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  • T H E F O R T N I G H T LY N E W S L E T T E R F R O M G A L S T O N H I G H S C H O O L 2 0 1 9 T E R M 2 W E E K 6

    Crossroads Highlights...

  • Crossroads (cont’d)....

  • Upcoming Events

    This Week

    Monday 10 JuneQueens Birthday Public Holiday

    Tuesday 11 JuneYear 10 Geography Coastal ExcursionIncursion Macquarie University Aboriginal Education Program pd 4Stage setup for musical

    Wednesday 12 JuneZone AthleticsYear 7 Police Talks pd 1Year 8 Police Talks pd 2Year 10 Subject Choice Workshops Pds 1&2Stage Setup for musical

    Thursday 13 JuneExcursion Hub Class 3 Community Access - Small2020 Pefect Speeches pds 2&3

    Friday 14 JuneYear 12 Biology Excursion Museum of Human DiseaseYear 8 Advanced Games & Coaching excursion with primary schools

    Next Week

    Monday 17 JuneYear 8 into 9 Subject Information Evening 8.00pm - AndrusYear 10 into 11 Subject Information Evening 6.45pm - AndrusExcursion Hub Class 3 Community Access - MarshYear 12 Excursion & Assessment FreeIncursion Year 9 & 10 Library Leader Author TalkYear 7-10 Boys Program pds 1-4

    Tuesday 18 JuneP&C Meeting 7.30pm Waddell Learning CentreYear 12 Excursion & Assessment FreeIncursion Year 9 PASS Self Defence Lessons

    Wednesday 19 JuneYears 9 & 10 Parent Teacher NightExcursion Year 12 Drama-HSC text performanceYear 12 Excursion & Assessement FreeIncursion Year 9 Police Talks pd 1Incursion Year 10 Police Talks pd 2

    Thursday 20 JuneExcursion Hub Class 1&2 Community Access - Gilmour/LindleyYear 12 Excursion & Assessment FreeExcursion Hub Class 3 Community Access - Small

    Friday 21 JuneYear 12 Excursion & Assessment Free2020 Successful Prefects notified 2.55pm

    Saturday 22 JuneSRC Fund Raising Event IGA Galston

    Still to come

    Monday 24 JuneIncursion Year 10 Study Skills pds 1&2Year 12 Trial HSC examinationsIncursion Year 10 Boys Program pds 1&2

    Tuesday 25 JuneYear 12 Trial HSC examinationsExcursion Rugby League All Schools Gala Day

    Wednesday 26 JuneYear 12 Trial HSC examinations

    Thursday 27 JuneYear 12 Trial HSC examinationsExcursion Hub Class 3 Community Access 12.00pm - 3.00pm - Small

    Friday 28 JuneYear 12 Trial HSC examinationsExcursion Western Sydney Careers Expo Years 10 & 11 - LanskeExcursion Year 9 Advanced Games & Coaching with primary schools

    Saturday 29 JuneMMB Rehearsal - Andrus

    Sunday 30 JuneMMB Rehearsal - Andrus

    Homework ClubHomework Club operates every Wednesday afternoon from 3.30 - 4.30pm.

    Students can receive help from teaching staff with homework and assessment tasks, or simply utilise the Library computers and wifi to complete their work.

    Proudly supported by

  • Performances:

    Tuesday 30th July 10:00am - Limited spaces availableWednesday 31st July 10:00am - Limited spaces availableThursday 1st August 7:00pmFriday 2nd August 7:00pmSaturday 3rd August 7:00pmSunday 4th August 2:00pm For performances on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August visit

    For performances on the 30th and 31st July and 1st August tickets will be available from the GHS finance office or on 9651 2222 ext. 134

    2019 GHS Musical


  • TAS Faculty Focus...

    VETThe Year 11 Hospitality class are completing their first work placement in week 6. This adventure is met with a little apprehension, but also excitement, as the students look forward to practicing their skills in an industry setting.

    Businesses who are hosting students are Sugar Salt Café, Vintage Pantry, Glenorie RSL, Rowland Village, Norwest Private Hospital, Baulkham Hills Sports Club and the Radisson Hotel in the city.

    We are always very appreciative of local business owners giving their time and expertise to host the students and teach them industry based skills.

    Year 12 have completed their first major practical assessment, in which they were required to prepare a Chicken Caesar Salad and Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls for 4 customers. The task also included detailed work flow planning and using standard recipes to simulate, as closely as possible, an industry setting. All students performed very well and are now prepared for a second assessment in Term 3.

    Year 12 are also participating in additional “study/ revision” sessions, before school on Tuesdays, to revisit topics studied at the beginning of Year 11. These will continue until the Trial HSC exam and then resume prior to the HSC. Engineering StudiesWeek 5 has seen Year 11 Engineering students move from the classroom to the workshop. Their current topic of investigation has been the construction of a DC magnetic induction motor. Prior knowledge of

    motor theory was put into practice with students building the motor utilising a diagrammatic image with an accompanying materials list. Students were assessed on their ability to work as part of a team. Students tested their motors and implemented changes in an attempt to improve efficiency.

