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The Mystery Of Money

The Mystery Of MoneyNext time you buy something you want, pay attention to the energy of the transaction.This is good to do with food, especially when you're hungry.Think of the food, and think of the money you're about to spend.Instead of thinking of it as a "purchase," or a "transaction," think of it as exchange.A straight up trade. Like back in elementary school.Take a moment, and imagine whatever you did to get that money. If it's five bucks for a Happy Meal (or whatever) just imagine what it took for you to get that five bucks.Then imagine trading your efforts for your food, rather than the money.This can be a helpful exercise for a lot of reasons.Sure, we all love money, but only because we can trade money for the things that we want.I used to find it helpful to think of what I could buy with the money I was about to earn when I had a particularly unpleasant job ahead of me.When the Beatles (John and Paul) would sit down to write a song, they would literally say, "Let's write ourselves a couple of new cars."The truth about money is that it's only an intermediary step between two actions.Your action which you trade for money, and the action of somebody else, who is producing what you want to buy with that money.This seems pretty basic, but it can be easy to drift up into the upper metaphysical atmosphere when talking about "money energy."Boiled down into it's most essential components, money is the potential or stored energy that exists between two people that are making things that each other wants.So when people talk about "money energy" they're really talking about human effort.When people say "resonate with money energy" what they really mean is to resonate with other people.Both what they're doing to produce the stuff you want, and what you're doing to produce the stuff they want.When everybody is "resonating with money energy" meaning everybody is doing their part producing and trading, based on what everybody else wants needs and appreciates, that's when society really starts to take off.This is natural because humans are social creatures. It is deep in our nature to participate in a diverse society with many different people from many different backgrounds.With everybody making or helping make what everybody else wants, everybody's happen.The good news is that with the whole world kind of linked together, economy wise, it's easier than ever to get in and get some.Get