The Greek Philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

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<p>Socrates</p> <p>The Greek PhilosophersSocrates, Plato, and Aristotle1Socrates</p> <p>Socrates was convicted at the age of 70 of corrupting the youth.</p> <p>His friends encouraged him to fleeI will not go against the law. Whats done is done.</p> <p>Socrates drank a poison in his cell, rather than facing an execution.</p> <p>Socrates </p> <p>Many of his students mourned his death, especially Plato.</p> <p>Plato</p> <p>PlatoEmphasized reasonWrote The RepublicMen superior to women in most instances.Student of Socrates</p> <p>Aristotle</p> <p>AristotleStudent of PlatoCreated a special school called the LyceumPolitics, ethics, logic, biology, literature, physics</p> <p>Student of AristotleHerodotusFamous Greek historian.Wrote the Histories. </p> <p>HippocratesFamous Greek PhysicianHippocratic Oath</p> <p>PythagorasGreek mathematicianA* + B* = C* </p> <p>HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! </p>