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  • The Holocaust ByMelissa Walters

  • General information about the Holocaust Hitler cost the lives of 50 million people. Out of the 50 million people 6 million of them were Jewish. The Nazis put up signs in the window to tell people not to buy from the Jewish shops.

  • More informationThey forced Jews into labor gangs to repair the damage from the 1st warPeople though that the Jews were nasty unthinkable thingsHitler had all Jews wear a special arm band

  • Fun facts 5 million non-Jewish victimsHeinrish Himmler was the 2nd most powerful man behind HitlerThe first victims of the Holocaust was people with disabilities5 thousands Jewish communities were wiped outThe Final Solution- the Nazis plan to exterminate the Jewish people during World War 2

  • What is a ghetto A ghetto is a place where the people that live there stay there and nobody who is not a member of the community is not welcomed

  • What different types of ghettosClosed ghettoThe closed ghetto is closed off by walls or a fence with barbed wireOpen ghettoNo walls or fences. Restrictions on leaving Destruction ghettoTightly sealed off. Existed ghettos for 2-6 weeks. Come in and shoot or deport the Jewish population

  • Adolf Hitler April 20th, 1889 he was born April 30th, 1945 he died (10 days after turning 56 years old)(in Berlin Germany)At the age 18 his mother had gotten cancer and she was treated by Jewish doctor (she died)September 1930 Nazis pulled 6.5 million votesHitler took power in January 30th 1933September 1st 1939 Hitler started World War 2

  • Joseph Goebbels1897-1945Killed over 46 million Europeans 1922- Goebbels graduates from Heidelberg University and joins the Nazi party1926- conflict between Hitler and StrasserSwitches loyalty to Hitler. Rewarded, Hitler appoints him as Nazi district head1931- married to Magda had six children- (Helga, Hilde, Helmut, Holde, Hedda and Heida)H in tribute to Hitler

  • Josef Mengeleaka Angel of death Responsible thousands of death at Auschwitz concentration campsBorn on March 16th in 1911He is the oldest of three 1936- he passed his state medical examination 1938- enlist in the SS also known as the Blackshirts1943- investigates a way to increase human fertility 1945- 3 thousands children were involved in experiments done by him 2 hundred remained alive 1979- he dies on February 7th The world found out he died in the year 1985 6 years after he died

  • Medical Experiments

  • Freezing/hypothermia These experiments were conducted for the Nazi high command Conducted on the men Thousands of German soldiers died of freezing to death

  • Genetic Experiments This was the biggest part of the over all plainThe blonde hair blue eyes was the perfect raceAny other race was to be cleansed from the the society The rule for marriage was vary complex

  • Experiments on TwinsThe examination started at the headThe doctors examined all parts of their head. This took days to do.The doctors then X-rayed them completely.Doctors then forced a tube through their noses and into the lungs Then ventilated with a gas which caused them to cough severelyThe were photographed vary daysThe purpose for this to photograph their hair patterns They were forced to stand, bend, kneel, and other things

  • Pictures of Oskar Schindler The ring that wasGiven to him.

  • Schindlers List I watched the movie Schindlers List. That movie is a great movie to watch if you want to learn about the Holocaust. It shows what one man will do to save the lives of thousands of Jewish people. This movie is a sad movie because it is a true movie about what they did to the victims of the Holocaust. What they did to the Jewish people is a sad thing but thanks to one man so many people did not die during this time. Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire

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