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43 Air School “THE e-DROGUE” ‘The Drogue’ was founded in 1942 as the official newspaper of 43 Air School and was originally published during World War II. It has risen from the ashes and has been renamed the “e-Drogue”

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Page 1: The e drogue january

43 Air School

“THE e-DROGUE” ‘The Drogue’ was founded in 1942 as the official newspaper of 43 Air School and was originally published during World War II. It has risen from the ashes and has been renamed the “e-Drogue”

Page 2: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


Well, it’s 2014 and another exciting year lies ahead for 43 Air School students, staff and parents alike with

many great improvements and student offerings on the horizon, one of which is a newsletter which I’ll be

sending out to students and parents on a monthly basis outlining the events of the month. I hope to give the

parents of our school a taste of what life as a 43 student is all about as well as to create a platform to

recognise our many great achievers that we have at our school.

We would like to welcome back all our ‘old’ students- we trust you all had a good holiday, and we’d like to

extend a special welcome to our new students and parents who joined us for our first intake of the year on the


of January! We wish you all the best in your studies and trust you will have a wonderful stay with us.


Jillian Terblanche



We had a total of 31 new students who joined the 43 family for the January intake. A warm welcome to our

new-comers and all the best with your studies!

Our Contract students from Angola arrived on the 24th

of January and we’d like to welcome you to South Africa

and to 43 Air School!

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“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


Congratulations to the following students who completed their first solo flights. See you all at the Solo Party on

01 March.

Jaoa Ribiero

James Castico

Nivashen Naguran

Trevor Moloi

The tradition of an instructor cutting the shirt tail following a pilot's first solo flight

The traditional removal of a new pilot's shirt tail is a sign of the instructor's new confidence in his student.

In the days of tandem trainers, the instructor would tug at the students shirt tail whenever he was getting himself into trouble. After the first solo, the new pilot is competent in the air and does not need such a safety device.

This tradition has been modernised at 43 by cutting ties instead of shirt tails at our monthy Solo parties,

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“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

Aubrey Sepataka

Binesh Parmessa

Calvin Massao

Carla Griesel

Page 5: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

David Douglas-Henry

Erica Kanyara

Linias Mthimba

Ziyaad Motala

Page 6: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

Doris Bariki

Zodwa Nyathi

Ahmed Swisi

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“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


Each month a PPL South African student is nominated based on Ground School performance, Flying and overall

neatness. The nominated student of the month receives a certificate and a medallion and is entered into a

draw. At the end of the year the top student of the 12 nominated during the course of the year receives

R20,000.00. Congratulations to Thomas Searle, who won the Airmanship Award for the month of December



Congratulations to Ebrahim Kharwa who achieved the highest pass mark for all 4 of his CAA exams written.

This is especially note-worthy as these were the first exams set on the new syllabus. Well done Ebrahim!

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“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


Our school has undergone a couple of mini make-over’s to see in the new year with our thatching being

redone as well as the Pied Piper having a little nip ‘n tuck.

Thatch work being redone

Pied Piper is given a facelift

The new, improved thatch work

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“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

MARKETING EVENTS: giving back to our community

On Saturday the 4th

of January, 43 Air School held their annual Victory Cup Golf Day to help raise money for

the SAAF association. This year we managed to raise just short of R12,000 for the SAAF association and a great

day was had by all.

On Saturday the 11th

January two 43 Air School Teams played in a 6 a side Cricket match held at the Dias

Cricket club in Bushman’s River. The tournament was held to raise funds for the SPCA, and it is the first year

that 43 Air School has taken part in this event.

43 Air School entered two teams, a staff team comprising of:JP Du Plessis, Du Toit van Niekerk, Michael

Blunden, Ryan Peffer, Juan Odendaal and

The 43 student team comprised of Gareth Fitton, Owen-Jay Wundram, Matthew Muller, Jayde Le Hanie, Jano

van der Walt and Ali Abdi Ali.

The student team won 1 out of their 3 games and the staff team 2 out of their 3 games. The staff team came

third overall, only missing out on second place by 0.04 on net run rate.

Well done to both 43 Teams for flying the 43 flag high, we look forward to supporting you in your matches

during the year.

Gareth Fitton, Owen-Jay Wundram, Matthew Muller, Jayde Le Hanie, Jano van der Walt and Ali Abdi Ali.

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“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

Our Marketing team take to the roads on a regular basis and

do school visits across the country to teach children about

careers in Aviation. A simulator is taken with and the children

all have a great time playing around in the simulator to give

them a feel of what it would be like in a cockpit. The next

School’s visit will be to Cape Town in February.


We are excited to announce the introduction of our Yoga

classes to one of the many on-base activities offered to our

students and staff which is proving to be quite popular, even

amongst the strapping young lads on campus.

For those who prefer to build up a sweat, we have a very

energetic Touch Rugby, Soccer and Netball team and we play

host to many a ‘friendly’ game between Stenden University,

Ndlambe Municipality and SAPS to name a few.

43 Touch Rugby and Netball Teams

43 Soccer Team

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“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


Each month we have a Solo Party to celebrate the students who have gone solo for the month. This is

something the students always look forward to and it is very well attended!

A few photos from previous solo parties...

We have joined forces with a company called ‘Outdoor Focus’ based here in Port Alfred, who specialise in fun,

outdoors activities such as deep-sea diving, boat trips, sand boarding etc. We will be holding our first

teambuilding event with Outdoor Focus on the first of February for the students and this should be loads of

fun for both students and spectators... Keep a look out for the photos in next month’s newsletter.

Page 12: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


In an effort to make our busy student’s lives a little easier, we have introduced our very own in-house hair

salon. Abby is a qualified hair dresser and is available to cut our student’s hair daily.


