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Ampersand Commerce, X.commerce and Magento discuss the Magento platform, how the eBay acquisition of Magento will benefit retailers, developers and service providers and the future of commerce in general.Speakers:Darryl AdieManaging Director, Ampersand CommerceKristel VerhasseltTerritory Sales Manager, N Europe, MagentoBeverley BerginBusiness Development, X.commerce / PayPal


  • 1. The Future ofEcommerce& Magento.

2. Welcome. 3. Introductions.Darryl Adie Kristel Verhasselt Beverley BerginManaging DirectorTerritory Sales ManagerBusiness Development N EuropePayPal 4. Agenda. About AmpersandDarryl Adie, Ampersand Commerce Trends in EcommerceDarryl Adie, Ampersand Commerce What is Magento? Go, Community, EnterpriseDarryl Adie, Ampersand Commerce The Magento Europe TeamKristel Verhasselt, Magento Multi-channel, Internationalisation & IntegrationDarryl Adie, Ampersand Commerce Magento, X.Commerce & eBayBeverley Bergin, PayPal The Future of CommerceDarryl Adie, Ampersand Commerce Q&A 5. We help Enterprisecustomers develop &improve their Ecommerceoperations using opensource software. 6. Our Services. 7. Technically Focused. 8. Award Winning. 9. Trends in Ecommerce. 10. eCommerce. Multichannel customers have a higher lifetime value than those that just interact through a single channel Customers expect to engage brands in conversation (Twitter), rather than just to be preached to (Email Marketing). Mobile Commerce: 7% of commerce by 2016 (Forrester) Social Commerce (Ticketmaster) Personalisation: contextual, specific recommendations Localisation: Click and Collect, same day delivery Ecommerce platform is more than just the website 11. Magento. 12. Open Source Ecommerce. Open source, low barrier to entry Pilot projects An Enterprise platform for multichannel and growth Enterprise scalability and feature set Community of evangelists Magento Connect Community of developers and open source code Innovation is driven by the community End of license of proprietary platforms and their respectiveagency 13. The History of Magento Founded: March 2001 Launched: March 2008 Developed by Varien (now Magento Inc.) Varien used to work with osCommerce Over 180 Employees Acquired by eBay in June of this year 14. Enabling Online BusinessProduct Development/ Manufacturing/ Suppliers/ Inventory/ Shipping Accounting & Finance Purchasing ERP System FulfillmentWeb/ ContentMarketingCustomer ServiceDevelopment & Support 15. Magento Go Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) edition hosted by Magento. Merchants Profiles: Small merchants Limited catalog, languages and not multi-site Focus on sales and marketing Merchants Needs: Not on deep customizations, selection of one of the different designtemplates (modifiable through the CSS and our theme + layout editor), Easy to upload products and creating categories Easy to choose your checkout and shipping methods Magento provides an SSL or you can use your own. No access to the source code. 16. Magento Enterprise Showcase 17. European Team: CustomersIceland Territory Sales ManagersResponsible for Customers in Territory Bertrand Nassogne+ Middle East, Africa Finland Kristel VerhasseltNorway+ South AfricaSwedenEstonia Bas NawijnLatviaDenmarkLithuania Ireland Belarus Shira ShimoniUnited KingdomNetherlandsPoland Customer Success Group Account Manager Germany Belgium Ukraine Czech Rep Slovakia FranceAustria Switzerland HungarySloveniaRomania Croatia BosniaSerbiaItaly Bulgaria SpainAlbaniaGreece 18. European Team: Solution Partners Iceland Channel Development Managers Responsible for Solution Partners in TerritoryKathleen ClaesFinlandArnaud Lelievre Norway + Middle East & Africa SwedenEstoniaLatvia Denmark LithuaniaIreland United BelarusKingdom NetherlandsPolandGermanyBelgiumUkraineCzech RepSlovakiaFranceAustriaSwitzerland Hungary SloveniaRomaniaCroatiaBosnia Serbia Italy BulgariaSpain Albania Greece 19. Internationalisation. 20. Challenges. Technology Platform ERP Global Customer Database Localised Payments and Delivery Fulfillment and Stock Merchandising 21. Opportunities. Payments Global Payment Aggregators Global Customer Database Localised Delivery Magento Connect Merchandising Automation of recommendations Centralised merchandising 22. Multi-Channel. 23. with Magento. Customers are using Magento as their flexible core that they architect around other inflexible systems and processes: ERP CRM Fulfillment and Warehousing Magento increasingly being used as a central conduit for sales channels: eBay Marketplace Amazon Marketplace 24. Integrating With Magento. 25. Black Boxes.Retailer: I just added a new productto our ERP system, why isnt myAgency: Well get backproduct showing up in Magento?to youHours (days?) of trawling through log filesRetailer: Ahem. Developer: Oh yes, sorry. Developer: You didnt define one of the 412 required attributes for the product, so Magentos API rejected the request Retailer: Right. 26. Black Boxes. 27. Black Boxes. 28. Integrations.Integrations Weve DoneComing Soon 29. Buy in Marketingaisle"& referrals" In-store Promotionsprice"& discounts"comparison" Mobile"Research payment" online, nd in-stock" 30. MobileLocalSocialDigital 31. + Online $600B +Web enabled offline $3TOffline $4.5T -Sources: Forrester, IDC, Internal Estimates, Proprietary Model(1) Online refers to TCV$ earned via online channels(2) Web-Enabled Offline refers to TCV$ earned via offline channels but were influenced by a website(3) Offline refers to TCV$ earned via offline channels 32. ConsumerProducts Your Consumer Services and AppsMerchant Your Carts Your AppsProductsPlatformProductsCapabilitiesYour Capabilities 33. Merchants CapabilitiesMerchantsCapabilities Merchant: easy adoption of new capabilities, low switching costs Developer: no barriers to entry, easy on-boarding of customers 34. Off-the-shelf Carts Magento Custom CartsOther Apps Online Offline Marketpl eBayComparison Shopping SEM Kenshoo SocialSEODisplayAffiliate Analytics Terapeak StoreStore aceEngine Media Ads 35. Visit to integrate 36. Visit to integrate 37. 20%80%InnovationInnovation80%20%Integration Integration 38. ReachFaster time-to-marketFuture-proofInsightsTrusted 39. ReachEaseMonetizeData 40. Consumer Your Consumer Services and AppsProductsMerchant Your Carts Your AppsProductsPlatformProductsCapabilitiesYour Capabilities 41. YOU 42. The Future of Commerce. 43. Innovation. Magento remains as a distinct commerce platform, integrated with X.Commerce and therefore eBay products Magento Connect gives merchants access to the innovation of a whole community Trusted extensions are the new hallmark for high-qualitymodules Certified Magento developers (and partner requirements) X.Commerce gives merchants instant access to eBays suite of products, through a unified API The X.Commerce platform is open source More innovation from the community! 44. Magento v2. Development has begun! Key Changes Support for MSSQL, Oracle (as well as MySQL) jQuery not Prototype Ships with Unit tests The update will be a refactor, not a redesign Key focus is on remaining a lightweight commerce platform Improvements to speed and modularity Beta Release Q3 2012, Public Release Q4 2012 45. Q A 46. ThankYou3e Tariff StreetManchester M12FF+44 (0)161 236 @AmpersandHQ