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The Great Wall of China. By Meg Gegler History Orange. Basics. Name means long city/fortress Built over 2,000 years ago by Qin Shi Huangdi (1st emperor) Asia- Pacific Region 4,000 miles long (21,120,000ft) Shanhaiuguan to Lop Nur Rebuilt, built, and maintained - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Great Wall of ChinaBy Meg GeglerHistory Orange

  • BasicsName means long city/fortressBuilt over 2,000 years ago by Qin Shi Huangdi (1st emperor)Asia- Pacific Region4,000 miles long (21,120,000ft)Shanhaiuguan to Lop NurRebuilt, built, and maintainedBetween 5th century B.C. and 16th century

  • HistoryAdvanced techniques of architectureSpring and Autumn PeriodWarring States Period: Qi, Zhao, Yan states- built protectionObjective: defend their boardersQin in 221BC- conquered 7 states, demanded new walls to connectObjective: to protect from the XiongnuEnlarged during Ming Dynasty, along with many other dynasties

  • LegacyOther walls were built over timeOther walls referred to as The Great WallSome currently remainOne built during the Ming Dynasty,(1368-1644)North of the actual Great WallTook a total of 1,400 years to build

  • The Building ProcessWell aware of techniquesGravel between board framesBuilt to be spear and sword proofTransporting materials was difficult, used local resources for supportPeasants who died during the process were buried within the wall

    2-3 million Chinese died while building the Ming WallBuilding concept by Ming DynastySpring and Autumn Period

  • Was the wall successful?Mongols (an ethnic group) broke through wall

    MingsFought backTook over ChinaWall was rebuilt

  • Defense of the Great WallJanuary 1st, 1933- May 31st, 1933CampaignRepublic of China and Empire of JapanJapan captured providence, Inner Mongolian, ReheFrom Zhang Xueliang (Warlord of China)Japan attached the providence to Manchukuo (new state)States southern frontier was then improved and extended to the actually Great Wall of China

  • Xiongnu Of Central AsiaAlliance of nomadic tribes, became the HunsWall was built to keep them out of China and Chinese EmpireContinuous attacks throughout dynastiesWanted to get into China because:Of successful agriculture?Of land?

  • Ode to the Great WallBy Liu Zhishan

    Built upon miles and miles of mountains,

    Dotted with strong fortresses both on hilltops and ridges.

    Weathering three thousand years of wind and rain,

    Transforms into dancing dragon in earths hilly fore

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