Our Pilot shop sells a wide range of goodies from aviation memorablilia to books, uniforms and toothpaste.

The Pilot shop runs a special offer every month on selected merchandise and students flock to cash in on the

43 branded items. The specials running for the month of February are;

1. I LOVE 43 Shirts – Was R 150, Now R 75 (white round neck, white V neck and ladies baby blue V neck)

2. Plain white T’s with 43 logo – Was R 124, Now R 60 3. Kids Future Flyer shirt – white – Was R 150, now R 55

And many more....

Plain white 43 T-R60 I Love 43 T- R75

Kids’ Future Flyer T- R55

Page 13: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


Every month, a house has a turn to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves around a traditional South African

braai (Barbeque). Students are supplied with meat, salads, rolls, charcoal and firelighters and enjoy a bit of

‘down time’ under the beautiful African sky. The houses for the month of January were; MAHE, LONDON and



Congratulations to the students who completed their courses with us in January! It is always bitter sweet to

say Good bye but we wish you all the best in your aviation careers.

Aaron Chiu Sandra Kanyara Saileshan Naidu

Page 14: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

Joao Ribeiro Andre Lourens Hatim Nour

Anania Mtewele Hussein Pangamawe


“2014 is already well on the go and what an exciting year ahead with 43 celebrating its 25th

year of delivering

the best Aviation training on the African continent.

I welcome this new initiative to give You the student, our customers a monthly newsletter, it is solely for better

communication and I trust you will enjoy this additional forum to interact with management here at 43.

We are constantly looking for ways of ensuring your stay at 43 is a memorable and life enhancing one …..our

motto ” Work Smart Play Hard” means we, as the staff also have to do more to make sure you are being served


Page 15: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

A hearty welcome to the new students and I wish you all the best, you will not be disappointed in choosing 43

Air school.

We have made huge progress with the student

interaction on our Facebook pages and we trust you

are subscribed for very interesting and informative

content that is kept up to date daily.

Many new initiatives are being rolled out in 2014 and

almost all of them are aimed at enhancing our

student’s 43 experience.

Our new e-learning product is being rolled out and the 2014 students are

in class with their new I-pads with the new Jeppeson course material.

43 Air school is leading the way in Aviation E learning and we trust this

will be a huge aid to our students and sponsors in the future and beyond.

We will also roll out a debit student card shortly that will be a student ID card and also allow you to purchase at

our Bar , vending machines and Pied Piper Canteen.

This card, once rolled out will be a great medium for 43 students to qualify for certain discounts at various

shops and vendors in town and I do foresee that it could be a money saver for you ,What an exciting prospect!

I am also introducing a direct line to all students at [email protected] and encourage each and

every one of you to ask, suggest and or bring to our attention any matter that we can assist you with.

Give it a try … will not be disappointed, that is my promise to you.

Also do remember that Jillian Terblanche, the College Registrar remains your 1st

point of contact on any

matters relating to your wellbeing here at 43.

We, as the 43 staff trust you are having a world-class experience in fullfilling your dreams and we look forward

to following your career in the sky.

Page 16: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014


“New CAA Syllabus

The SA CAA went live with the new syllabus and examination database with effect from 1 January 2014 with

interesting results. The first examinations sittings took place on 13 Jan 2014. There were 150 sittings during

the introductory week at Midrand; none of the students passed any of the examinations! The CAA conducted

examinations at 43 Air School Port Alfred over the period 12-15 Jan 2014. There were 106 sittings by students

who had completed Ground School on the old syllabus; only 6% passed. There were a further 46 students who

sat the examinations but who had been tutored on the new syllabus using the Jeppesen EASA eBook; these

students achieved a 54% first time pass. Based upon this result we are convinced that the new syllabus, study

material and examination database are going to enable the student who learns his/her work to pass out of

Ground School on schedule. This is very good news! For those students who attempt to pass by learning the

questions we see no respite; the new question database covers all the work but is balanced and fair.

“Spotting” is not the way to go!” Des Lynch.

REFUEL RECIPE OF THE MONTH- Clint Young-Hospitality manager

Balti Butter Chicken Recipe

Upbeat& spicy Chicken Dish. The chicken comes out juicy and very flavorful. Would be great over rice or with noodles. Watch that you don't get heavy handed with the cloves or the garam masala. You need to keep the spices in balance.


150 ml natural yoghurt

50 g ground almonds

1 1/2 teaspoons chili powder

1/4 teaspoon crushed bay leaf

1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon garam masala

4 green cardamoms

1 teaspoon gingerroot

1 teaspoon garlic, minced

1 (400 g) can Tomatoes

1 1/4 teaspoons salt

1 kg chicken, skinned,boned and cubed

75 g butter

Page 17: The e drogue january

“THE e-DROGUE” 2014

1 tablespoon corn oil

2 medium onions, sliced

2 tablespoons fresh coriander, chopped

4 tablespoons single cream


Place the yoghurt, ground almonds, all the dry spices, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and salt in a mixing bowl and

blend together thoroughly.

Put the chicken into a large mixing bowl and pour over the yoghurt mixture.

Set aside.

Melt together the butter and oil in a medium karahi, wok or frying pan.

Add the onions and fry for about 3 minutes.

Add the chicken mixture and stir-fry for about 7-10 minutes.

Stir in about half of the coriander and mix well.

Pour over the cream and stir in well.

Bring to the boil.

Serve garnished with the remaining chopped coriander.


The next CAA exams will be held in Port Elizabeth from 17 Feb- 19 Feb


I trust that you have enjoyed our first newsletter and that it has given you a glimpse into ‘a day in the life of a

43 student’.

February is gearing up to be a very busy month with exciting activities and events to look forward to so until

then, keep safe and I look forward to chatting to you in next month’s issue. Jillian Terblanche- College