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  • The Great Commission

    The Great Question

    The Great Commitment

  • The Commissioned Church

    Commissioned to Equip Eph 4:11-16Jerusalem Acts 2:41-47; 8:1-4

    Commissioned to Send Acts 13:1-5 Antioch Acts 13-21

    Commissioned to Sustain Phil 4:14-19 Philippi Acts 16-17

  • Romans 10:12-15a

    How then shall they call on himin whom they have not believed? and how. and how and how

    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

  • The Great Question

    How can they

    unless they are sent?

  • Your church is God s answer to the Great Question

  • Matt 28:19 The Great Commission

    Make Disciplesall nations

    Rom 10:15 The Great Question

    Howunless they are sent

    Ac 13:2 The Great Commitment

    Separate & Send

  • Acts 13:1-4 Two-Fold Call

    Separate Barnabas & Saul to the work to which I have called them

    Call to ChurchCall to Paul and BarnabusMutual commitment & responsibility

    When God calls a missionary, He calls a church to send them

  • Acts 13:1-4 Two-fold call

    Two-fold Recognition

    Two-fold Responsibility

    Two-fold Release

  • Acts 13:1-4 Two-fold call

    TwoTwo--fold Recognitionfold Recognition

    Church leadership


  • Acts 13:1-4 Two-fold call

    Two-fold Responsibility

    To set apart & send

    To go

  • Acts 13:1-4 Two-fold call

    Two-fold Release

    They sent them

    Sent by the Holy Spirit

  • Acts 14:26-28

    Two-fold Blessing

    Return, Report, Renewal

  • The call to go includes a call to send

    Godly proven character

    Gifted proven effectiveness

    Experienced proven disciplemakers

    Team Player proven cooperation

  • The Sending Church

    It is the local churchsresponsibility to sendthe present generationof cross cultural laborersand to equip the next

  • Your church is Gods answer to the

    Great Commission

  • Send Yourself


    Sending Church

  • A Partnership

    Your Church and

  • We are scaffoldingDr. Michael Loftis,President, ABWE

  • helping you reach the difficult places;

    building together for maximum impact

  • A sending church Prays

    A sending church Invests

    A sending church Prepares

  • Sending Church Realities

    The cost of sending in real dollars

  • Family of four Couple Single

    Salary $1240 $1240 $620Housing $1200 $600 $400Social Security tax $487 $398 $199Children's Education $250 childChild Support $300 age based

    Benefits SupportRetirement $204 $204 $156Health Insurance $584 $528 $202Accident Insurance $12 $11 $6Term Life Insurance(*) $38 $37 $13Medical Expense Allowance(*) $100 $80 $40

    Ministry SupportMissionary Admin. Service $190/adult $190/adult $190Furlough Ministry Travel $120 $60 $30Individual Ministry $300 $300 $300ME/TI $35 $20 $10

    Monthly Support $5250 $4458 $3700

    Thailand 2007

  • Monthly Support Averages



  • 2 Keys to prefield success

    Sending Church Investment


    Sending Church Involvement

    Intercession, Finding Contacts, Introductions, Encouragement

  • The 25/10 VisionSending Church 25%-50%

    $800-$2500 per month

    Supporting Church 10%$300-$600 per month

    Ultimate goal using stepped process

  • Current Prefield Statistics

    30-40 churches a year = full time prefield

    75-100 church meetings

    500-800 churches contacted (phone, mail)

    20 cold contacts to obtain one meeting

    1 out of 5 actual meetings result in support

  • Sending Church Investment

    Your investment speaks loudly about your confidence in and your commitment to your missionary

  • Sending Church Investment

    Whats possible with total participation?

    $1.00 a week per family?

    $2.00 a week per family?

    $3.00 a week per family?

  • It takes a team

    To pray

    To invest time and energy

    To invest financial resources

    To locate partners in sending

    To provide encouragement

  • The Sending Team




  • Start up costs

    Laptop $1700Projector $1700Literature $ 500Display $ 350Postage $ 250Total $4500

  • Participation

    Youth Group, Display $ 350

    Awana, Mailings $ 250

    Small Groups, Computer $1700

    Sunday School, Literature $ 500

  • Finances are required to get to and stay in

    the place of ministry.

    Prayer is absolutely essential to obtain the

    power for effective ministry.

    Prefield is a ministry of team-building;

    obtaining partners so they can preach the

    gospel, plant churches, and help to launch

    world-wide missions movements

  • Prayer

    Daily intercessors who will unceasingly

    pray for their spiritual growth,

    strength, holiness, wisdom,

    perseverance, joy, relationships,

    effectiveness in ministry, supporters

    and spiritual encouragement

  • Presentation

    Audio Visual Media PPT, Video (ABWE)

    Display three or five panel

    Literature 4 pieces

    Speaking preparations (Pastors Coaching)

    Testimonies 3,5,8 minute (salvation,call)Sunday School lessons for adults & kidsSunday/Mid Week Services full hourMissionary Conferences, seminars

  • LiteraturePastors recommendation letter

    Missionarys introductory letter

    Tri-fold Informational Brochure

    Prayer Card

  • Speaking Presentations

    Testimonies 3,5,8 minute (salvation, call)

    Sun. School, Camp, VBS adults & kids (5)

    Sunday/Mid Week Services full hour (1-2)

    Missionary Conferences, seminars (2-3)

    Sending pastors guidance is crucial

  • The reality for most prefielders is75-100 churches in the next 30 months!





  • Finding Your Partners


    Best Contacts 1/1

    Close friends of missionary & sending pastor

  • Finding Your Partners

    Good Contacts 1/10

    Pastors fellowship & area contacts

    Church association (state, regional, national)

    ABWE church listings

    Church member contacts (contact cards)


  • Finding Your Partners

    Cold Contacts 1/20

    No connection (Web Search) yellow-page search


  • Introductory Phone Call

    Mailing Call Back






  • Missionary Follow -Up Call

    1. Call back the following week

    2. Inquire if literature was received

    3. Request an opportunity to come and share their ministry

  • Your church is Gods answer to the

    Great Commitment

  • Every church must answer the

    Great Commissionevery generation


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