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The French The French Revolution Revolution Louis XVI - Napoleon

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Some class notes explaining the French Revolution.


Page 1: The French Revolution

The French RevolutionThe French Revolution

Louis XVI - Napoleon

Page 2: The French Revolution

Setting the Stage

1788 King Louis XVI needs cash– France bankrupt

• Fighting the British during the 7 Years War (French and Indian War)

• Supported America during the American Revolution

• Upkeep on Palace of Versailles

Page 3: The French Revolution

Louis Calls the Estates-General

Estates General– Similar to Parliament– Representatives from each of the 3 classes of

French society1st Estate - Clergy

2nd Estate - Nobles

3rd Estate – Everyone else- bourgeoisie - artists, farmers,

Peasants, city workers etc

Page 4: The French Revolution

Estates General

1st Estate has 300 members and one vote 2nd Estate has 300 members and one vote 3rd Estate has 600 members and one vote

– How do you feel about this if you are in the 3rd Estate???

– WHY?

Page 5: The French Revolution

Demand for Change

3rd Estate wants to change voting procedures.– Want to establish a National Assembly where

EACH representative has a vote.

Page 6: The French Revolution

King Louis XVI’s Response

Get the idea??

NADA!!! No!!, No Way!!! Aint gonna

happen!!!, Forgetaboutit!!! Nope!!! Uh-uh!!! Not on my watch!!! Not here, not

now, not ever!!!

Page 7: The French Revolution

3rd Estate Response

May 1789 -Representatives meet on an indoor tennis court and pledged that they would not leave until the king agrees to their demands– “The Tennis Court Oath”

Embarrassing situation for the king King agrees Establishment of The National Assembly

Page 8: The French Revolution

Bastille Day

July 1789 French farmers, peasants do not have enough to eat and are paying high taxes– Nobles out of touch (“Let them eat cake”)

Peasants getting a bit rowdy Louis XVI starts assembling troops at Versailles People fear he is planning to attack the new

National Assembly and arrest members

Page 9: The French Revolution

Bastille Day continued

People in Paris hear about the troops– Begin to riot. – July 14, 1789 - Attack the

Bastille – fortress prison in Paris holding political prisoners, debtors, criminals etc.

• Seen as a symbol of Kings power

• People storm the prison and free the prisoners.

Page 10: The French Revolution

Declaration of the Rights of Man

National Assembly votes to eliminate all classes, titles, nobility.– Say nobles and clergy must pay taxes too

Serves as a basis for French Constitution“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”

Page 11: The French Revolution

Revolution gets out of hand

Riots soon spread to countryside– Peasants attack nobles in their houses. Kill

many nobles– Nobles and Clergy living in fear

Page 12: The French Revolution

Revolution Getting out of Control

King Louis XVI attempts to flee the country with his wife Marie Antoinette

Captured and brought back Radicals getting more say in how the

government should be run

Page 13: The French Revolution

Outside Influences

1792-1793 Other nations of Europe worry that revolution in France will spread to their countries.

Page 14: The French Revolution

We better

stop this

This is getting out

of hand

The killed their


This is not


Page 15: The French Revolution

Other nations invade France

– Austria, Prussia (Germany), Spain, Britain, wage war on France.

– French fight them off

Radicals in France gain even more power

Page 16: The French Revolution

Rule of Revolution #2

“In the midst of chaos, the one who comes out on top is the one who is most organized and willing to speak out.”

• Mr. J

Page 17: The French Revolution

Radicals Gain Control Robespierre and the

“Committee for Public Safety”– Begin hunting down all those

seen as a threat to the Revolution– 1793 Louis and Marie sent to the

guillotine– “Reign of Terror” Begins

• Around 30,000 people will be sent to the guillotine

• Nobles, peasants, workers, anyone Robespierre saw as a threat to the revolution

Page 18: The French Revolution

Reign of Terror

– “Reign of Terror” Begins• Around 30,000 people will be sent to the

guillotine• Nobles, peasants, workers, anyone

Robespierre saw as a threat to the revolution

Page 19: The French Revolution
Page 20: The French Revolution

End of Reign of Terror

1794 – National Convention feels Robespierre has gone over the line– He is arrested, tried,

convicted and executed

– Don’t you just love the irony of it all???

Page 21: The French Revolution

Impact of the Revolution

Monarchy is gone Old feudal customs are gone Slavery in French colonies abolished

France becomes democratic country– The Directory

• 2 house legislature and committee of 5 Directors

– Inefficient, quarrelsome, France has LARGE, experienced army

– Rising young star in that army – Napoleon Bonaparte