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Aiming to eliminate the compromises in organizational life. Covering some interesting and provocative ideas, spanning human rights, complexity science, the death of heuristics, influence flows, personal knowledge mastery, social physics, trust, the digital nervous system, Web 3.0, performance and learning, public relations, collective intelligence, sociocracy, Holacracy, podularity, wirearchy, emergent civilization, self-organization, organized self, socioveillance, middleware corporate, bread incorporated and the Mozilla manifesto.


  • The Future of Organization Philip Sheldrake Euler Partners, 23rd May 2014, by-nc-sa Image credit: ComplexCity Rome, by Lee jang sub, by-nc-nd
  • The Future of Organization Eliminating the compromises in organizational life. An incomplete review of interesting ideas and some new ones to boot. #e20 / #socbiz / #futureofwork / #responsiveorg
  • The Future of Organization With forewords by Microsoft Yammer co- founder and CTO, Adam Pisoni, and Social Media Today founder and CEO, Robin Carey. Freely available at
  • The Future of Organization Organization. noun: a coordinated group of people with a particular purpose. This presentation is available with voiceover and transcript at
  • The Future of Organization The problem. Organizations are about mutual value* creation, but its too difficult to give all one can give and too difficult to derive all the value there is to derive. * Value: the importance, worth or usefulness of something.
  • The Future of Organization The problem. Employee engagement* is symptomatic. * an employee's involvement with, commitment to, and satisfaction with work (2011-12) 24 63 13% actively disengaged not engaged engaged
  • The Future of Organization The opportunity. Can we reshape and regear organization? ! new insights + perennial values modern tech + enduring aspirations academic exactitude + earnest practice
  • The Future of Organization All human beings should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
  • The Future of Organization an organization of the people, by the people, for the people. Paraphrasing Abraham Lincolns commitment to the principles of human equality. Lincoln
  • The Future of Organization If your company was a country, would you live there?
  • The Future of Organization We have learned a great deal; we are awash with insights; we have had significant influence on the art of management. Yet we have failed to address in the sustained and systematic ways they merit some of the central problems of organization and governance. Philip Selznick Institutionalism Old and New. Selznick, Philip. Administrative Science Quarterly 41. 270277. 1996.
  • The Future of Organization Organization is complex.
  • The Future of Organization ISBN: 9781851684885
  • The Future of Organization complexity noun: a system in which there are multiple interactions between many different components bridges the gap between the individual and the collective may lead to emergent behavior
  • The Future of Organization order leads to chaos chaos leads to order
  • The Future of Organization emergence is a ubiquitous feature of the world around us John H. Holland, Emergence: From Chaos to Order, 1999 [T]here is a co-operation of things of unlike kinds. The emergent is unlike its components . . . and it cannot be reduced to their sum or their difference G.H. Lewes, 1875 G.H. Lewes
  • The Future of Organization They get their smarts from below. In these systems, agents residing on one scale start producing behavior that lies one scale above them. Stephen Johnson, Emergence, 2001 All new organisational forms, no matter how radically new, are combinations and permutations of what was there before. The Emergence of Organizations and Markets, Padgett, Powell, 2012
  • The Future of Organization In the short run, actors create relations; in the long run, relations create actors. ! The Emergence of Organizations and Markets, Padgett, Powell, 2012
  • The Future of Organization In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous. Aristotle If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way.
  • The Future of Organization By XKCD:
  • The Future of Organization youd-better-know-difference/ Traffic Organizations Com plication Com plexity Cars
  • The Future of Organization Saying goodbye to some familiar heuristics.
  • The Future of Organization Actually, its all in the complex mix our people are our greatest asset its all about shareholder value the customer! is king
  • The Future of Organization Organizations are relationships. They entail the constant adaption of the way we think and behave in order to influence others to think and behave differently in support of our goals. Relationships at scale
  • The Future of Organization Customer-centricity is an organizational point of view, not a customer point of view. Its actually the organization-centric-view-of-the- customer. Dont you want CRM to help you and the customer mutually, allowing you both to manage the relationship? Or would you rather propagate the status quo CRM as a construct to manage the customer? CRM
  • The Future of Organization Influence. ! You have been inuenced when you think something you wouldnt otherwise have thought, or do something you wouldnt otherwise have done.
  • The Future of Organization Six Influence Flows 1 3 2 5 6 4 THE! ORGANIZATION STAKEHOLDERS THE! COMPETITION The Business of Influence, Sheldrake, Wiley, April 2011 The numbers are just labels, not a ranking of importance
  • The Future of Organization Theres influence in everything an organization does, and sometimes in what it does not do. What is the intended outcome of your marketing and PR campaigns, and the design of your organization overall, if its not to get stakeholders to think and behave as youd like, and to be sensitive to how theyd like you to think and behave? Influence
  • The Future of Organization Whereas traditional business relies on some bureaucracy to determine what constitutes organizational knowledge, this function is delegated to the individual who now determines whether something is worth sharing / passing on or not, explicitly or tacitly. Knowledge
  • The Future of Organization Personal Knowledge Mastery A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively. Harold Jarche
  • The Future of Organization Influence Flows
  • The Future of Organization Alex Pentland Social physics patterns of idea flow are directly related to productivity growth and creative output high levels of engagement predict high group productivity [but] increasing engagement is not a magic bullet. can-transform-society-for-the-better
  • The Future of Organization Alex Pentland Social physics Exploration [a mathematical measure of the extent to which the members of a group bring in new ideas from outside] is a good predictor of both innovation and creative output. can-transform-society-for-the-better
  • The Future of Organization You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not so many for so long now that everyone packs a smartphone. Trust
  • The Future of Organization If perception is reality characterized twentieth- century marketing and PR, reality is perception is the twenty-first century axiom. Trust
  • The Future of Organization Its not all about the tech, but it helps.
  • The Future of Organization Serendipity The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. All you have to rely on if you cant identify and interpret patterns systematically.
  • The Future of Organization Digital nervous system The winners will be the ones who develop a world-class digital nervous system so that information can easily flow through their companies for maximum and constant learning. To think, act, react, and adapt. Bill Gates Business @ the Speed of Thought, 1999, ISBN: 0446525685
  • The Future of Organization 1999 2014 Now, our nervous system extends out into the world. Gates advised building an ideal picture of the information you need from technology. Now, we also want technology to help us build that picture.
  • The Future of Organization IT now interweaves with the reality that provided the metaphors. The Internetome: the manifestations (facets and implications) of the Internet of Things. Internetome conference, 2010,
  • The Future of Organization Business performance management A discipline encompassing metric selection, measurement and organizational learning. Were moving such capability towards real-time sensory feedback in an organization-as- organism / business-as-biology metaphor.
  • The Future of Organization Web 3.0 The web as a universal medium for the exchange of data, information and knowledge.
  • The Future of Organization Hegel didnt rate public opinion. He didnt think it could appreciate the shades of grey in serious matters, but has a tendency instead to polarize argument He said we dont learn from history. Might we now learn from our digital history? Can we now prove Hegel wrong?
  • The Future of Organization Mutuality. Empowerment


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