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This is a project completed by The Faux Pro, LLC under the artful direction of William Cochran (


  • 1. Hershey Story Museum The Faux Pro, LLC selected by famed muralist William Cochran to work on new Hershey, PA museum. Mr. Cochran contacted Bernadette Forese (aka The Faux Pro, LLC) in November 2008 and asked her to create a painterly sky backdrop on the three walls in the grand foyer entrance; each wall (bay) is 28 tall x 18 wide.The new Hershey Story Museum is located in Hershey, PA.Mr. Cochran is painting 3 murals that will consume the bottom 10 of each bay.Here are the photos of this successful project!

2. Step 1:Build the staging for the walls.Each wall is 28 tall x 18 wide. 3. Bernadette mixes the custom colors.The design is a painterly sky color gradation. 4. The work begins on the first bay.3 Bays in all; each is 28 tall x 18 wide. 5. Bernadette and crew continues work on the 3rd bay. 6. A crowd looks on as work continues. 7.

  • Our biggest fan looks on!


  • Working our way down the wall.


  • Almost finished Bay 3.


  • Finishing up Bay 3.

11. Final touch ups and finessing. 12.

  • The final product!

13. All Done! 14. Read the testimonial for The Faux Pro, LLC from William Cochran

  • Bernadette (aka The Faux Pro, LLC) is a complete pro in the field of decorative painting, and a delight to work with, even in challenging circumstances. Unfailingly courteous, she has a hundred solutions for every problem and tremendous dedication to excellence no matter what. She always takes care of her workers and clients. Anyone would be lucky to have he on their project."