the five best quotes from forrester's forum for marketing leaders 2014

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At Forresters Forum for Marketers 2014, there was one idea that seemed to be on everyones lips. The concept itself isn't new, but its role in marketing, both in breadth of application and depth of appreciation, and by the range of different presenters at the event, was. Can you guess what this big idea was? You dont have to, because weve captured five of the best quotes from the Forum and summed it all up in one short Slideshare.


  • 1. Forresters Forum for Marketing Leaders 2014 Five quotes on a resonant theme from this years event 2014 Tendo Communications |

2. Conferences are excellent venues to immerse yourself, learn from experts and peers, imagine possibilities, and strategize for the future. And when your mind is free (i.e. your phones turned off), the speakers knowledgeable, and the subject of interest, the ability to hear a signal through the noise intensifies. 2 Noise> 2014 Tendo Communications | Signal 3. With nearly 40 presentations and break-out sessions by respected leaders in the field, there was almost too much information. Extensive research, thought-provoking anecdotes, and break-through lessons from hard-won experience competing for attention. All of it relevantand valuable. 3 2014 Tendo Communications | 4. After a few sessions, there was one thread that emerged. With an unmistakably heightened focus, from marketers and analysts alike, its role as both a rewardand proxyfor value, was promoted and validated. The idea that rose above the intelligent din? 4 2014 Tendo Communications | ? 5. Customer engagement 5 2014 Tendo Communications | 6. 6 In the near future, authentic engagement with the brand will be table stakes. Drew Miller Executive Director for Global Marketing Analytics and Insights Dell Drew Miller used an example from the Pandora CMO keynote session to highlight his point about customer engagement. When Pandoras customers give thumbs up or thumbs down feedback, they immediately receive the benefit of the information provided with a better experience, deepening engagement with the brand. Yet, how often is it that brands collect information from customers without providing real benefit, and instead return the favor with a net-neutral or negative experience? Drews point is that brands that dont use data to delight and surprise their customers will risk losing the ability to engage them at all. 2014 Tendo Communications | 7. 7 Youll be obsessive about one key metricdriving up minutes of engagement with the customer. Carlton Doty Vice President and Group Director Forrester Research As a coffee and auto fanatic, Carlton Doty offered up his own brand experiences to demonstrate a contextual, non-linear, customer-lifecycle. He showed how interactions that deliver utility and guide him towards the next best interaction (a cup of coffee!) are the new standard for engagement. Building a contextual engine is the new remit for marketing today. With this mandate, Carlton offered a new paradigm of measurement. From transactions to value exchanges, from media schedules to customer moments. Whats the new key metric, the most valuable thing customers can give you? Their attention. 2014 Tendo Communications | 8. 8 The best predictor of CLV for us is not demographics. Its level of engagement by just one of our personas. Marge Breya, Executive Vice President and CMO Informatica Marge Breya outlined the transformation that the marketing function has undergone at Informatica over the past 18 months. A key takeaway was that the investment in marketing technology infrastructure has freed up a portion of the budget to increase customer-centric communications. Informaticas ability to produce product- agnostic, thought leadership content is foundational to that effort because it drives measurable engagement. And thats exactly what Informatica uses, minutes of engagement per year, by persona, to understand and better predict which customers will provide the greatest value over the course of the relationship. 2014 Tendo Communications | 9. 9 88% said thought leadership is critical to buying. And thought leadership isnt about selling, its about engaging. Jeannie Rossignol, Vice President Marketing Services Xerox When Jeannie Rossignol says Xerox wanted to better understand its customer, and what is it about this person that they need to make a buying decision, she isnt kidding. Marketing spoke with sales teams, reviewed a lot of secondary research, and surveyed thousands and thousands of real customers. The outcome? Detailed personas with actionable revelations, a strengthened partnership with sales that seeks out marketing for client insights, and a big idea that led to a bold new print and digital publication, Chief Optimist. Each issue focuses on a customer story, and includes curated content and thought leadership content from Xerox and its partners. 2014 Tendo Communications | 10. 10 Content is currency for engagement. Lori Wizdo Principal Analyst Forrester Research By debunking widely held myths in B2B marketing, Lori Wizdo provided insight about how marketers must change. Embracing the customer journey, the impact that sales has, and the role of buying teams in the process are three themes to focus on. Underpinning these ideas is how to turn strategy into action and get relevant content to the right buyer at the right time. Loris research shows that a companys website is likely the most important channel throughout the journey. Designing a site that speaks to buyers needs with targeted, behaviorally-driven content could be the most strategic initiative marketers take this year. 2014 Tendo Communications | 11. These are just five quotes. There were more, but the point is clear. Engaging customers, the reward for delivering value and the result of being customer- obsessed, is a powerful, ascendant, and multifaceted concept. An idea whose time is now. The question is 11 2014 Tendo Communications | Are you? 12.