the generation of phosphite fertilizer phosgard ultra is a nutritional supplement and fertilizer...

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  • Phosgard Ultra is a nutritional supplement and fertilizer with an extraordinary mineral compatibility containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that you can apply to a variety of crops utilizing both foliar and soil application methods. What’s extraordinary about the mineral compatibility in Phosgard Ultra is that when you mix it together with mineral nutrients it does not form a precipitation.

    You may need to supplement your plants with mineral nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, and boron and doing that in as few steps as possible saves you time and money. Typically, when you combine these minerals with a phosphite fertilizer for a single application it results in a precipitation due to chemical compatibility issues leaving the nutrients in the tank, hoses, clogging nozzles, and removing its overall effectiveness.

    PHOSGARD® ULTRA Phosphite Fertilizer with Extraordinary Minerals Compatibility

    The Generation of Phosphite Fertilizer

    Phosphite Product

    Phosgard Ultra

    Calcium Nitrate Calcium Chloride CAN 17 Copper Sulfate Iron Sulfate Magnesium Sulfate Manganese Sulfate Zinc Sulfate Zinc Chloride

    No PrecipitationPrecipitation

    Advantages of Using Phosgard Ultra

    • Crop maturation • Root development • Resistance to certain diseases • Flowering, fruiting and seed formation • Crop quality, especially of forages and vegetables

    Iron Sulfate With Iron Sulfate With Phosphite Fertilizer Phosgard Ultra

    Phosgard Ultra is a different kind of phosphite fertilizer; it doesn’t have these chemical compatibility issues. We formulated it to mix with Biomin® mineral nutrients and other standard mineral nutrients for application without forming a precipitation. That way, when you combine it with nutrients for a single application, there won’t be a precipitation, and your plants will get the maximum effectiveness of the nutrients they need, helping encourage an optimal yield.

    U.S. PATENTS #5,707,418 #5,868,870 #6,168,643

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  • Effect of Effect of PhosgardPhosgard on Root Growthon Root Growth

    PhosgardControl Snapdragon

    PhosgardPhosgard simulates early growth and root formation.simulates early growth and root formation.



    Phosphite Fertilization The benefits of Phosphite (PO3) fertilization have been well documented and observed for more than two decades now. Phosphite based fertilizers have grown very popular and are now part of many standard nutrition programs. Phosphite fertilizers have several advantages over phosphate base fertilizers. Phosphites are not tied up in the soil as phosphates are. The phosphite ions are able to remain in the soil solution and are easily taken up by both plant roots and foliage. Phosphites are ideal for foliar application because they pass readily through the cuticles of the leaves and are transported through both the phloem and xylem. Phosphites are slowly converted inside the plant and in the soil to phosphates, making phosphites act as a slow release phosphorus source.

    The availability of phosphorus is

    affected by the following factors:

    1. Soil pH 2. Forms of phosphorus applied 3. Soil texture and other properties 4. Soil microorganisms

    5. Organic matter content

    U.S. PATENTS #5,707,418 #5,868,870 #6,168,643

    Phosphite Product

    Phosgard Ultra

    Calcium Nitrate Calcium Chloride CAN 17 Copper Sulfate Iron Sulfate Magnesium Sulfate Manganese Sulfate Zinc Sulfate Zinc Chloride

    No PrecipitationPrecipitation

    Phosphites also help boost the immune system of plants and have a positive effect on plant vigor and growth. Phosphites also stimulate root development which lead to healthier, more productive top growth.

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