the herald and news (newberry, s.c.).(newberry, ... at pisgah forest, x. c. hegot a pass...

The herald and news (Newberry, S.C.).(Newberry, ... at Pisgah Forest, X. C. Hegot a pass Rnartflnhure
Download The herald and news (Newberry, S.C.).(Newberry, ... at Pisgah Forest, X. C. Hegot a pass Rnartflnhure

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  • personals. j

    .Miss Anne D. Jones left yesterdav Zo resume her position in Savannah as 3iisiory teacher.

    tyliss Emma Warren is visiting relativesin Columbia and Newberry.. Charleston Amercan, 26th.

    FVt. Oliver Lindsay of the 2nd Pro * . - -v' ^ V»AAr» fr»o r>

    visional rcgiuicm uas uccu uaiwu/iireafrom Camp Jackson to Camp Sewier.Mrs. Lindsay has returned to J&tianta after spending awhile here twith Mr. Lindsay's parents, Mr. and SVlrs. £no. A. Lindsay.

    'Erev. E. L. Halfacre will preach at Clayton Memorial church Sunday morning at 11:30 o'clock. All are in- vtitea to attend.

    Mt. G. G: Sale, Jr., arrived .Monday Srom New'York on a furlough of 30 «dayfe from the navy. This is his first wisit since his enlistment in March, jJ915. Young Gilmer Sale has the fine ^distinction of being among the first Volunteers from Newberry when volunteeringwas not so popular and it "look more courage to offer one's serv- ice?. Among the new coeds for Newberry

    'College are Miss Bvrd Wright of Laurenscounty and Miss Minnie 'Lee < >inrimer of Colombia. Miss Wright, joins her sister. Miss Haskell Wright and Jfciss Summer comes to be Irer sister. Miss' -Helen - Summer, ail Igomg LU Lilt;- CU11C6C.

    Mr. J. Cla' de Dominic1.* is in Xew York consulting specialists. 'He was accompanied by Dr. J. K. Gilder:'They

    joined in Wash'iigton by -Mr, Bominick's brother, Congressman F iK. 'Dominick: * Second Lieutenant W. F. Wright,

    vf® promoted to ths office of first lieutenant and s?nt from -Gamp "Whee'er, Ga., to New York city on

    ' - " - T-r_ . J "SpQCIHl QUIT. lie IS SL uicmuci ui ma

    well known 106th Eng. Reg&z The "La'rens and Newberry andgother friends of Lieut. Wright coraSiment "hirfi on his rise in army life,

    x Mr. and Mrs. L. Morris and their t

    "thre^ daughters. Misses Florence.

    Jennie and Minnie, have moved to them x if-. *Dr;. HaJra^re nouse in* r.a»t amm

    street, a -choice residential section of ibe city. JThe house vacated by them

    "* to be occupied bv th? family of the ftev. J. N. Booth, Mr. Booth to be absenton war duty.

    Lt; T.. B. Greneker, just returned Irqm the fighting at the trenches, arilyedat his 'Edgefield home Wednesdayto remain until Sunday, before .-gpin port. It is not known where he will -be stationed. Friends of Lieut. Greneker hope

    that he will be given a furlough, if but fot a short time, to visit them in


    Jreenwood. . He made himself very popular here w'-'en he was a member of the faculty of the Magnolia school

    Old Town News. i The Ridge tSpring school will open

    on Monday morning with Miss Kate cw3. ..^ui us 1.

    Epting, 1704 Xanca street, Newberry,S. C. * ; - '9-21 1 ' » / * p

    VANTEl).A young lady typewriter .three hours in morning or after- business man in city. Apply,at this office. * 9-27 Up

    iOTK'E.All persons are hereby notifiedand warned not to hire or harbor Willie Koon as he is under contract with me for the year 1918

    E. Bede*baugh. 9-27 lto jOST.One 35x4 1-2 Goodrich safety mounted tire with covsr, between my home and Newberry, on Wed nesdav, September 25. Please notify J. T. Oxner, Newberry, S. R F. D., 2. 9-27 Itp

    FOE SALE.15 bushels Abruzzi rye. T. M. Mills, Prosperity, S. C. 9-fi7 4tp,

    FOR RENT.4-room cottage. Apply to P. S. Livingston, iXewberry, R. F. D., 4. x 9-24 2t

    fcacher Wanted.For a session of six or seven months, at salary cf £30. for Union school. G. S. Enlow, I H. Wilson, trustees, Prosperity, S. C., Route 3. 9-24 2tp

    WAIVED.A colored boy to rrn errandsand do odd jobs and anything that is to be done. Could g've the right boy a job all the time or use him before and after school hours. Apply to "H" care The Herald and News. ^ 9-24tf

    WANTED, a Truck.Sealed bids will be received for a one-ton truck up to 10 a. m., October 5, 1918, by the cuj'iry vuiuiu'tsiuxjtjrs. j. *w. oaiup'e.County Supsr^isor. 9-20 21

    ROOMS FOR REM.Four rco-ns. c^o-e in.water, sewerage, lights grates. Possession Octcber 1st. Mrs Thos. 0. Stewart. Phone 348. 9-20 4t.

