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The Fantasy Sports 101 - Fantasy Football Tips


<ul><li><p>The Fantasy Sports 101 - FantasyFootball Tips</p><p>Who doesnt love fantasy sports?That is why I enjoy writing articlesabout it. Fantasy sports allow me toextend my love for sports (and I loveall kinds of sports). Now, for thisfantasy sports tip sheet, let us focuson one of the most popular types offantasy sport, which is fantasyfootball.For NFL fans, fantasy football is agreat way to maximize the pleasurethe game can give sports fans likeme. So without further ado, here arethe tips I can share with you. Goodluck and I hope you find it useful!</p><p>1. Be active. When you join a fantasy footballleague, you are committing to theteam, which means that you need to always be there. People hate it when youcommit and the suddenly go missing mid-season. It makes a total waste of draftingand it just changes the mechanics of the game.</p><p>2. Always observe the most watched athletes. One of those athletes was BrettFavre. Favre is now a retired player and the last team he played for was theMinnesota Vikings. He was a spectacular player during his career and he is the onlyplayer in history to throw for over 70,000 yards, over 500 touchdowns, over 300interceptions and over 10,000 pass attempts.</p><p>3. Open your eyes and ears to contract year. There is such a thing as the contractyear bump and many hardcore fantasy sports owners know this. This is the timewhen players of the NFL perform better because their motivation is a better contractat the end of the season. Be aware of athletes that have their contract year bumpand try to have them in your team. Their motivated performance may be of help to awinning season.</p><p>4. Having a good defensive draft is important to fantasy football owners. Alwaysremember, though, that you have to choose a backup bench. The more backups youhave the better. This is more relevant when you find yourself with a late pick likeTampa Bay or Buffalo.</p><p>4. Take it easy and relax. Fantasy football is meant to be fun. So when you findyourself getting too emotional, always think that you are in a fantasy football leaguebecause you want to have fun!</p></li><li><p>5. Be prepared for a bit of friction when things are heating up in your league. Do notbe so sensitive, and on the other spectrum be sensitive to other players. Theresnothing like real-time animosity to break a league.6. Going with your gut can somehow be helpful. It is important to research on things,but when push comes to shove, go with your gut. If you already have done yourresearch and is considered well-informed, your gut feeling may be based on facts aswell as inspiration.</p></li></ul>