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There are many different elements that can be used in the promotion for the new Need for Speed film. Elements such as TV shows, Websites, radio shows etc. These promotions are used to inform a wide variety of people about the up and coming film and gain and audience for the film. However the film is only promoted on certain channels e.g. BBC1, E4 etc. This is to appeal the film to a specific demographic, in this case the film is aimed at teens and young adults.

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The Elements – TV Shows The first element I have chosen is TV shows. I feel as

though this has the most effect on gaining an audience because they can visually and aurally see what is being talked about. So there are two ways that they can promote the film. The TV show being Top Gear helps greatly with the promotion of the film because Top Gear is a show about cars and Need for Speed is a film about cars so both media outlets intertwine together really well. Aaron Paul being in this show means the producers want to aim their film more towards a car loving audience.

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The Elements – E3 (Internet) Another amazing way the film advertisers promoted the Need for

Speed film was for Aaron Paul to give a celebrity appearance at the E3 convention where the new Need for Speed game. This appeals to the gaming franchise and fans of the Need for Speed franchise. On top of this these sort of videos are plastered around the internet creating a viral video for people to watch even if they were not at the convention. This creates a bigger audience for the film while continuing to spread constantly around the internet. This also appeals to the gaming audience as they find out their favourite actor plays the games they play. This makes the film aimed at a broader audience not truly hitting a specific demographic.

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Why Aaron Was Chosen?

Aaron Paul was the chosen the main role of Tobey Marshall over other esteemed actors such as Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton. This is solely because the main target audience who will watch Need For Speed. Will be for Aaron Paul because of his tremendous performance in the hit TV show Breaking Bad. While the film will bring an audience from fans of the gaming franchise. Having this big celebrity headlining the film allows the company to maximise its profits and be able to market the film idea from the actors fame on shows like Top Gear and Graham Norton.

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Pre Production

One of the most important aspects of the film industry is the enormous marketing campaigns from iconic posters to the cast and crew appearances. The ability for a film industry to market their products is unrivalled. Even the smallest films can make millions of pounds at the box office. The key roles in ensuring that a film is marketed properly are:

Background – Need for speed was first introduced to the public as a video game and has earned a rightful spot in the industry since the 90’s.

Identifying your audience – The main audience that the industry would be aiming their film at is mostly male car enthusiasts ranging from the ages of 15 – 30.

Thinking ahead – Distributors for the Need for Speed film has looked back at their audience research, focus groups and surveys from the video game.

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Post Production.

Typically most post production phases while creating a film last longer than the actual shooting of the film. It is seen as second directing because through the post production stage it is possible to change certain aspects of the film. The producers want to get feedback so they can see the flaws in their film and be able to change them. The do this by having a screen test. A screen test is a preview of the film which is shown before the actual film release. After the showing the audience are usually are asked to fill out a questionnaire so that the producer gets a feeling for how his audience would react to the film and see if there are any changes that can be made to make the audience feel the way the director wants them to feel.

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The term anchorage means ‘The fixing of meaning’ through connotations and signifiers (Signs). This can be a make of break strategy in the way print advertising is perceived to its audience. Following the ‘rules of good copy’. The two of the main features that are shown in the film Need for speed are women and the use of cars. These two things are positive and attractive to an audience of males aged 15 – 35 for both the film and the video game. Both of these magazines use mise-en-scene and the use of text that uses the colour to make the text look like it is fast like the cars in the film.

the top left poster uses helicopters to give an outdoor feeling. This intertwined with the cars shows that a lot of action is about to happen like a race or a car chase. Aaron Paul is centre of the poster as he is main star attraction. This is done well as at first glance you instantly see this celebrity and every time you see him you link it straight to the film.

The poster below is using a women as a sexual object for the audience to stare at and be attracted into this beautiful world wear everything is perfect. The women is turned side ways creating a sense of enigma but is staring right at you as if choosing you specifically to come for a ride.

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Synergy and USP

Synergy is the sales of related products to the film. For example a main synergy product for the film Need for Speed would be the video game ‘Need for Speed’ This helps sell the film because the target audience of the game would wan to watch the film. Not only do they try to attract the video game players but they also attract young males with the toy cars and accessories.

USP stands for ‘Unique Selling Point’ for a film which makes it individual to all other products like it and make it stand out. The USP for Need for Speed is use of attractive women and racing cars, this is used to attract the target audience because this is typical of their likes.