the first conditional

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  • 1. The Snackrika Arrastraria Caball
  • 2. If it rains, I will go to the cinema
  • 3. If I go to the cinema, it will be closed
  • 4. If it is closed, I wont watch the film
  • 5. If I dont watch the film, I will go to the Caf
  • 6. If I go to the caf, I will meet my friends
  • 7. If I meet my friends, we will talk a lot.
  • 8. If we talk a lot, we will be bored
  • 9. If we are bored, we will go to bowling alley
  • 10. If we go to the bowling alley, we will enjoy a lot
  • 11. If we enjoy a lot, we will spend many hours there
  • 12. If we spend many hours there, we will arrive late at home
  • 13. If I arrive late at home, my parents will be very angry
  • 14. If my parents are angry, theyll punish me in my bedroom
  • 15. If I am punished in my bedroom, I wont go out.
  • 16. If I dont go out, my friends will visit me
  • 17. If they visit me, I will be very happy
  • 18. If I am very happy,everything will be better.