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Ferwa Chevel & Mira Uttamchandani


  • ferwa chevel & mira uttamchandani THE FUTURE OF FOOD PREPERATION
  • HYPOTHESIS There is a change in the way people and companies prepare food. People are craving transparency in their ingredients, foods, and especially in the manufacturing and preparation process of what they consume.
  • RESEARCH Only 31% feel food companies are transparent about food production practices. Sixty-seven percent would like to see the food industry take more action in educating people on how food is produced. Only 34% say the agriculture industry is transparent
  • A new government report reveals that more Americans are eating at home, and their diets are improving And most families have been listening to the onslaught of advice about how to eat healthier RESEARCH
  • PRODUCTS smart knife gives basic info on freshness, nutrients, & bacteria of cooking ingredients difcult to trust what we are eating agriculture chemicals and vegetables cant eat food that is fresh with condence
  • economy increase in purchasing power decrease in price of organic food products Accessibility: Distribution for organic products has improved making it more readily available TREND FORCES The U.S. Department of Agriculture : number of direct-sales markets has inceased %9.6 in the past year (Farmers Market) - farmers markets across the country now registered with the USDA is 7,864. In 1994, there were 1,744 carrots, onions, pinto beans, lettuce, mashed potatoes, bananas and orange juice are all less expensive per portion than soft drinks, ice cream, chocolate candy, French fries, sweet rolls and deep-fat fried chicken patties - report from U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service
  • knowledge & awareness 79% of customers surveyed said that they were worried about the safety of their food 71% said the idea of organic food is appealing 2 out of 3 consumers (65%) want to know more about where their food comes from TREND FORCES According to surveys: headlines on mad cow disease taco shells made with genetically modied corn not approved for human consumption, antibiotic residue and pesticides residue in conventional food products have NOT gone unnoticed.
  • technology TREND FORCES advancement in technology (created problem - now being solved by advancements in tech) Transitioned from a hunter gatherer society to an industrialized on. Processed foods tend to emphasize tasty ingredients like sugar, salt and fat To decrease transportation costs and extend shelf life, they contain less water, leaving each morsel of food more densely packed with calories.
  • PRODUCTS tempeh-sure personalized access the ability to eat better and more inspired foods
  • PRODUCTS nutrima found something unpleasant? send results of analysis to your smart device nutrimapper app - nd the best local sellers when on the go sustainable calculates: nutritional values possible toxins freshness
  • list of ingredients show up PRODUCTS tellspec point at food can tell if there is man-made stuff in your food
  • SERVICE ConeComm M360 CSR PR company one stop service that helps identify & prioritizetop material isssuesas consumers demand more transparency Stakeholders from shareholders to employees are demanding more transparency
  • SUBCULTURES Recipe searches are in the top tier of google searches Majority of Pinterest Pictures are of Food Gluten Free Dieters Vegan Dieters FOODIES Food has become a universal language on the internet - CEO of URBANITES time-short, trend-sensitive, media-centric, culturally aware
  • PORTABILITY AT HOME PROVIDES TRANSPARENCY TECHNOLOGYknowledge | security HEALTH an almost DIY approach to dealing with ingredients REVEALS KEY INSIGHTS CODES
  • appliances that include options/offer transparency for the food being used/cooked set-up/layout of kitchen appliances for retail gadgets that allow customers, (consumers at home) - to nd out more about their food portable, small, gadgets, for consumers that eat at home or outside - either way appliances that cater to the urban gardeing move- ment - urbanites are growing more ingredients at home - trust and safety of ingredients SUGGESTIONS OPPURTUNITIES FOR VIKING
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