    [Mmson Cloyer Seed in burr. The best way to sow. For sale by


    Strictly All Wcol


    $25= Three-Piece Suits $28.00 '

    > BUY NOW

    at the. present high p ices of eiy ntar future. Bi;y all you it is highly probable yon will ,5 00 for a suit made fnni the

    :ered in this sale. Tl e wise

    lize on all expenditures, cannot offer, of these splendid All- or $25.00 and $28.00

    Blacks Dry Goods Co. Prosperity, 5. C.

    jerfircson-McCacfcirr Co. 9-17 -f Bringr ns ycur cutton seed. Weighed: and unloaded up town.. JohnsonMcCrackinCo. 9-17 c?

    Fresh Wafer Pish every Tuesday ard Thursday; Salt Water Fish Thursdays,Fridays and Saturday. G. W. Coward, next door to D. A. Livings'

    //to n

    Ihe K; Everlast

    Mr. IV /

    with! Septe

    ?.. i /

    r* _ a I rree»

    each Rang thews


    Ti n . inerro!

    " j

    it.... I Bay War J

    Savings Stamps

    Hosie Is the right kind, i

    eral hundred dozen I they are worth toda; tomers the advantag

    Fine ribbed hose, mad Fast bUck and white, s\2

    Extra heavy hose, coa > izes 8 1-2 to 10, pric Sizes 6 to 8, price the Infants hose, white an

    smooth y®rn. Sizes 4 t<

    Women's silk hose of

    I Women's cotton hose,i . t Uur selection o- womt

    you will have no trouble Coat Suits priced.$15. $32.50, $35.00, $37.50, S*rge Dresses SiJ Combination Satin and ; Taffeta and Crepe de CI Ail Wool Jersey Dresses Women's Coats in bla

    r rrom

    Our display of wool g< and beautiful. We have


    Buy War Savings Stamps J2

    ton & Son. 9-17 tf

    U7ss KawFs llnsfc School will open September 50. Further particulars f r\ fr\ll^nr Q 17 4l".

    LO^T.^lack fice dog with brown feet. Brown color If found return to Herald and" News office. "W. W. Watkins, Cross Hill, S. C. 9 13 H

    ange Eterna ingly Good" latthews from t his "Ford" will 1 mber 30th to 0< Set Aluminum v $15.00 will be i e bought from 5. Call us about

    sperity Hard1 Prosperity, S. (

    ialtiwanger' ry for Boys am nade to withstand hard 1 bought for as much as 2 jr. As long as lot lasts i je of old prices. e of strong, smooth yarn^ i %s 6 to 10. Price the pai*... rse and fine ribbed, double tc e the pair nair .. M

    /Z, *

    d black, medium weight, fi > 6. Price the pair the dependable kind* Price th priced the pair »n's dresses, coats ajid coat si in finding here at a very Ioin 00, $17.50, $1&50, $20.00,

    nA tA9 ?n $45 00 S50.C i*tu VV) yXMtW} Y -r

    0.00 to $30 00 Satin Dresse Serge Dresses.. hine Dresses i

    ck and all the wanted color

    oods and plaid talks for con i everything in trimmings to co

    HaMwanser :19?n Main St. NEWEERR"1

    Jhrsf rcce^^Tcar of H^B Jobnson McCracfrm* Co-Wi

    ?few Arrow Cotton Tire'JBj McCrackin Co. . v 2~ \ ^FOR SALE.Abbriozi

    fashioned bearded ftarleyT^ I McCrackin Co. j -» j 66S cures Malaria Fever.


    i 1

    he factory H 3e here on M ctober 5th. H

    7 \ .

    /are worth II riven with 11 Mr. Mat- I

    i ;

    the Range.

    ware Co. ] " I

    , *


    # * i

    \ V


    rt Buy War P ^ Savings Stamps I (

    v » I a Uirls jj

    ,. * 4|

    wear. We have sev- 1 5 per cent. less than I ire will give ccr cus- 1

    reinforced Led and toe.

    >e and heel. yfl tvc in

    ne iiJbfaed and made of fl

    le pair $1, $1.25, $1.50, $2j|H 15c, 25c, 35c,SOJH

    lit# is great We beiievflj r pric«* just what you wantM , $22.50, $25.00, $30.00 ; >0 and $75.00. . H

    /^m : ^ » $15.00 to $45.00^ I

    315 00 to $25.00 J $18.50 to $30.00 $27.50 to $40.00 |

    s and materials. Priced I $17.50 to $75.00 iE M

    ibinations is both varied mplete a dress of this kind.

    ! D I Ml g DUj TTdl

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