with her daughter Hannah andhusband Phil.PAGE 2 THE DYSLEXIC READERThe Dyslexic Reader is published quarterly by Davis Dyslexia Association International (DDAI), 1601 Bayshore Hwy.,Suite 245, Burlingame, CA 94010 USA. Tel. +1 (650) 692-7141.OUR GOALS are to increase worldwide awareness about the positive aspects of dyslexia and related learning styles;and to present methods for improving literacy, education and academic success. We believe that all peoples abilitiesand talents should be recognized and valued, and that learning problems can be corrected. EDITORIAL BOARD:Laura Zink de Diaz, Alice Davis, Abigail Marshall & Maria Fagioli. DESIGN: Gideon Kramer. SUBSCRIPTIONS: one year$25 in US, add $5 in Canada; add $10 elsewhere. BACK ISSUES: send $8.00 to DDAI. SUBMISSIONS & LETTERS:We welcome letters, comments and articles. Mail to DDAI at the above address. VIA FAX: +1 (650) 692-7075VIA E-MAIL: INTERNET: www.dyslexia.comThe opinions and views expressed in articles and letters are not necessarily those of DDAI. Davis, Dyslexia Correction, Davis Symbol Mastery, DavisOrientation Counseling, and Davis Learning Strategiesare trademarks of Ronald D. Davis. Copyright 2006 by DDAI, unless otherwise noted.All rights reserved.Happy ResultsCasey Linwick-Rouzer, DavisFacilitator in Sugar Land, Texas, heardfrom a very pleased mom recently:Hi Casey:Matthew had a spelling test today. Hehad 10 words all beginning with re(rewrite, retry, etc.) He had to spellthem all correctly and he had to knowthe meaning of each word. When wesat down last night to review, Matthewwas only sure about a couple of thewords. So he decided that he wouldCopyright 2001 Randy Glasbergen. www.glasbergen.comIn the Mail:was finished, he could spell each wordforwards and backwards and had avisual meaning for each.He took the test today and madea 102%. For perfect spelling, all correctdefinitions, and bonus points forknowing the definition of re. Itwas amazing.Matthews grades are good: Asand high Bs. His math grades were allAs until this week when he made 59%on a multiplication test. Were going towork on that, though. Anyway, I amreally proud of Matthew and I amgrateful to you for giving him a toolthat he can really use.We saw another of your clients ata football game. Matthew went up tohim, introduced himself and asked himif hed enjoyed your program. He saidhe had and thought it was cool thatMatthew is dyslexic too! Its all sointeresting!We are going to be jumping intomultiplication with clay as soon aspossible - I am sure I will need someguidance!Talk to you soon,Lisa Plummermake a clay model for each of thewords using the definitions that theteacher had given him, and doSymbol Mastery on them. It took himonly an hour to do them all. When hePAGE 3 THE DYSLEXIC READERthe cause of dyslexia correction. Thiswill result in the distribution of afurther 200,000 brochures. As $1.00of the price of each bucket sold isdonated to the Charitable Trust, theyexpect to raise $200,000.In April, Cookie Munchers willlaunch another fundraiser, in the formof a Dyslexia Cookie. Starting April23, 2007 the Dyslexia Cookie will beavailable at a large number of foodand non-food retail businesses. ThisNew Zealand Cookie IconHelps Dyslexics DiscoverTheir GiftsGuy and Suzanne Pope-Mayell,with their son Shey. Founders ofCookie Time, the Pope-Mayellsare the driving force behind theCookie Munchers Charitable, Lord of the Rings).Already, the DyslexiaFoundation of New Zealand (DFNZ)has been established ( The mission of theDFNZ, as expressed at its website isto encourage the acceptance of dyslexiaas an alternate way of thinking. DFNZwill also pressure our Ministry ofEducation to accept visual-spatiallearning as a normal learning style andaddress the needs of visual-spatialthinkers in schools.These are exciting times for NewZealand and Davis DyslexiaCorrection. I really do feel that thismodel of support and sponsorshipfrom a Trust is a world first. It maywell set the standard for other bodiesseeking to become involved on a deeplevel. The Cookie Muncher CharitableTrust has enabled us to disseminateinformation about dyslexia and theDavis method across the country on anextremely cost effective basis. And ithas lifted DDAIs profile enormously,moving us from a niche provider to amainstream dyslexia solution.For updates and more information,visit Atthe CMCT website you can also listento Ron Davis speaking about dyslexiaand his personal history, in a substantialinterview with Kim Hill, of NewZealand National Radio. by Catherine ChurtonCo-Director, DDA-PacificSomething good is in the oven inAuckland, New Zealand, home ofDDA-Pacific which covers Australia,New Zealand and the South Pacific.Through its unique association with aleading cookie company, DDAPacifichas been able to lift the profile, notonly of dyslexia, but of Davis DyslexiaCorrection.Cookie Time for serious cookiemunchers! is a New Zealand icon.Its founders, Suzanne and Guy Pope-Mayell, are the parents of two dyslexicchildren who received wonderful,meaningful programs from LornaTimms, licensed Davis Facilitator andWorkshop Presenter in Christchurch.Motivated by their childrens experience,they established the Cookie MunchersCharitable Trust (CMCT) to supportinnovations in the field of education.The Pope-Mayell childrens Davisexperience was so positive that theCookie Munchers Charitable Trust hasinitiated a scholarship program toprovide Davis Correction Programs toyoungsters between the ages of 8 and18 whose families could not otherwiseafford it.Working closely with DDA-Pacific,CMCT subsequently began to buildcommunity awareness of dyslexia andprovide a wide array of support for Davisprograms. To date seventy youngstersfor whomthe programwould have beenout of reach have received scholarshipsfor the Davis Dyslexia CorrectionProgram. CMCT and DDA-Pacific areinvolved in a number of other effortsto spread the word about dyslexia andthe Davis method.So far, 300,000 brochures aboutdyslexia and the Davis method havebeen sent to New Zealand schools,libraries, medical professionals andothers. Since November, seventy-fiveChristmas Cookie sellers have beenselling buckets of cookies and promotingeffort wontjust raise fundsfor scholarshipsit will also spreadawareness.In late April, 2007 the DyslexiaDiscovery Experience will be launched.This outdoor gallery will allow thepublic to explore and experiencedyslexia through the stories andreal-life experiences of Ron Davis,Mackenzie Thorpe (respected Britishartist), John Britten (New Zealand iconand designer of world-class motor-bikedesigns) and Richard Taylor (winnerof the Oscar for Special Effects in thePAGE 4 THE DYSLEXIC READERThree Steps to Easier Reading, areincluded with ReadOn. The purposes ofspell-reading are to train the student inleft to right eye movement in readingand to enable the student to recognizeletter g