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  • The Fruitcake Special
  • The Introduction the Author
  • Frank brennan is a fantasy, science fiction and short story writer. He was once an english teacher in singapore . Brennan also taught english in a secondry school in England after graduating from the University of wales. The Author Frank Brennan
  • Frank Brennan has many collection of short stories : 1) The Fruitcake Special 2) Windows of the Mind 3) Tales of the Supernatural 4) Circle games 5) Three Tomorrows
  • Title 1) A fruitcake play important role in the story 2) The story evolves around this special fruitcake & how in an instant it can change : - The lives of people - Their emotion - Their reaction to others
  • Setting -French restaurant where David and Anna have dinner together. - This is the cosmetic factory where Anna works as a chemist, Anna the main character & she travels to work by bus. - We meet Anna s mother and her Aunt Mimi is the frequant visitor to the house. Restaurant Workplace Anna s home
  • Theme 1) Determination and hard work bring success 2) Family love and concern 3) No venture, no gain 4) Maintain your self worth and dignity
  • Point of view The writer tells the story from the first person point of view with Anna through the eyes of the main character. Anna is able to share her thoughts and feelings but not of the other character like her Mother, Aunt Mimi, David Amos, Sabina, the waiter or the old lady at the open market. Anna is only able to describe what she sees and hears about these characters. We are made to feel that we are one with her in the story.
  • The characters in the story
  • The character
  • Anna Single 27 year old chemist Practical and sensible Ordinary looking Innovative and intelligent Observant and perceptive Resourceful and adventurous invents potent perfume which can mesmerized man Realistic is aware that she is average looking and therefore feels unworthy of her bosss attention
  • David Amos Owner of Amos Cosmetics Supercial Was submissive to his girlfriend Was haughty Shallow likes to be surrounded by beautiful woman even though he knows that they are only interested in his looks and wealth Cowardly does not defend Anna when Sabina insults and humiliates Anna in his office
  • Aunt Mimi Annas mothers sister Curious Good - hearted, generous Nosy very nosy and wants to find Anna husband Observant is suspicious about Annas sudden interest in baking
  • Sabina Beautiful young model Davids latest girlfriend Was dominant haughty and condescending looks down on Anna Violent strikes David when he declares his love for Anna
  • Armstrong The pizza delivery man Ambitious is successful in setting up his own pizza company Fell in love with Anna at first sight Was determined to improve his social and economic status before asking Anna out Gentlemanly treats Anna with respect Patient waits for the right time to declare his love for Anna
  • Annas Mother Married young Anna mother married in age eighteen years old Loving and caring still packs meals for Anna and concerned that Anna is still unmarried Astutue is aware that the pizza delivery boy has a crush on Anna Gets on well with Aunt Mimi
  • The Waiter Impulsive cannot wait to declare his love to Anna and interrupts her with a phone call during dinner Bold told Anna how he felt, and called her even though she was in the restaurant with David on a date
  • Old Woman She had seven husbands She had baked and sold fruitcakes at the open market in the park She grew herself in the fruitcakes but would not reveal the secret ingredient She died the week before
  • Plot Anna is a chemist who designs perfumes. She is single and this worries her mother and aunt. During dinner, David is not as attentive as he was in the morning. Anna dabs on the Fruitcake perfume in the ladies room the scene in the restaurant is hilarious with David and the waiter declaring their love for Anna. A fight breaks out. Exposition Conflict Climax
  • Anna wants to find the special something in the fruitcake but is unable to Who is the pizza man, declares his love for her. Anna has found the right man !. They lived happily ever after Anna and Armstrong Falling action Resolution
  • Moral values We must not compromise on our dignity One should be caring and helpful Hard work is the key success One should take time to find true love We must not be blinded by physical attraction Appreciate ourselves for what we are
  • The End By : Nur Fatin Adawiah Bt Ismail Class : 4 Amanah