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  • FOREWORDHave you ever just been taken by a moment? One minute you are daunted by that orgo

    midterm and the anatomy test in two days and then all of a sudden its like your soul has been shaken, like the world sped up and youre in slow-mo. You can feel your sneaker sail in midair as it approaches the wet pavement. You can feel the cool wind ripple past your ears. The sun is warm and gentle on your back, like a blanket about to fall off. Have you

    ever just seen an autumn morning at Queens?

    They are a bit mystic in their setting. In the crowd of stressed students are these ancient trees that are crooked and daunting but their branches are warm and inviting, like a

    parents hug. Their leaves slowly dance by, showering upon you in red and orange and a dazzling marmalade. Even the buildings seem ablaze with fiery vines wrapping around them. Then there is the slow mist that starts to rise and the aura of mystery that lingers.

    You no longer can see your future but youre no longer scared of looking. With the chill of winter and the warmth of spring, you are strong and able.

    All of these things go through you as your foot hits the ground. You stop and breathe in the cool air, closing your eyes and taking the backpack of stress off of your shoulders. This

    is fall at Queens.

    GENEVIEVE JOSEPH-MOFFORD, freelance writer

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    10 FEATURE Queen's Alumni Dr. Mary Chapman Queen's B.A. 1983, M.A. 1984 on a pioneering Canadian author


    4 # HeForShe A Misguided Movement

    13 Special Interview 6 Questions with Dr. Mary Chapman


    7 The Truth About College Dating All's fair in love and war

    Above three photos were supplied by Dr. Mary Chapman. Credits to Martin Dee for the center portrait.



    Everyone is most likely now familiar with the feminist movement HeForShe that surged into the mainstream press after notable actress Emma Watson made what some called a game-changing speech on feminism in the UN assembly in late September. The campaign website describes itself as a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other of humanity , and is a lready collecting hundreds of thousands of internet followers, with many celebrities and politicians joining the cause. With widespread support , an opt imis t i c message, and the very woman who played Hermione acting as the public figurehead for the cause, it seems that this movement has great potential for changing society.

    However there are many flaws with the current form of #HeForShe . The speech itself certainly is a well-written piece of prose and Emma Watsons gifted portrayal of feminism outwardly looks beautiful and inviting, but after watching

    the speech, Im nevertheless left with an uncomfortable feeling that the feminist movement continues to stumble into the same roadblocks that has plagued modern feminism for decades.

    Despite how key points in her speech are demonstrably untrue such as her claim that women are not paid the same as men, even though a myriad of factors such as child care, vast differences in hours worked per week, and willingness to do dangerous jobs play into that figure I am not going to touch on that issue today. Nor am I going to talk about the abuse of her fame to unfairly draw issues into the spotlight that are only there because she happened to star in a popular series of movies. Nor will I remonstrate the many inequalities that men suffer which nobody cares about because nobody tells them to care about it. All those issues fall deep into the wayside when you consider the simple fact that the campaign is trying to promote female strength and willpower by asking men to help women.

    That is the simple truth that strikes a



    profound blow to the heart of HeForShe and cripples it against the very people it is trying to bring into the cause of supposed gender equality. Emma Watson makes attempts to bring men into the conversation, stating that feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. That is the definition of gender equality, and definitely not that of feminism. Throughout the course of Emma Watsons speech, it becomes clear that she is not the least bit interested in promoting mens issues along with womens issues despite dropping little anecdotes here and there that men face a few challenges as well. Rather, its about how men need to take up this mantle and make a stand towards the promotion of female rights. Look no further for proof of her goal than the name of the movement: HeForShe. How is it possible for a speech to so passionately espouse gender equality while at the same time making it clear that the focus is utterly on perceived inequalities of women? If Emma Watson wants a promotion of

    female rights while neglecting male rights, then she is free to do so. There is no shame in an organization for a single purpose. However, it is deliberately misleading to misguide people into supporting a supposed movement for gender equality when that is not the intended course of action. Either call your movement feminism or call it gender equality, do not try and call it both in an effort to rally more support.

    What is most ironically confusing about her speech is perhaps the heavy overtone of female victimization. If men dont have to be aggressive in order to be accepted women wont feel compelled to be submissive., or If men dont have to control, women wont have to be controlled., and how a woman cannot make decisions about her own body. This type of acceptance of female victimization, of how women seemingly just lay helpless and take whatever is given to them does nothing to help the issue of female equality. How can you expect women to be self-reliant if feminism is fine with them living

    Emma Watson at the UN assembly late September."UN Women's HeForShe Campaign Special Event" by UN Women. Lincensed CC 2.0 BY NC DD


    as perpetual victims instead of encouraging women to become strong individuals?

    This systematic pattern of assigning women as helpless individuals who demand the help of men for their own issues extends even to their portrayal of men. According to Emma Watsons speech, women a r e o p p r e s s e d d u e t o the collective action of society, yet men are made fragile and insecure by a distorted sense of what constitutes male success. Men are aggress ive , they control women, and they need permission to be vulnerable. It is s trange that they have stereotyped men as always being "aggressive", and c o m p l e t e l y i g n o r e t h e n o t i o n o f a g g r e s s i v e w o m e n o r v u l n e r a b l e men. The common slant in society is that males are the perpetrators of domestic violence against women, but the reverse is unheard of. In a recent study, in 71 percent of nonreciprocal partner violence cases the instigator was found to be a woman. The Department of Psychology at California

    State University compiled a bibliography examining physical violence with a sample size of over 371,600 individuals and came to the conclusion that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. This traditional, closed-minded thinking that women have some kind of moral superiority over men in cases pertinent to gender equality is strongly suggested in Emma Watsons speech, and only serves to further the division between the two genders that the movement is ostensibly trying to close.

    Gender equality is an issue which I strongly support and fervently wish that many others do as well. However, the movement is flawed in conception and in execution, and it would not be surprising if this movement created far more problems for gender equality than it tries to solve. So no, I will not be supporting and signing up for the feminist HeForShe campaign. And nobody else who truly believes in gender equality, of promoting women as strong and self-sufficient, should support the movement either.

    Who needs feminism?"Who needs feminism" by Laura Forest. Lincensed CC 2.0 BY NC


    The Truth




    CultureFAYE WU, staff writer

    A few days ago while I was walking home from class, I passed a house with two girls sitting on the porch. One girl lamented about how a guy whom she has been hooking up with had been acting distant and was not ret