the importance of developing your photographic style by flibble

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The slide deck of the talk given in Aug 2011 by Mr Flibble at the Cambridge Darkroom meetup. The video is also on youtube:


  • The importance of developing your photographic styleThe importance of developing your photographic style 2011
  • By Mr. FlibbleA.K.A. Dominick ReedAvailable for sexy loving 2011
  • TonightWhat constitutes a style?Why bother?How do you develop one?Then what?How would I describe my style?So is a style important?Next month at CDTechniques to ensure you dont develop a big head 2011
  • What constitutes a style?Keep rollin rollin rollin 2011
  • Its a combination of lots of thingsCameraFilm, Digital, Lomo, Polaroid, Pinhole, ScannerLens & compositionMacro, Wangle, Telephoto, 50mm, fisheyeExposureDepth of field, Over and Under Exposure, Blurry, SharpEnvironmentInside, Outside, Studio, Underwater, Country, Lighting (natural or artificial)ProcessingDodging & Burning, B&W, Photoshop, Creative destructionPhotographer Subject matterEmotions, Influences, Agenda ...
  • Rodolphe Simeon (Tous les noms sont dj pris... pfff...)
  • Rodolphe Simeon (Tous les noms sont dj pris... pfff...)
  • Rodolphe Simeon (Tous les noms sont dj pris... pfff...)
  • Is this a style?
  • Brooke Shaden - The perspective of make believe people
  • Brooke Shaden - The day I caught clouds
  • Brooke Shaden Running from wind
  • Why bother?The daily struggle 2011
  • Im not sure you get a choice Every man and his dog has a decent camera nowadays A style separates you from the masses To create something recognisable as you Expressing who you are To win business, and to lose business Enriching the world - being an inspiration
  • How do you develop a style?The unwelcome welcome 2011
  • 100mm Macro Canon 20D 17-35 Wide Angle 2006
  • Dont make me paint it 2006
  • Rose in grey 2006
  • Louvre pyramid 2006
  • So she wants another kid... 2006
  • A break in the April showers 2006
  • Divining for water 2006
  • Conspiracy to commit bloodshed 2006
  • Contemplating over-sized furniture 2006
  • Proof that beef tastes good 2006
  • Ninjas strike again Need for weed 2006
  • Shelf portrait 2006
  • Being vacuumed up yet again... 2006
  • When George learns to stand up, Millie quite sensibly runs... 2007
  • When effort is just too much effort 2007
  • Youve got me the Mousinator 3000? 2008
  • Spam 2008
  • I was going through a learning phase Trying all types of subjects Trying flashes Finding angles and compositions Learning Photoshop Learning what I actually enjoyed doing Realising I still had a lot to learn... so...
  • ...then I started a 365And in the darkness bind them 2010
  • Resolutions 2010
  • I can fix this... I think... 2010
  • Well I never knew that... 2010
  • Theres a disco in my washing machine again... 2010
  • I see alive people... 2010
  • When super powers are suddenly less super... 2010
  • And then I realised I had a style... Hey, I love your self portraits You really make my day I look forward to my daily Flibble Where do you get all your self portrait ideas?
  • Im getting top grades at Airhead school 2010
  • Wolverines brother wasnt quite so successful 2010
  • Even ninjas have to start somewhere 2010
  • Happy(ish) Halloween 2010
  • Then what?The moment it occurred to me you could love Marmite too much 2010
  • I think you start to mature your style Refining, tweaking, exaggerating Learning, expanding Elevating, inspiring Expressing what you really wanted to convey ...And stupidly I started a 2nd 365
  • Telephone call for Mr. Flibble 2011
  • You might think Im crazy 2011
  • The apple of my eye got stuck 2011
  • They locked me away and said I was mad 2011
  • Stealing your soul piece by piece 2011
  • And you shall know pain 2011
  • Like a puppet on a string 2011
  • Remember kids... Sticky tape isnt for playing with... 2011
  • The abduction 2011
  • Attack of the 500ft Flibble 2011
  • How would I describe my style?One day, someone would surely bite... 2011
  • This is still difficult for me Creative self-portraiture Super close wide angle distortions Bittersweet Humour Darkly tinged naivety with a ray of hope Photoshoppy Marmite
  • So is a style important?Eagerly anticipating the wet tea shirt competition 2011
  • I would say yes It makes you describable Its the first step to being discovered It helps to take your photography to the next level I also think its inevitable
  • Thank you! to see here... 2011