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"The Hindu" Newsletter: Survey Form

"The Hindu" Newsletter: Survey Form1. Which institute do you belong to?2. What would you say are the primary sources of your daily news?Check all that apply.TV newsOnline newspapers and e-newspapersNewspapersOther:3. If one of your answers to the above question is "Newspapers", then which newspaper do you prefer reading?4. Do you have any language preference when it comes to reading newspapers?Check all that apply.English Hindi RegionalNot especially5. Are you aware of "The Hindu" newspaper?Mark only one oval.YesNo6. If "yes", then what are your views regarding the newspaper?Your general impression of the newspaper.7. Which feature(s) of "The Hindu" do you like the most?Check all that apply.Independent editorialsArticles from scholars and professionals working in the development sectorEmployment News ("Opportunities")Updates from the field of education ("Education Plus") Serves as quality reference material for competitive examsOther:8. Which of the following features/intitiatives of "The Hindu" are you aware of?Check all that apply.The Hindu Lit for Life - honouring debutante writersThe Hindu Theatre FestThe Hindu Centre for Public PolicyColoured editions The Metroplus The Young WorldFriday Review9. Are you a subscriber of "The Hindu"?Mark only one oval.YesNo10. If "yes", then how would you rate the content of the newspaper?Mark only one oval.Poor Average GoodVery goodExcellentNot a subscriber11. If you do not subscribe to "The Hindu", then what are the reasons behind it?Check all that apply.Unavailability Lateness of issues PriceSubscription to other newspapersOther news sources, such as, news on TV, online and e-newspaper editions, etc.12. If the aforementioned problems are addressed would you be willing to subscribe to"The Hindu"?Mark only one oval.YesNo13. Would you like to see any changes in the current content/presentation of The Hindu?Please elaborate.Powered by