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Asalam-u-alikum! This is the brief description of Great wall of china. The presentation is made by Karachi university's energetic students for their English Assigment.


  • 1. One of the Greatest wonders of the world.Listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.Ancient gigantic defensive project.Largest construction projects ever completed.
  • 2. Idea of Great wall of China is taken from The Rectangle Wall.Great Wall is not only one long wall.Made up of a number of Interconnecting walls.Four Periods of Great Wall 1. Qin Dynasty (208 BC). 2. Han Dynasty (1st century BC). 3. Northern and Southern Dynasties (1138 1198). 4. Ming Dynasty (1368-1620).
  • 3. The Qin dynasty first constructed the wall.Built by connecting parts of the walls belonging to the past ducal states.Resembled a gigantic dragon.Took about nine years to finish this grand project.Took many lives and a great deal of money.Served its role as a defensive force.
  • 4. Han Dynasty lasted over 400 years.The Great Wall is Extended 10,000 km into Western China.Most intense building period.Longest stretch of wall ever built.
  • 5. Four dynasties built and added to the Great Wall. 1. The Northern Wei (386-534). 2. The Eastern Wei (534-550). 3. The Northern Qi (550-577). 4. Northern Zhou (557-581).
  • 6. Walls Importance reaches a new Height.The Great Wall we see today was built mainly in the Ming Dynasty.Took over 100 years to complete.Longest stretch of wall ever built.Ming Emperor remained busy in making this wall throughout their reign.
  • 7. The main reason why the Chinese built the Great Wall was to prevent troops from the north invading Chinese territory.Another great reason is to defend China from attacking Mongols.It was also built as a defense against ferocious nomadic tribes.The Great Wall also embodies a great deal of protection during a battle. An important purpose of the Great Wall was to house troops. Housing troops was important because, if the Great Wall was under attack, soldiers could just come out and defend China.
  • 8. The Great Wall was constructed with natural materials.Earlier, the Great Wall was mainly built from earth, stones and wood.Mostly bricks were used due to light weight.Builders always tried to use local sources.Stones from the mountains were used over mountain ranges.It indicates a great achievement in architecture.
  • 9. Primary types of man-made sabotages.1. The taking of bricks, earth and stones.2. Modern construction.3. Tourism access development.
  • 10. Never deface the bricks.Never move the bricks.Never throw litter about.Do not take bricks, stones and earth from the wall. Officials should enforce relevant regulations and laws.
  • 11. Lots of beautiful legends and stories took place.Meng Jiangnus story is the most famous .Jiayuguan Pass story.Beautiful stories and legends about the Great Wall help to keep alive Chinese history and culture.
  • 12. To build the wall in uniform forms and materials is impossible.The Ming Dynasty was the last dynasty that ever built the wall.Since then, the wall gradually fell out of use as fortification.Wall still stands there telling a glorious history created by its people.
  • 13. The most important component of the defensive project on the Great Wall.The prescribed distance between two Beacon Towers was about 15 miles.Built at the highest points like mountains.Beacon towers were built by using local materials according to the local conditions.Wall contain three types of Beacon Towers.Deliver military information by producing smoke or by lighting a fire.
  • 14. Built at a distance of every approx 1 km.Used to transmit military messages.Two-storied watchtowers were built on the Great Wall in strategic places.Used to house troops, store weapons and send signals to military. Some towers are standing complete and others are crumbling. Many have been rebuilt.