    In the coming weeks students will experience first-hand, heat treatment procedures to modify the properties of steel. Experimenting with steels of different carbon contents will occur. Heat treatment processes undertaken by students will include hardening, tempering, normalising and annealing. Oxy acetylene equipment will be used by students to obtain various temperatures within the steel prior to quenching. Following the processes, students will study the changes in properties of the metal including toughness, hardness and malleability.

    Meanwhile Year 12 Engineering students are currently working on their aeronautical assessment task. This task involves students deciding upon appropriate material application for a hyper theoretical high performance plane. An accompanying practical component of this task requires students to construct a balsa glider. Competition will be tense as student test the “flight time” and analyse the control surfaces of their completed gliders.

    Industrial TechnologyYear 12 are fast approaching the deadline for their major projects. A variety of furniture and timber products are taking shape with students now realising the importance of hard work and good time management. Student projects include walnut, jarrah, and mahogany

    entertainment units, coffee tables and a desk. A stringy bark double bed, rosewood / blue gum butchers block, Tasmanian oak kitchen island bench and a camphor laurel/resin bar. We look forward to the major work display come the middle of term 3. Best wishes for all involved. Meanwhile Year 11 students have completed outstanding document and jewellery boxes. A variety of beautiful native and imported timbers have been used by students. A vast array of designs have evolved with the inclusion of decorative keyed mitre, dovetail and box pin joints.

    Year 10 Industrial Technology students are in the finishing stages of completing their workshop tidies or as some refer them as “pooper scoopers”. Excellent fabrication and machining skills have been displayed by our students. Timber Pendulum wall clock cabinets will also be soon furnishing the homes of our students. Year 9 students are in the final stages of completing their timber serving trays.

    Mandatory TechnologyAs part of the new Stage 4Technology (Mandatory) syllabus, students have studied or soon will be studying Digital Technologies. Students have undertaken what seems to be a popular and exciting design project, a programmable digital desk lamp. Arduino software has been used by our students to code a “light show” utilising a programmable microcontroller, electronic components and a printed circuit board. Students have incorporated their coding and electronic skills into this project which they have manufactured in the TAS faculty workshops. During the manufacture of the lamp, students have also studied Material Technologies where timber and acrylic have been utilised.

  • TAS Faculty Focus (cont’d)...

  • Prefect Report...

    Battle of the Buskers was held at

    Galston High School from Monday

    the 27th to Friday the 31st of May.

    This is an event organised and run

    by the SRC where the performances

    were accompanied by Milkshakes on

    Monday, Treats on Tuesday, Wedges

    on Wednesday and a variety of goods

    were sold on the Friday, the finals

    day. The overall winners of this event

    were the students of the Year 12

    Music class who performed, Ho Hey

    by The Lumineers on the Tuesday

    and Cooler than Me by Mike Posner

    for the finals. This group consisted

    of Michael Ferlauto, Sky Coltman,

    Hayley Mansfield, Mia Rowe and Sarah

    Cairns. This event was successful

    as it brought together several year

    groups throughout lunchtime, this

    provided an incredibly positive

    atmosphere throughout the entire

    week of this event and a large

    enthusiastic audience for the musical


    The Prefect team would like to

    congratulate all of the Year 11

    students who submitted Prefect

    nomination forms. We are very

    excited to say that 26 students will be

    presenting their Prefect speeches to

    Years 10 and 11 students on Thursday

    13th June in the next stage of the

    application process. We wish all 26

    students the best of luck with their


  • Our student librarian team has been busy transforming our library into a magical space for our current display on Fractured Fairytales – the fairytales we know and love from our childhood with an interesting twist!

    We are also running a range of competitions to help spread the joy of fairytales, including:

    • Fairytale Trivia• Decorate your own gingerbread man • Twist your own fairytale

    These are all initiatives of our Student Engagement team and are promoted via our Instagram page, @galstonhslibrary by our Digital Library Team.

    Coming up: Author in Residence Program We are pleased to announce our very first Author in Residence program at the end of this term. Award-winning author Will Kostakis will be running intensive creative writing workshops with students from 7X, 8X, and students from Years 9 and 10 during Week 10.

    Will Kostakis visited our school earlier this term to speak to Year 9 about the creative writing process and made many new fans with his creativity, enthusiasm and sense of humour.

    Book Week 2019It’s time to start thinking about your Book Week costumes for 2019! Transfiguration Tuesday is a chance for students to dress up as their favourite book character in celebration of the stories that inspire us and bring us joy.

    This year, Transfiguration Tuesday falls on August 20th which is Week 5 of Term 3. Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed in each year, as well as best dressed group.

    From the Library...