the earth is the garden, it`s a beautiful place for all living creatures, for all the human race

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The Earth is the garden, It`s a beautiful place For all living creatures, For all the human race.

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  • The Earth is the garden,It`s a beautiful place For all living creatures,For all the human race.

  • The theme:

    Continents and countries of the World

  • The names of Countries Capitals Language Nationalities

  • Checking the HomeworkMaria wants to learn to swim. She should get some lessons.I don`t feel well today.You . I may be late for the lesson, I am afraid. I`ve been waiting for the tram for 20 minutes already but it hasn`t come yet. What should I do ?You .I have too much work to do. It`s 11 o`clock already. I think I`ll have to work for 2-3 hours. You .She can`t get home. She has lost the keys.She . There is a terrible smell in the kitchen. You.He wants to be strong and healthy.He . Bob and Tim are really nervous about their exams. They .

    Get another job, sit close to the TV, sit up late, worry so much, call the police, consult the doctor, air the room, take up sportsExercise: 2 page: 97

  • Exercise: 2 page: 971. She should get some lessons.2. You should consult the doctor.3. You shouldn`t sit up late.4. You should get another job.5. She should call the police.6. You should air the room.7. He should take up sports.8. They shouldn`t worry so much.Answers

  • [e]: America, American , French.[a:] : Cardiff, France.[ei]: Asia, Australia, Spain, Wales.[i:] : English, Chinese, Washington , Peking, Egypt[u:]: the United Kingdom.[ai]: Northern Ireland, Irish, Cairo.[o:]: Scotland, Ottawa.[i]: Berlin, Hindi.

  • New words:Solar system [ sulsistm] Round [raund] Space [ speis] Separate [`sepreit] Size[ saiz] , Anthem [ nm] Tradition [ tr`din] Custom [`kstm]- -,

  • Country Nationality Capital China Chinese Peking India Indian Delhi Pakistan Pakistani Karachi Japan Japanese Tokio Kazakhstan Kazakh Astana Turkey Turkish Ankara Great BritainEnglish London Germany German Berlin France Frenchman Paris Spain Spaniard Madrid The USAAmerican Washington Canada Canadian Ottawa Brazil Brazilian Brazilia Chile Chilian Santiago Egypt Egyptian Cairo Tunisia Tunisian Rabat Australia Australian Sydney

  • Work with the text

  • We know that the sun is the centre of the solar system.

  • There are seven planets in the solar system.

  • The Earth as other planets is round.

  • If you look at the Earth from the space you will be able to see lands, seas, oceans, continents and different countries.

  • There are four oceans and six continents.The continents are :

  • There are four oceans and six continents. The continents are very large. Oceans and seas separate them from each other.

  • Countries of the world are different in their size. There are big and small countries. the largest the smallest

  • Let us name some countries from each continent.

  • People of different nationalities live in their countries. They speak different languages.Each country has its national flag, anthem, traditions and customs.

  • UkraineUkrainian Ukrainian

  • AustraliaAustralian English

  • RussiaRussianRussian

  • PolandPolishPolish

  • USAAmericanEnglish

  • Great BritainBritishEnglish

  • CanadaCanadianEnglishFrench

  • FranceFrenchFrench

  • GermanyGerman German

  • Lets name some countries from each continent:

  • They are in Asia.

  • They are in America.

  • Egypt is an African country.

  • The largest country in the world is Russia.

  • The smallest country is the Vatican.

  • nadacancerfassiruayaltipygetaliusaartsnipatgaer ntiabri nchainamviteygmenaraidin

  • The continents are

  • Ex.: My name is Nick. Im from the USA. Im American. My language is English.Lorance / FranceMary / Great BritainCarmen / SpainAhmad / EgyptHarry / CanadaHans / GermanyVan Lee / VietnamNatasha / Russia

  • The continents are very large. Oceans and seas wash them and separate them from each other.

  • The largest country in the world is . . .It is situated in Europe and in The capital of is is spoken in

  • Is France in Europe or in Asia?What language is spoken in France?

  • What are the colours of the French national flag?

  • Is Spain in America or in Europe?Is it a big or a small country?What language is spoken in Spain?

  • What is the capital of Spain?What are the colours of the Spanish national flag?

  • Where is it situated?What language is spoken in Germany?What is the capital of Germany?People from Germany are ...

  • IsItaly situated in Europe?Is its capital Madrid or Rome?What language is spoken in Italy?

  • What is the capital of Egypt?What language is spoken in Egypt?

  • of Chinaof Vietnamof Franceof Germanyof Indiaof the United States of Russia

  • I think . . . is.People speak English . . . By the way, English has become an . . . language in the 20th century.People will understand you practically . . . if you speak English.(international, English, everywhere, all over the world)

  • Is the USA situated in the North or in the South America?

    What are the colours of its national flag?

  • Is Washighton or Ottawa the capital of the United States? Do people in the USA speak American English or British English?People from the USA are . . .

  • Where is Canada situated?What languages are spoken in Canada?What is the capital of Canada?

  • Is Australia a very big country?What language is spoken in Australia?What is the capital of Australia?

  • The capital of England is . . .People from England are . . .

  • There is no place like home

    East or West home is best

  • Thank you for attention